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    Blue Oscar

    That was the practice, i just hadn't heard or seen anything about it in many years and wondered if blue had gotten bred into oscars naturally (or as natural as color breeding is i guess)
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    Blue Oscar

    No it wasn't spotted, my phone was dead at the time or i would have a picture. Think an albino tiger oscar and replace the white with light blue, red still being there.
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    Blue Oscar

    I was out of town last week and decided to go to a fish store there to see the sights, and came across something i had never seen in person before, a "blue oscar". I know some years back these were a topic going around because of how they were created. I'm just wondering if somewhere somebody...
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    Sweet Potato In Shrimp Tank

    Nice! I have a couple sweet potatos growing in my 135 oscar tank and the only time ive seen nitrates get above 10 ppm (still below 20) was when i was out of town for the weekend and went 2 weeks without a watch change, they do wonders.
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    Planning A 500-600 Gallon Tank

    I've done both types of "big" (~250g not 500+) and while yes it is fun having such large fish and I'll probably always keep one large fish tank, theres nothing quite like watching a massive tank with hundred of little fish swimming around.
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    Filter Media Dunked In Tank

    Wont hurt a thing, I've started a few new tanks by doing that actually
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    So Much Ducked...

    My tanks use to grow duckweed like crazy but for some reason it just all started dying off. I've been trying to get it to grow in my tanks now and it just wont
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    2 Different Types Of Corys?

    My green cories (not bronze) change color constantly, the tank theyre in has black sand in one part, and white in the other. I can always tell where they spent their day on what color they are, super dark if they stay in the black, much lighter if in the white.
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    Appla Snail Id/questions

    Well i couldn't keep myself from it. He is home now and in a qt tank waiting to be moved into either a 55g or 135g depending on how well i can create a barrier in the 55 to keep him out of the java moss. It might be a super-pest in the wild but will be absolutely amazing with a bunch of...
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    Appla Snail Id/questions

    My LFS has recently gained a supplier out of Florida and has brought a lot of new stock from it. I was walking through today and happen to see they had apple snails and then came across a grown one. I held off on buying it+some younger ones right then (i have a problem when it comes to snails)...
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    Diy Co2 Diffuser Options

    Its a normal 20oz cocacola bottle with the top ~1/4th cut off. I refill it twice a day (when i wake up and when i get off work, empty both times). I have a drop checker in the tank, by the time i get off work it has changed from blue to blue with a very slight hint of green, outside of that i...
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    Help Help! I'm Being Over Run By Snails!

    I would get some spinach, blanch it and drop it in there at night and then in the morning when its covered with snails remove it. Another thing that would help is control your feeding, leftover food is what gives the snail populations those big booms
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    Diy Co2 Diffuser Options

    Hello! I setup a diy co2 with vinegar/baking soda awhile back and simplely took a coke bottle, cut the top off, turned it upside down and ran an airline hose into the bottle of it and put it right beside the canister intake in my tank. It gets refilled roughly twice a day and seems to be doing...
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    Sword Blooming?

    Just to update here since i ended up forgetting i even have a pc for awhile. I decided to not cut it and instead let it grow and turns out it grew new plants! Every few inches of the stem after it got heavy enough to fall back into the water has a new sword growing! All in all right now theres 6...
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    Sword Blooming?

    Hello! I just fully redone my 29 gallon, pulled everything out new substrate etc whole deal. I put back in my sword after trimming back the roots some and less than a week later i have what appears to be a bloom stalk? Its coming out of the water now and im not sure what to do with/about/for it...
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    Breeding In A 10 Gallon

    i would say inverts would be the better bet, you can breed fish in a 10 gallon just fine, the problem comes up when you need to let them grow out big enough to sell them.
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    What Snail Is This?

    yes, very quickly and in bulk
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    Question Oscar Diet

    Hello! So my little oscar (creatively named oscar) has been here for a few months now and growing like crazy, hes up to about 4 inches or so now and im starting to put some more thought into what i feed him. I don't have a schedule of certain foods on certain days, its just whatever i happen to...
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    Water Change Percentage, Be Honest!

    I do a 50-75% change every sunday on all tanks, and depending if im off on wednesday that week i might do a 50% change on atleast the small tanks. All the tanks are topless and that mixed with a forever on ceiling fan evaporation happens quickly. Should also note i siphon water out a window and...
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    Polar Aurora 265 Gph With Uv Sterilizer - What Have People's Experiences Been?

    I have this for my 29 gallon just without the UV light so can't comment on that part but i assume theyre similar enough to comment on: 1: ~6 months 2: No, but it is cheap plastic as said, everything from the intake/output to the hinges, when opening/closing it be careful. 3: Cant comment 4: I...

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