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    Web-like Mould? On My Aquarium Bonsai (emersed Growth)

    yeah i think you are right, from the pictures i've found it seems to be normal. I took the tree out and rinsed it under hot water and its now soaking in hot water. Thanks!
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    Web-like Mould? On My Aquarium Bonsai (emersed Growth)

    Ah I thought so. Just saw somewhere someone was saying that the spiderweb looking stuff is the one you gotta be worried about, so I got a bit concerned. Thank you!
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    How To Care For A Betta?

    With regards to what fish are compatible with a betta, every Betta is different in terms of how they interact with other fishes. Some are a bit more aggressive than others and some are totally fine with it. So it really depends. From what i've read I believe for the best chances of having a...
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    First Aquascaped Tank, Trying Dry Start Method For Mc Carpet

    Hello! So I’m starting a new tank with my Waterbox 10, and trying out an aquascape with a Bonsai Driftwood I got a hold of. This would be my first proper aquascaped tank and I’m giving the dry start method a go for my Monte Carlo carpet. I’m mainly doing the dry-start so that when I add the...
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    Web-like Mould? On My Aquarium Bonsai (emersed Growth)

    Hi all, I'm creating a new tank, and I'm trying using the emersed growth method for the first time for my Monte Carlo carpet. It's been 5 days, and i've just noticed my bonsai driftwood that i have in the tank (no plants on it yet) is covered in a weblike mould? Anyone if its gonna be harmful...
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    Question Is Something Wrong With My Betta? (not Sure If Clamped Fins? Velvet?)

    Update: So I went to the store a few days ago to get something like Polyguard, however apparently its not sold in Australia so the guy told me to try Melafix first,he also mentioned that the fact that my Betta was eating was a good sign which gave me hope. Upon reaching home however, i did a...
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    Question Is Something Wrong With My Betta? (not Sure If Clamped Fins? Velvet?)

    Ah thanks for the quick response. Would the medications affect the tetras or just snails? I'm not too worried about the snails to be honest as they are more of a pest and have been multiplying like crazy and I'm sure they'll bounce back. I don't have a quarantine tank at the moment as this is my...
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    Question Is Something Wrong With My Betta? (not Sure If Clamped Fins? Velvet?)

    Hello all, Im not sure if there's something wrong with my betta or if im just worrying over nothing. I've noticed my Betta has been more lethargic lately, mainly that in the last few days he's been resting near the top of tank on mainly the heater or filter ledge or sometime the driftwood, more...
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    Are the pectoral fins normal? also is that velvet?
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    Resting by driftwood
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    Resting by heater
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    Clamped fins?
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  15. Marcellus


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    Wcmms At Top Of Tank

    Update: Both have now passed away unfortunately. But yeah the lack of a school probably had an effect. I had 6 wcmm at the start and they were fine with the Betta, but it seemed like one by one they just went. I've got a school of 6 neon tetras now, i figured their smaller size would be a...
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    Wcmms At Top Of Tank

    Hello, I've got 2 white clouds in a 5 gallon planted tank with a Betta. One of them has been staying at the top of the tank pretty much stationary, only flinching to keep itself in place i guess and breathing. The other, i thought was fine, seemed to hang out with him at the top as well but...

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