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  1. NC_OBS

    Need more light or CO2?

    So I now have the plants listed in my signature. My lighting is 2 18" t8 bulbs, 15w each, so I'm just a little over 1wpg. My question is will all of the plants I've got be ok in this(not looking for crazy growth just living plants). The wisteria I thought would be fine since I have it floated...
  2. NC_OBS

    Substrate question/Pleco

    So I have a clown pleco, he hides mostly, cruises around at night a little, does clown pleco stuff. My question is I just bought and put in a back of FloraMax substrate so I can start planting the tank. Thing is this morning I looked at Carbisea's website and it says that floramax is not for...
  3. NC_OBS

    26G Thinking of trade out?

    So I've been thinking about how I only half like my gold barbs, I kinda want a different color from the yellow that they are, and I was wondering if black neon tetras or cardinal tetras would get eaten by an adult Keyhole Chichlid.
  4. NC_OBS

    Getting 4G and thinking of stocking

    So I found a 4g Finnex pico aquarium on craigslist and am picking it up tomorrow. What the tank's 12.3x8x10" I was thinking(open to criticism) 1 Honey Gourami 2-3 Male Endlers 4-5 RCS Then some java fern and java moss, maybe a crypt of some sort.
  5. NC_OBS

    Just upgraded

    So I just gutted my old t8 fixture from a tank I used to have and added the second bulb to my current 18" fixture, bringing my 26G up from 15w to 30w. My question is I bought a Hagen PowerGlo bulb(18,000K) and already had the Aqueon(8,000K) that came with the tank. Those two are what's in...
  6. NC_OBS

    How long till DGD shows?

    So I took the risk and bought a regular Dwarf Gourami, I just love their standard coloring. Anyways, I've had him like 4 days now and I he's happily swimming about and has started eating(he hid for a day and hid from me at feeding time on day 2). Anyways, I was wondering if a DG has iridovirus...
  7. NC_OBS

    How big will a Butterflyfish eat?

    So I was looking at african butterflyfish online and people say don't keep with small fish, cause they'll get eaten. Would gold barbs be small enough to disappear? My barbs range from right around 2" up to about 2.75"(depending on which individual you're talking about). Would the smaller ones...
  8. NC_OBS

    Help New Honey not doing well?

    So Thursday afternoon I got a honey gourami. Maybe 1" long and I think female. Anyways, Thursday she hid a little and swam around a little. Friday she was swimming out in the middle of the tank and seemed quite happy. Though she didn't eat with everybody, saw her get 1 tiny piece of flake...
  9. NC_OBS

    New Honey Question

    So I just bought a Honey Gourami yesterday afternoon. Asked about the species(cause the sign said Red Dwarf Honey Gourami, it looked like a honey to me not a dwarf) and he said they're Colisa Sota. Anyways, got her(I think, all of them had rounded dorsals, so I guess they were all female) home...
  10. NC_OBS

    PH 8.2, Should I Adjust?

    So as you can see in my signature my aquarium includes Gold Barbs, Bolivian Rams, and a Keyhole. All of which prefer slightly acidic waters. I hadn't checked the Ph until yesterday at the LFS(they us API liquid Master Kit) and the guy checked it 3 times cause he was surprised how high it is...
  11. NC_OBS

    Substrate/Pellet problem

    So as mentioned in my other thread I feed my dwarf cichlids small NLS pellets. Well last night I decided my fish/tank would look better with natural looking river gravel(~1/8-1/4" across) instead of the white sand. And I do like how it looks. But when I fed this morning only probably 2/10...
  12. NC_OBS

    Barbs Eating Cichlid Pellets

    So I feed my barbs(and lately my keyhole's been stealing some) flake food, then right after I drop that in I drop like a dozen NLS 1mm cichlid pellets for the rams. The gold barbs invariably scarf their flakes, then 2 of them race down and hunt for pellets the rams haven't gotten. Question is...
  13. NC_OBS

    Ich Issues

    So between my Pleco and my snails I decided kicking the ich without medicine would be best. My keyhole showed up with little white dots like sand a couple weeks ago. Ich right? So I brought the temp up, my heater would only get it up to 84, where it stayed for a week, still ich on Hector. So I...
  14. NC_OBS

    Nerite Health Question

    So I have 10 olive nerites, which over the past 3-4 weeks while Ive had them have lost some of their green in bits. Im guessing this is a calcium deficiency? I know you can get calcium drops or use crushed shell etc for them, but won't this raise the alkalinity/ph of my tank.. Bad for my rams...
  15. NC_OBS

    Bolivian a morning fish?

    So my male bolivian has recently developed some awesome color, bright red on dorsal and tail, and his whole front half is orangish yellow.. But only in the morning! Is this a standard thing for these fish or do I need to shade the lighting a bit? Perhaps the light stresses him during the day...
  16. NC_OBS

    Will treating for ich hurt my Barbs?

    So I just identified some speckles on my keyhole cichlid as ich.. From what I've read simply raising the temperature to 86 for 2 weeks should kill the ich without chemicals? My question is will this hurt my gold barbs, whose top happy temp is like mid seventies? Also how slow should I raise...
  17. NC_OBS

    My new bolivian baby

    So yesterday I picked up my keyhole and bolivian ram! so exciting they were a little slow to come out at first, even with the lights off, but a couple hours drip acclimation and careful handling seems to have done them well. I'm pretty sure that I got a male ram here, and I couldn't get a good...
  18. NC_OBS

    New setup with my Barbs

    New setup with the caves for the keyhole cichlid(who's not in there but will be soon). And my barbs and nerites. What do you think of the aquascaping?
  19. NC_OBS

    frustrating but Good

    So I've been waiting to get a Bolivian ram and Keyhole cichlid for about a month, maybe a little more and my LFS finally got some of each in today. I got so excited when I saw them! Then I see my name on the tank with a note saying holding for Then the guy asks me if he can help me and I tell...
  20. NC_OBS

    Frozen foods for pleco?

    So in some of the descriptions of clown plecos(I have one about 1.5" long) they mention graze on driftwood, vegetables(I haven't gotten mine to eat any yet), algae wafers, and supplement with frozen foods occasionally. now, how in the world am I supposed to get any frozen type foods to him?! I...

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