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  1. Jellibeen

    90 Gallon Stocking

    I am starting to take care of a partially stocked 90 gallon tank. Current inhabitants are a common pleco (8 inches), six zebra danios, two cory cats, and about ten swordtails. I want to bulk out the cory cat school and am also hoping to get something that will keep the swordtail population in...
  2. Jellibeen

    Stocking 10 Gallon Hex Tank

    I have a fully cycled 10 gallon hex tank. I have decided to steer away from shrimp, and am wondering what to put in it. I was looking at the 5 gallon stocking suggestions since the footprint on the tank is more comparable to a 5 gallon. I may end up getting another betta since they're just so...
  3. Jellibeen

    Whisker Or Ghost Shrimp?

    I just bought six feeder ghost shrimp. I’m trying to discover if they are actually whisker shrimp. They are in a 15 gallon with a betta.
  4. Jellibeen

    Ughh.... Planaria

    Well at least now i know why i’ve been finding dead shrimp! I picked one out today and a slimey little sucker oooozed out of the corpse. Stupid planaria. Guess I will have to go buy something for it tomorrow. Had anyone used No Planaria, or a dewormer like fenbendenzole? I already have...
  5. Jellibeen

    Roman Eels In Jewelry

    I am currently reading some historical fiction about Rome. they mentioned rich aristocrats keeping eels, and adoring them so much that some people were rumored to adorn their precious eels with golden jewelry. I looked this up and there are indeed historical accounts of people giving their fish...
  6. Jellibeen

    A Very Good Reason I Have Been Inactive.

    I haven’t been on here very much in the past few weeks, and with an amazing reason. Her name is Penny. I think shes a Chiweenie, which is a Chihuahua Dachsund mix. They said she’s two but her foster mama and i agree that she’s likely a bit younger. She’s absolutely adorable, and follows me...
  7. Jellibeen

    Best Substrate For Dwarf Crays

    Do dwarf crayfish like to dig or burrow? I currently have fluval stratum in my tank. Would sand be a better substrate for dwarf crays? I don’t mind changing it out, but id rather do so before i get any.
  8. Jellibeen

    Anubias Turning Yellow

    I keep losing my beautiful anubias! So far i have lost a lot of golden as well as coffeefilia. They seem to turn yellow, then slowly melt away. I looked at the plant deficiency chart and i think it’s potassium, but wanted some expert opinions. Here is a top view: Here is the rest of the tank:
  9. Jellibeen

    Killing Damselfly Larvae

    I have damselfly larvae in my shrimp tank. I have removed a few, but my shrimp numbers still seem to be dropping. My plan right now is to move my shrimp into the other 10 gallon (is already set up and has the same type of shrimp in it), and add something to the tank to kill the nymphs. Does...
  10. Jellibeen

    Water Conditioner For Humans

    I have very sensitive skin, especially in wintertime. I grew up on well water which never bothered me, but since moving out i have to use a shower filter to remove chlorine or else suffer through itchy, red skin. Well, right now my filter needs a replacement cartridge which i don’t have. I...
  11. Jellibeen

    Dwarf Crayfish And Betta

    I keep eyeing the dwarf crayfish at the LFS. They are so cute! Has anyone kept them with a betta? Everything i have read says they are peaceful, although somewhat aggressive with their own species. It's a 15 gallon column tank so there is plenty of room for my betta to hang out far above the...
  12. Jellibeen

    Reasons You Shouldn't Take Fish Medication.

    I stumbled upon this article while researching antibiotics for shrimp. Turns out, i have humans who abuse fish medicine to thank for the difficulty in finding things like Doxycycline in stores. This Is Why Taking Fish Medicine Is Truly a Bad Idea | Science | Smithsonian
  13. Jellibeen

    Thin White Worms On Glass

    I can't tell if they are planaria or something else. I really hope they aren't planaria, since it is a shrimp tank. It seems like i have run into so many problems since switching the shrimp to their new tank. I barely add any extra food to the tank since the colony is small and there is plenty...
  14. Jellibeen

    Damselfly Larvae

    Help! I just caught a crazy looking alien in my shrimp tank. Okay, it was a damsel fly larvae. still! He's probably been munching on my little shrimpies. Luckily i caught him (and he will be betta food soon), but what can i do if there are more? Is there anything i can do other than catch them?
  15. Jellibeen

    Thrive Shrimp Specific Vs. Regular Thrive

    I don't know much about planted tanks, but i am trying. Currently i have two tanks. One is a 15 gallon tank with cherry shrimp, the other is a 15 gallon tank with a betta and two nerites. I have similar plants in each tank. Anubias coffeefila, java ferns, tiger lotus, vals, some swords that...
  16. Jellibeen

    Floating Plants For Hard Water

    I used to have a beautiful covering of floating red rooters. Used to... Lately they have been dying back. the only change has been that i have increased the gH and kH because it is a shrimp tank. I can't find specific info on the ideal gH/kH for red rooters, but i am guessing this is why they...
  17. Jellibeen

    Tiger Lotus Without Bulb

    I have two established tiger lotuses. They have 5-8 large leaves and a good root system. Today when i was doing a gravel vac, i knock it around too much and the bulb came off. are these plants done for?
  18. Jellibeen

    Easy Fix For Disposable Filter Cartridges

    I see these posts all the time. Filters that are designed to toss out and replace the whole cartridge every month, therefore throwing out the whole cycle. Not everyone can easily afford a new filter. Sponge prefilters will help these situations a lot. It’s like adding a small sponge filter into...
  19. Jellibeen

    Super Glue

    How do you properly use superglue to attach plants to driftwood? I just glued a bunch of java fern and anubias to driftwood, and now i am worried i wrote a death sentence for them all. Is it true that you can't get glue on the rhizome? If so i definitely killed them all. I didn't coat them or...
  20. Jellibeen

    What Do You Feed Your Nerites?

    I have three nerites in a 15 gallon that was overrun with algae. Well, now there isn't so much algae. I am wondering what other people feed their nerites. I have heard whisperings of snail jell-o but don't know much about it. I am guessing organic leafy greens would be good for them as well...
  21. Jellibeen

    Ammonia, Water Changes, Dead Shrimp

    I’ve had a few shrimp deaths recently so did a water test today, only to find that it looks like there is ammonia in the tank. It’s reading at .25. I have no idea why there would be ammonia. The tank hasn’t had ammonia since it was cycled 9 months ago. It’s had shrimp for maybe six months. The...
  22. Jellibeen

    Another Fin Rot Thread

    Does my betta have fin rot? I can’t tell if it’s his coloring and tail type, or if he is sick. Thanks!
  23. Jellibeen

    Red Patch On Betta

    So, i’m honestly not sure if there is something wrong with my betta or not. He has this red patch on his fin. When i got him, he was all white. That was maybe two months ago. He has since slowly changed colors, transitioning to dark blue with a black face. But he has a red patch on his fin. It...
  24. Jellibeen

    Jellibeen's Fish Tanks

    Well, i recently bought a 15 gallon hex tank with stand and accessories for $35. I am overjoyed! I love the look of hex tanks, and have wanted one for awhile. I am so glad i waited and got a killer deal! This means that i can upgrade my 10 gallon shrimp tank into the hex tank, and keep my betta...
  25. Jellibeen

    Uv Sterilizers

    I am doing some reading on using UV sterilizers to prevent algae after a friend said it solved his algae problem. Does anyone here have experience or insight using them? It sounds like it could be good, but also sounds like killing off the bacteria in the water could be awful.
  26. Jellibeen

    Tips For Moving Shrimp To New Tank

    I have a colony of snowball cherry shrimp in a 10 gallon. I am planning on moving them into a 15 gallon column tank sometime in the next few weeks. The tank has been set up for at least a month now. It has good algae growth and live plants. I am switching the old filter into the new tank, as...
  27. Jellibeen

    Marbling Gene In Bettas

    Can anyone explain the marbling gene some bettas have? I have read that bettas also change color as they mature, but this is different than the marbling gene. My dude Banshee completely changed colors when i bought him home, and he seems to still be shifting around. It is very interesting.
  28. Jellibeen

    Free Floating Red Rooters

    My floating plants are taking over, and it seems like a shame to throw them away. I have floating red root plants with duckweed mixed in. I do have snails, which i will do my best to pick out (unless you have loaches like me who like to nibble on them), but no guarantee. I can send you a...
  29. Jellibeen

    Guppies And Shrimp

    Has anyone ever kept guppies and dwarf shrimp together? I have a 10 gallon cherry shrimp colony that I will be moving into a 15 gallon column tank soon. I will also be getting three male guppies from a friend when she is done cycling her tank. I have other tanks the guppies could go in if it...
  30. Jellibeen

    What Food Do You Feed Your Shrimp?

    Currently, i have cherry shrimp in a tank that also has a few fry in it. They all get frozen baby brine shrimp everyday. Should i be feeding the shrimp something else, especially after the fry have outgrown the tank? I have found a lot of different shrimp foods online but have no idea which is best.
  31. Jellibeen

    Raising Gh/kh For Shrimp

    My shrimp tank is low in gh and kh. gh: 4 kh: 1 or 2 ph: 6.4 What is a good way to increase this? I have seen lots of different info, including products and using natural methods such as limestone, shells, etc. Right now, i have added a chicken eggshell. I also plan on feeding them some...
  32. Jellibeen

    Possible Columnaris?

    Three days ago, he was fine. Active and eating as normal. Two days ago, he was hiding. I didn’t think it was a big deal, sometimes he hides and i didn’t feed the tank that day. Yesterday he didn’t appear when i fed the tank which was weird. I poked around a bit and found him. He is lethargic...
  33. Jellibeen

    Should I Test For Calcium?

    I have had a neo shrimp colony for a few weeks now. I am wondering if i should be testing my water for calcium. Is there any way to tell if my shrimp are getting enough calcium?
  34. Jellibeen

    Sponge Filter Stress

    I brought home a male betta unexpectedly a few days ago. Right now, he is alone in a 15g column tank with a few giant plants. The flow on the filter that came with the tank was way too strong, so he was admittedly without a filter for a few days. Today i set up a sponge filter. As soon as i...
  35. Jellibeen

    Is My Betta Emaciated?

    I walked into Petco for a new shrimp tank, and walked out with a wonderfully handsome new betta (and a shrimp tank). He was on sale since he had been in the store for too long. I could not resist him. He seems active for someone whi has been living in a cup for over a month. He also seems...
  36. Jellibeen

    Cleaning Tank

    I recently had the pleasure of acquiring a bunch of neos! How does one best go about vacuuming a tank full of tiny shrimp? I moved things around in the tank today and they didn’t seem to get out of the way. I am worried about them getting vacuumed up when i clean the tank. Previously i put panty...
  37. Jellibeen

    Surprise Mollies!

    I accidentally acquired two molly fry. I got a bunch of shrimp from a friend, and two little baby mollies ended up in the bucket. I think they will do okay in my main tank, but i am unsure as the pH is on the lower side and i read they do best in a higher pH. The tank has plenty of driftwood and...
  38. Jellibeen

    Are These Red Root Babies?

    Are the little plants baby red root floaters, or something else?
  39. Jellibeen

    Basic First Aid Kit

    What do you consider staples to have on-hand in a fish first aid kit? What medications would you recommend buying to avoid frantic runs to the pet store or expensive next day shipping?
  40. Jellibeen

    Is My Fish Gasping?

    I feel silly for asking, but the past few months have been such a whirlwind of tank problems that i am not even sure. Quick summary: Got 3 apistos who i later discovered to have camallanus worms. Treated for worms. A month or so after second treatment, two out of three are dead. Both were...
  41. Jellibeen

    Shelf To Hold Plants

    I have a dwarf umbrella palm that i am planning on putting into my 29 gallon tank. However, it is not tall enough to rest on the bottom of the tank. I need some sort of shelf to put the pot on so the leaves can be out of water. Ideally, i would like a shelf so that the fish can swim under it and...
  42. Jellibeen

    Bamboo Shrimp Tankmates

    I have a ten gallon with two bamboo shrimp. The zebra danio fry i have in there are approaching the size where i can move them to their permanent home. I am starting to think about what else may be appropriate to keep in the tank. I would like to keep red cherries but i am not sure they would be...
  43. Jellibeen

    Setting Up A 90 Gallon

    Last year i rescued what i think is a common pleco from a bad situation. My friend’s abusive boyfriend broke her tank. Luckily she only had one fish, and i was able to take him. However he has quickly outgrown the 29 gallon i have him in currently. So, i will be taking my 90 gallon out of...
  44. Jellibeen

    Making The Decision To Euthanize

    This is the hardest thing i have had to deal with in all my years of having pets. I have found it harder with fish, because i do not have a vet to give advice and help me make the decision. I have a cockatoo cichlid who is in bad shape. They were all infected with camallanus worms a few months...
  45. Jellibeen

    Water Too Hot

    Today i looked at my thermometer and it’s close to 85. I don’t think it’s the heater, which is set to 75 and did not feel hot to the touch. My tank is in sunlight for a large part of the day. I think that may be the culprit. I turned the tank light off hoping that would help. Should i do more...
  46. Jellibeen

    Dried Leaves And Ammonia

    I’ve been adding dried banana leaves to my tank. My fish and shrimp love it. I know they release tannins as they decompose. Do they release ammonia as they break down as well like fresh plants?
  47. Jellibeen

    Scale Fungus Pleco

    My pleco has what i think is some sort of external fungus. He got a scrape on him a few weeks ago, and now he looks like he has white fuzzy patches on him. How should i treat this? The tank is already being treated with Paraguard.
  48. Jellibeen

    Dwarf Umbrella Palm

    I was looking into getting emergent plants for my aquarium. In my research, i saw dwarf umbrella palm come up a few times. I saw some at a nursery today and picked it up. It was being grown as an annual for outdoor ponds. Has anyone grown them in an aquarium before? I am also wondering how best...
  49. Jellibeen

    Ideal Temperature

    What is the ideal temperature range for Cockatoo cichlids? I read on one page that a heater isn’t needed if your house stays above 70, and another page that they like it up to 82. I keep mine around 78 but now i am worried it is too warm.
  50. Jellibeen

    Apistos Gasping, Loss Of Color

    29 gallon 3 Apisto caca. 3 zebra loaches 4 zebra danios 1 pleco I have an Eheim Professional II canister filter and an airstone running. Background: On April 19th, i noticed a camallanus worm poking out of one of the apistos. On April 21, i added Levamisole to the tank. On April 24th, i...

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