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  1. Catfish12345

    Selling 55g Tank

    I’m in the Lake Nona area in Orlando, and I’m looking to sell this 55g tank. The stock is: 7x Giant Danios 1x Pearl Gourami 1x Thick Lip Gourami 7x Bronze Corydoras 10x Neon Tetras 3x Kuhli Loaches 3x Hillstream Loaches 4x Siamese Algae Eaters 2x Bolivian Rams 1x Bristlenose Pleco 1x Clown Pleco...
  2. Catfish12345

    Does Petsmart Sell Any "rarer" Fish?

    I heard there was going to be a new Petsmart opening up in my area. Since my only options within an reasonable distance were Petco and Wallyland, I was wondering if they sold any fish i can't buy from those places, like dwarf cichlids, non bn or common plecs, etc
  3. Catfish12345

    How Aggressive Is A Solo Krib

    How aggressive are kribensis towards your everyday community fish if they are kept as 1 of their kind? Just curious
  4. Catfish12345

    Has Anyone Kept These?

    I've been researching some lately, and have come across some interesting freshwater organisms in that i've never heard of in the hobby. Has anyone here kept theses? Freshwater Sponges/Bryozoans Freshwater Jellyfish Freshwater Mushrooms Aegla I'm sure there's more, these are just the ones i've found
  5. Catfish12345

    Your Dream Fishroom

    What would be your dream fishroom? Mine would be 100 gallon tanks for Tanganika, Victoria and Malawi. A 200 gallon fancy goldfish, a 150 gallon Discus/Angel community, 55 gallon Spotted Eight Puffer tank, a large stingray indoor pond, 100 gallon Australian/Oceanic Biotope, 100 gallon pleco tank...
  6. Catfish12345

    Koyal Wholesale Decorative Slate Rocks

    Has anyone every used this in their aquascape? Also, do you guys have experience with bricks? Thanks
  7. Catfish12345

    Fishes Of Korea

    Thought this was an interesting topic when I seriously got into the hobby and saw all of these
  8. Catfish12345

    Identifying Pregnant Fish

    I suspect one of my corys is pregnant and think that one of the cherry barbs are also pregnant. How do I know? i can't post a picture because the fish are always in the plants
  9. Catfish12345

    Blackskirt Tetra Varieities

    If I made a school of 8 Skirt Tetras, could I put 6 Glofish Tetras of different colors, plus a regular black skirt tetra and a White Tetra or are they so different that they don't school anymore
  10. Catfish12345

    Fly? Maggots on Glass

    I have a old 10 gallon running in the middle of the room I am planning to move outside, to convert to a live fish food breeder. But there are these disgusting maggots on the glass. I have no idea how they got there. To be honest, i didn't clean it or anything and now there is this film of...
  11. Catfish12345

    Plants, Leaves, and Natural Light

    For my planted tank, would it be ok for it to live on natural light outside? Also, for leaf litter, can I put any type of leaf?
  12. Catfish12345

    African Butterfly Fish Mates

    Would African Butterfly fish be compatible with Cherry barbs, Black Skirt Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras, DG?
  13. Catfish12345

    Plant Stocking Advice

    I would like to get some feedback on the list of plants I want to buy for my heavily planted 55 gallon community. I like to keep things diverse so I buy 1 of everything. (Unless they come in a pack, like most do) Prefer low light because I am making my own light. Anubias (Not sure what kind)...
  14. Catfish12345

    Need Mental Help

    I keep wanting to buy fish after fish after fish but I would run out of money and space. How to control? Also no room for more tanks
  15. Catfish12345

    Buying Fish Online: Best Websites

    What websites would you recommend to buy live fish online?
  16. Catfish12345

    Is Air Needed?

    I have a couple cories temporarily in a 10 gallon and hurricane Matthew is going to hit, probably take out power, can they survive on breathing air?
  17. Catfish12345


    Are Bolivian and German Rams compatible? Also, should they be kept in breeding pairs?
  18. Catfish12345

    Red Lobster

    Are Red Lobster compatible with community fish?
  19. Catfish12345

    Other Inverts

    Could I put Triops, bloodworms, monkey shrimp, etc in my fish tank?
  20. Catfish12345

    Raphael Catfish

    Are Raphael Catfish ok for the community aquarium?

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