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    Black Dots On Mystery Snail?

    Hello all. I had changed filter brands to aquaclear a few days ago since my other one quit working. It's a 20 gallon tank and the filter is for 10-30 gallon tanks. I have it set to filter 100% speed. Yesterday, i noticed my red mystery snail and black mystery snail on the part that goes into...
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    Possible Fish Tb In Tank???

    Hello all. I have a 20gal tank that's fairly new (3 or 4 weeks old). Started off with LFS water (from their fish tanks, so it had bacteria in it already). We had 4 Halequin Rasboras, 5 Cardinal Tetras, 3 mystery snails, 1 ghost shrimp, 4 dalmation mollies, and 4 guppies. We returned a few...
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    2 Types Of Algae Exploding...newer Tank

    For the last couple days, I've noticed a HUGE growth in algae in newer tank. I've had the tank up for about 1.5 week and have already done about a 30% water change. I've had the water tested about 5 or 6 times since starting it up. The Phosphate levels tested really really high (water was really...
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    Pregnant? Molly Behavior Help!

    I have a new tank and added 4 dalmation mollies to it. Started off with 3 females and 1 male before realizing it. Returned the male and got a yellow lyretail molly. A couple days later, found 7 molly fry in the tank. Miraculously, 5 of those 7 found have survived. I still think 2 of the 4...
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    Super Tiny White/clear Snail Baby?

    Hi everyone. Last night I saw a super tiny (pinhead size), white/translucent/clear snail-like thing in my 20 gallon long freshwater tank. It's a newer tank (up for about 1.5 week now). I have 3 mystery snails (purchased from Petsmart, 1 black large one, 1 red/yellow smaller one, and 1 blue small...

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