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    Injured Gourami

    Woke up this morning, and found my daughter’s favorite fish stuck in some decor. I freed him, and he lay on the bottom on his side for a bit, but is swimming around fine now. He has rubbed himself pretty badly. What can we do to help him heal? He is EASILY stressed, so I don’t want to...
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    Injured Dwarf Gourami

    Woke up this morning, and found my daughter’s favorite fish stuck in some decor. I freed him, and he lay on the bottom on his side for a bit, but is swimming around fine now. He has rubbed himself pretty badly. What can we do to help him heal? He is EASILY stressed, so I don’t want to...
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    Feeding Problem

    I went to the LFS last week to get one bamboo shrimp, came home with two, because while one was at least sitting on their fake plant, the other was picking through the substrate, and I didn't want him starving in the too clean tank at the LFS. However, it's doing the exact same thing here as...
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    General Question About Lfs Fish

    When I read descriptions of fish online, it will say things like 'Maximum Size: 2 inches'. Yet, a lot of the times, the fish don't actually grow much once they're in the tank. For instance, the WCMMs, guppies, platys, etc. that I got appear to have not grown much at all, while I can see that...
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    Otocinclus Question

    When I was at the LFS yesterday, picking up some Otos, I also picked up some algae wafers, for supplemental feeding. The guy who was helping me tried to dissuade. He said that the trick with Otos is to find the right balance between the number of fish, and the amount of algae, so that one...
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    Neon Or Cardinal?

    Really torn on this. My tank is at 74-75 degrees, and I want to add either neon or cardinal tetras. Based on what I've read, neons have been overbred and become delicate, and cardinals have not. But, my water is hard, and the temperature is probably at the low end of tolerance for cardinals...
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    How To Keep Nitrates Low While On Vacation?

    I'm planning ahead, because I'm not really sure how to handle this. Next summer, we will be taking a 3 week long vacation. During that time, I can have someone come in to feed the fish 2-3x a week, but I can't also ask them to do routine tank maintenance. I'm sure that even if I leave the...
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    Anubias Id?

    A friend of mine gave me these beautiful plants, and said they were anubias. I've never seen any like this; so pretty! So, what exactly is it?
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    Water Temperature Question

    When I read about fish, and where they're happy, temperature wise, they usually end up split into two - cold water fishes (who are fine in unheated/room temp tanks) that have range of tolerance that goes below their ideal, and warm water fishes, that like it a little warm, like 78-80 degrees...
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    Mystery Snail Feeding

    I have a bunch of mystery snails, and they seem to be doing fine, and while I know what to feed them, I have no idea how much. They get invert pellets, shrimp pellets, and fresh veggies. But, how much should they be getting, and is it possible to overfeed them?
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    How Do I Do This?

    I have a shrimp tank setup with just plants and hardscape; it's been setup for roughly a week. I have two filters in my 37 Gallon, (also a sponge filter), and I'll bring the smaller but older filter to this tank (both filters would've been in the old tank for over a month). When I move the...
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    Bolivian Ram

    Went to the pet store for stones and driftwood, came home with a Bolivian Ram (it was in the plan;LFS had said they don't carry them, so I had been looking for a source). This guy is a bit shy, but has been coming out more, especially at feeding time. Here's the problem. He swims about with...
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    Is This A Good Plan?

    Onto tank #2. The plan is to turn it into a shrimp tank. Here is what I'm doing. Put a new filter into tank #1. Will use old filter from this tank to cycle tank #2. About 2 weeks into this process, so have 2 more to go. Setup new tank. I'm using EcoComplete as substrate. It's in the...
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    Substrate For Planted Neo Tank?

    What substrate do you recommend for a planted neo shrimp tank? With my pH being a bit of an issue, I'm assuming that I'd be better off with an active substrate (pH - 7.8), but would love recommendations. Not terribly messy would be a huge bonus.
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    New Filter

    How long after adding a new filter to an already cycled tank, can the old one be removed? I got a new Aqua Clear 70 for my 37 G, and wanted to move the existing Top Fin 40 into the soon to be setup shrimp tank. Should I expect the parameters to go out of whack while the tank transitions?
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    Shrimp Tank

    Can't believe I'm thinking of adding another tank already. So, I have snails and ghost shrimp in my 37 G and I really like them. Truth be told, better than I like the fish. So, how would I go about setting up a tank? What would the significant differences be, between a fish and invert tank...
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    Testing Established Tank

    Once a tank is established, how often are we supposed to test? On a set schedule? Whenever new fish are added? Any time some fish ends up dead?
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    Feeding Mystery Snails

    I have a couple of mystery snails, and last night, I dropped a piece of squash in there, for them. Since then, every time I have checked, there has been at least one, sometimes both snails on the thing, chomping away. Is it possible for them to overeat? Should I just toss it, although they...
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    Filter Recommendation For 37 Gallon Tank

    I have a 37 Gallon "kit" aquarium, with a Top Fin 40 that came with it. It doesn't provide adequate filtration, and I would like recommendations on something that would. Nothing super high tech, or hard to maintain, HOB preferred. Current stock is 3 guppies, 4 Platies (2 fry), 3 WCMM, 6 ghost...
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    One Last Fish

    These are the current occupants of my DD's (she's 7, so really, it's mine) 37 G tank. 4 White Cloud Mountain Minnows 3 Male Guppies 4 Wag Platies 2 Mystery Snails 1 Snail 6 Ghost Shrimp 2 fry (not sure which fish) She wants a nice, big, colorful fish (it can't all be one color, either), for...
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    Nitrite Problem

    Hi folks! This is long, please bear with me. I'm setting up a tank for my daughter, and we're running into cycling problems. I realize that we've made lots of mistakes along the way, so need help fixing it. We started a month ago, with a planted 37 Gallon. Went to the LFS (not chain) to get...

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