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  1. Pescado_Verde

    Funny Happenings?

    I have my own thread to discuss my fish tanks in the Freshwater Build forum. I posted in that thread about 8 hours ago. I then went to bed. I got up and had a reply in that thread. I quoted that reply in MY reply and weird things happened. Somehow my last post in that thread from 8 hours prior...
  2. Pescado_Verde

    Texas N.b.h.a. Championships

    Took the camera with new lens to the barrel racing today. Had a little trouble acquiring focus but was happy with the fact that I could at least get enough light to get good exposures. Still have a few hundred pics to look thru, just the first one I came across that was semi-decent.
  3. Pescado_Verde

    Senior's Pro Rodeo

    Age 40-70+, pretty cool stuff! Just a couple of quick video clips and after I get done going thru all of the photos I will hopefully have something that I think is good enough to share. Just a lady on a horse, in a hurry. This lady missed her calf and she was not happy about it.
  4. Pescado_Verde

    Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine?

    I can't remember the last time I got a new copy, anyone else here subscribe? Seems like I should have gotten one by now.
  5. Pescado_Verde

    Reining Horses Show

    I went to a reining horse show this weekend to take pictures and thought I'd share here. One short video clip that goes in and out of focus and a not so great photo of a rider slamming the brakes on. Pretty cool stuff to watch in person!
  6. Pescado_Verde

    Current Usa Customer Service

    Last year I bought a couple of their Pro Plus light kits and set them on a shelf, planning to use them eventually. So this week I finally unpacked one of them while I was putting together a 20 long for the new Cory cats I bought and the light wouldn't work. The LED unit would just...
  7. Pescado_Verde

    Images Not Loading

    I could see the images as they were uploaded but not once I posted. Someone else commented on my pics so I know others can view but I'm not currently able to see any pics on the site. I've restarted the computer and am using Chrome on a W10 desktop. Help?
  8. Pescado_Verde

    Injury Or Columnaris?

    I noticed this patch on the head of one of my Mollies. Thoughts? I'm thinking injury but not being familiar with fish diseases I'm hoping someone who is could maybe make a diagnosis or at least give an educated guess.
  9. Pescado_Verde

    Help Breeding Nerite Snails

    I'm seriously considering giving this an attempt and would like to hear any and all suggestions or firsthand knowledge on how to go about such a project. Thanks in advance!
  10. Pescado_Verde

    Is This A Thing?

    I've been thinking of rearranging my tank and hit on an idea that I want to fly by FishLore. I know next to nothing about art, form, or much of anything really, it is just a thought and I'm looking for some guidance on a general concept. Here's a rough sketch - Is this just a bad idea...
  11. Pescado_Verde

    Koi Bettas (houston, Tx Area)

    Every so often I like to look at the Bettas on this website They have a number of Koi's right now, some are very nice! I might have to add one of these to my small collection of Bettas in the coming months.
  12. Pescado_Verde

    Question Had Edit Feature Been Disabled?

    Or modified with a time limit? Or maybe I'm just losing my mind, lol. I wanted to edit one of my posts but can't seem to find the button now. HELP? I'm using Chrome on a desktop if that matters.
  13. Pescado_Verde

    Gravel Substrate- How Much/how Deep?

    I'm redoing the substrate on my 55 gallon planted tank and wanted to get some thoughts on the "optimal" depth of the gravel. It's CaribSea Peace River gravel. It's sort of a very large grain sand or a very small grain gravel hybrid. Grain size is 1mm-3mm. Because it comes packed in water I'm...
  14. Pescado_Verde

    Recommend Me A Plant!

    I like the looks of Valisneria but want something that would only grow to between 10"-15" or so. Something "grassy-like" that would max out in height around the water surface level in a 20 gallon long. Would be helpful if it likes to spread via runners as well. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  15. Pescado_Verde

    Country Music Awards (cma's)

    Don't know if anyone on here watched the show but Garth Brooks debuted a new song and I'm proud to say that the song was co-written by one of my nephews. That's all I got.
  16. Pescado_Verde

    Furcata Blue Eye

    Are these fish compatible in a peaceful planted community tank? I've got a mix of fish now, Platy, Molly, Gourami, BN Pleco.. just wondering if 10 or so of these guys would work in a 55 gallon tank. Temp is ~78F.
  17. Pescado_Verde

    Are Fish Self Aware?

    A discussion on another thread prompted this topic. @Dave125g was wondering about the reflections we sometimes see in our fish tanks and whether or not the fish inside see those reflections. That thread is here... Question - Mirror In Every Tank? Myth? Out of that the question came up - If...
  18. Pescado_Verde

    Tank Thermometers

    Trying to match water temps for WC's is a pain. I'm very nearly blind and probably soon will be and sure would like something easy to read. I have a controller for the heaters in my 55 and it has a great big ol' red LED display that is great. I'd love to have something like that for each tank...
  19. Pescado_Verde

    Upgrading An Eheim?

    So I've got a Classic 350 on my 55 gallon tank and I think I'd like to upgrade to a bit larger filter. I'd like to keep using the Eheim brand, I really have no complaints and so my question is: Can I use the same hoses and just set the new canister in place? Of course I'd move the cycled media...
  20. Pescado_Verde

    My Unintentional Nursery

    The piece of driftwood in this photo. All them dark grooves and hole, some go all the way thru the wood and I finally noticed that a bunch of my fish were hanging around them. When I looked closer I could see why, they're natural hiding places for the tiny fry, their safe space so to speak. I...
  21. Pescado_Verde

    Us National Emergency Alert Test

    Yeah, I didn't get the memo today. I mean, I knew we were having the test but I never got the text message. All to say, if something bad happens and you're thinking "Hey, maybe somebody should tell PV" - well, I'd appreciate that because APPARENTLY MY GOVERNMENT DOESN'T THINK I MATTER!!
  22. Pescado_Verde

    Tell Me About Platy Fry

    So I've got this tank and it's a community tank. And it's got Platies. So that means I'm going to have more Platies. I actually already do. There's about 7 or so juveniles right now and they all look like the adults, Gold Mickey Mouse. Then recently I noticed that I've got more fry. In a couple...
  23. Pescado_Verde

    Help I Got A Weak "funny" Game

    Help me out, I need to up my "funny" game. As you can see from this graphic I have received a disproportionate number of "funny" ratings in relation to the number I have distributed. I would like to correct this and have a more balanced existence. So, post something funny. Please.
  24. Pescado_Verde

    Halp! Crazy Algae In My Betta Tank

    I don't even, what in the world?? This crazy stuff appeared just in the last week, I did a water change last weekend and it wasn't there then so it has bloomed and grown to its current size just in that short period. The tank had/has green algae on the glass but this is like ectoplasm coming...
  25. Pescado_Verde

    How Do I Maintain A Constant Temperature?

    2 heaters heat the water to a preset temp. Lights come on and even though they're LED they are still enough to over the course of 8 hours raise the temp a couple more degrees. Putting glass lid on the tank is going to increase this effect. It's freshwater community tank kept for the most part...
  26. Pescado_Verde

    Crypts - Undulata And Wendtii

    I bought a couple of each of these and want to know if there's any specific nutrients they need. I use an all in one, Thrive, as my primary fertilizer and dose Flourish Iron once or twice a week. Other than possibly having needs that these two ferts don't meet is there anything else I need to...
  27. Pescado_Verde

    If You Could Be A Fish - What Fish And Why?

    Title says it all...doesn't have to be an aquarium hobby fish. I think maybe I'd like to be an alligator gar because they can live a long, long time. Or maybe an eel that starts off in the Sargasso Sea, travels the world and then goes back to where it started - to breed and then die at home.
  28. Pescado_Verde

    Hard Water/high-ish Gh Plants?

    I've been upping my GH for the health of my fish and my Anubias is starting to express some displeasure with me. What are some good plants for a higher GH?
  29. Pescado_Verde


    I currently have Platies and Mollies in the same tank and want to add another livebearer. Would Swordtails be okay or would they crossbreed with the ones I already have? I know Endlers/Guppies will breed with Mollies and I don't want a new strain, I just want to keep them as is. Water temp is...
  30. Pescado_Verde

    That Awkward Moment

    When you're at the grocery store and you run into an ex and she's got a baby with her and you're not sure if the kid looks like you or not.
  31. Pescado_Verde

    Important Who's Your College Football Team? - The Smack Talk Thread

    I'll start with who I HATE. Texas A&M University - doing less with more decade after decade. I like most of the other schools in Texas to some degree, some more, some less. I've got 4 siblings and out of the 5 of us we've either gone to or graduated from one or more of Baylor, Texas Tech, UT...
  32. Pescado_Verde

    Rate My Platy!

    Ratings thread got me to thinking (DANGER!!) ... On a scale of "Thanks" to "Welcome" with "Thanks" being a 1 and "Welcome" being a 10 (basically left to right using the rating buttons, you get the idea), how would you rate my Platy? It's okay, you won't hurt her feelings.
  33. Pescado_Verde

    I Need A Submersible Pump

    I have to let my water sit in buckets and cool before I can add it to my tank, a 55 gallon. I've only been keeping fish for a short while and I've just been using a 2 quart pitcher and dipping and filling with that during water changes but would like to speed things up a bit if possible by using...
  34. Pescado_Verde

    Ask A Sailor Anything!

    In the spirit of the "Interview" forum/threads, this is my AMA about being a sailor in the US Navy and also in the merchant marines. Go ahead, ask this sailor anything - you know you want to! We've got a couple more folks here who I know either are or were Navy so they're free to join in on...
  35. Pescado_Verde

    Mollies, Calcium & Ph

    I'm buying a pair of Sailfin Mollies and from what I've read they will need fairly hard water. I've ordered a GH/KH API test kit but I have questions about adding calcium if it is needed. From my understanding it will raise the pH. I think my water is already a bit hard but won't know until I...
  36. Pescado_Verde

    Learn Me On Self Priming Canisters

    I've got an Eheim 350 which I love dearly but it is my first and only canister filter. It is not self priming. In addition to being new to the hobby I was new to pumps/filters and I was a bit confounded at first. I learned how to keep the hoses full and how to turn the pump off and on without...
  37. Pescado_Verde

    Adding Cories - When?

    I guess the question I have extends to most all bottom feeders and that is; Do you need to have a semi-mature tank before adding these guys? When I first went to my LFS and discussed stocking they said to hold off on adding cories until later. I didn't ask why but the assumption I made is that...
  38. Pescado_Verde

    What Plants For Semi-herbivorous Fish?

    I'm considering sailfin mollies and have read that they do like some vegetable matter with their other foods. If I go this route I'd like to have some plants that they can munch on when they get the urge and not have to wait for me to throw in a wafer or some zook. Any ideas on what they might...
  39. Pescado_Verde

    Question Best Hang On Back Filter?

    If money were no object and a canister filter isn't an option what is the BEST HOB filter? Durability, reliability, low maintenance, simplicity and most of all functionality (it does what it's supposed to do) are all the features of the canister filter that I think make it the best choice for...
  40. Pescado_Verde

    I'm A Fish Daddy! - Only 1 Problem...

    I don't know who the babymama is. I was looking in my tank earlier while messing with the lights and saw some movement, I did a double take, looked again and yep, that was a tiny fish! Only I don't know what flavor it is. Not that it matters, I'll love 'em regardless but still, it would be...
  41. Pescado_Verde

    How Many Hours Of Darkness Do Fish Need?

    Is 6 hours of "lights out" enough? I kinda like to look at my tank in the morning while having coffee and before I leave for work. And of course I want to enjoy them in the evening after work and I want to make sure my plants are getting the light that they need. I'm finally getting around to...
  42. Pescado_Verde

    Will My Hornwort Float?

    I decided that I wanted something that would float and eat up some ammonia and nitrates so I bought a good bit (prolly wayyy too much) of this Hornwort. I released it into my 55 and some sank and some seems to be hovering in the water column but near the surface. I may have bought the wrong...
  43. Pescado_Verde

    Tell Me About Buce

    What's been your experience with this plant? I'll hang up and listen, thanks!
  44. Pescado_Verde

    Dalmation Mollies In A 20long?

    How many max? They get pretty good sized and are fairly active. 4? 3? 25? I bought one for my 55 and am just totally smitten. I need MOAR!
  45. Pescado_Verde

    This Is Snoop, He's The Og

    It's my understanding that Pearls are not a hybridized fish so I guess that makes them the Original Gouramis. Is it too early to tell what sex Snoop is?
  46. Pescado_Verde

    Estimative Index - Liquid Ferts

    I'm just curious if anyone here has enough knowledge on EI to make any generalizations about it and liquid macro fert usage, assuming the analysis of the liquid fert is known. I'm guessing I could dive into it and spend some time trying to figure it out but I'm lazy and hoping maybe someone has...
  47. Pescado_Verde

    Will Liquid Ferts Cause Nitrate Readings?

    And do liquid ferts have any impact on the water parameters? I'll hang up and listen and thanks in advance.
  48. Pescado_Verde

    Teach An Old Dog A New Trick

    Uber. I have no clue. Have the app, read the help file and am still lost. I'm not able to drive much and need to get somewhere but Uber, God bless 'em, ran taxi service out of town. That's great and all but now I can't figure this thing out. Help an old blind person, please!
  49. Pescado_Verde

    What Wood For A Clown Pleco?

    @DoubleDutch mentioned in another thread that Mopani is probably too hard of a wood for a Clown Pleco and I'm planning on adding one, maybe two, Clowns to my stocking on down the road so I'm curious as to what commercially available woods are best for this fish. Also, does the wood need to be in...
  50. Pescado_Verde

    What's The Smallest Tank

    What's the smallest tank that you've used a canister filter on, what filter was it and did it work well? Did you need to make any modifications? I am considering setting up a 20 gallon freshwater tank and starting to think about filtration but I don't know if a canister is suitable or not...

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