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  1. Bijou88

    Raok Long-fin Albino Bn

    Do you still have any available?
  2. Bijou88

    Snail Jello

    I actually started out heating the baby food first, I later discovered it was easier to mix the gelatin into the room temperature food THEN heat it, no clumping that way
  3. Bijou88

    Snail popped up in tank , what kind ?

    Bladder snail, and yes, they reproduce like CRAZY. I recommend frisking your tank for egg sacs if you don't want them, they look like clear blobs of jelly. Ime they're really hard to get rid of without tasting down the whole tank, so if you already have eggs in there you're in it for a while...
  4. Bijou88

    What Could Be Wrong?

    Nerites don't really look for brackish water to lay eggs from what I understand, mine lay eggs like crazy in their fresh water tank they just won't hatch. All of my tiger and zebras like to sleep above water, either tucked under the rim of the tank or in the filter outputs, lol. They're just...
  5. Bijou88

    Copper water lines

    From what I've gathered, old copper pipes are fine because they build up a sort of mineral deposit on the inside of the pipes, so rarely does your water even come in contact with the copper. Newer ones you should be careful of. I agree with Bithimala though, it couldn't hurt to test beforehand...
  6. Bijou88

    Snails starving to death? Help!

    No, you're definitely not alone in this, I think I'm a bit traumatized to get more snails, I felt like I somehow inadvertently murdered all my babes I may try a few more once my remaining ones have passed and just hope that whatever killed my last ones is gone now. Hmm, I used organic...
  7. Bijou88

    Snails starving to death? Help!

    I'm so sorry you've lost so many snails, I've been there and it's rough for sure I never did conclusively figure out what killed so many of mine but hopefully we'll have better luck with your little ones. Possible causes, and a couple questions... What dechlorinator do you use? I don't know...
  8. Bijou88

    How to let my snail eat in peace??

    Get yourself a little plastic floating breeder box, put him in there with his dinner. It'll stress him less if he can still be in his tank to eat but the fish can't get to his goodies in his box
  9. Bijou88

    Feeding my new Netrite snails

    My nerites live entirely off of zucchini and the biofilm on the glass, plants, etc. Zero algae in their tank and they won't touch algae wafers. They've been in there over a year though and are perfectly healthy.
  10. Bijou88

    Snail ID Please!!!

    Yep, the gold one is a mystery and the other a ramshorn also, I beleive ramshorn actually need two to breed, though they're hermaphrodites so any two can breed. Ramshorn are actually pretty cool little guys imo, but they breed crazy fast.
  11. Bijou88

    Mystery Snail Eggs

    Hmmm, yeah, I'd think they'd be moving around more by now. ...though I have had a couple batches that weren't very active for the first couple days myself, they seemed to perk up eventually. No, don't blanch canned green beans, they'll literally dissolve if you do, lol. They sink on their...
  12. Bijou88

    Multiple breeds of snails in one tank?

    Mysteries and nerites are fine together but I'd avoid small snails like ramshorn, bladder, mts, I know my bladder snails and ramshorn sometimes get in the shells of my mysteries :/ I had ghost shrimp with my betta for a long time, he didn't bother them, but it depends entirely on the...
  13. Bijou88

    Mystery snails escapes

    I've had good luck covering the openings with craft mesh cut to fit, one end will rest on the lip of the tank rim and just leave a little overhang on the other parts to sit on the glass. Super cheap and you don't have to worry about potentially toxic chemicals etc.
  14. Bijou88

    Mystery Snail Eggs

    Fwiw, the first food my babies were interested in were *no salt added* canned green beans Good luck!
  15. Bijou88

    What the heck is this

    I don't have a clue what that is, it is pretty creepy though :/
  16. Bijou88

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles!!!!

    Thanks, it's been really distressing watching them die off so quickly :'( My parents that produced all of those are gone now sadly, but I have a few little purples, reds, golds and ivorys that have survived so far, so hopefully one day I can hatch some interesting colors again. I suspect it'll...
  17. Bijou88

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles!!!!

    ashleyb I don't at the moment I had some kind of illness or poisoning go through the tank with the snails which killed a bunch of them so I suspended rehoming any for a while, in case it's something contagious (though my fish are fine, only the snails seem to be having issues). I'm sorry! I...
  18. Bijou88

    Mystery Snail Shell Help

    I would personally keep your ivory, the wobbly thing isn't necessarily a damage issue. If his body was detached, it would be really obvious. Some just wiggle funny when they walk ime, or he could possibly have a little air bubble in his shell, which causes kind of a drunken wobble sometimes. He...
  19. Bijou88

    Mystery Snail Shell Help

    Ime, ridges like that (either with a color difference, or more raised in places) are usually just growth lines, and if that's the case there's nothing you can do for them. Since their shells reflect how good their diets were at the time of growth, the amount of calcium provided and how quickly...
  20. Bijou88

    Turtle pellets for snails?

    For veggies mine get raw zucchini, yellow squash (both will need attached to because because they float otherwise), frozen (thawed) french cut green beans, peas, canned *no salt added* french cut green beans, and occasionally spinach. For protein they get New Life Spectrum 1mm sinking pellets...
  21. Bijou88

    Mystery snail babies?

    Mine started mating around the size yours are. Fresh veggies are a good addition, mine get zucchini, yellow squash, frozen french cut green beans, and canned *no salt added* french cut green beans. Also some meaty foods like sinking pellets and shrimp pellets (mine like New Life Spectrum 1mm...
  22. Bijou88

    Mystery snail & pleco?

    I have a fairly large common pleco in my tank with mysteries, he sucks on their shells occasionally trying to find any food stuck to them but otherwise he doesn't bother them a bit. They crawl all over him and share his zucchini while he's eating.
  23. Bijou88

    Dead Snail Save Shell

    If you just leave the snail in a container of water the body disintegrates after about 4-7 days (depending on temperature), and you can just pull the shell out and give it a good wash. It smells terrible to do this btw, so I'd recommend putting the container outside or in a garage. (Make sure...
  24. Bijou88

    Mystery Snail Care Sheet

    Great care sheet! However, ime, clutches hatch in 10-15 days instead of 4-6 weeks.
  25. Bijou88

    Purple Mystery Snail

    Tdahl09 or TexasDomer might have some. You won't be able to use the btsf section until you've reached 50 posts though.
  26. Bijou88

    Snail releasing bubbles

    Yep, they do that sometimes even if they haven't been out of water, they're just expelling air from their lung. Nothing at all to worry about.
  27. Bijou88

    Golden freshwater aquarium snail

    I would go ahead and add the cuttlebone, it won't hurt anything being in there. I usually add either a whole cuttlebone or break half off. They last for months before needing replaced. Imo, as long as you keep snails you should keep some in there. Based on your snail's damage it looks like...
  28. Bijou88

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles!!!!

    I haven't had any blue babies yet and by the time my blue adults started breeding I was having to pull down clutches :/ I'd like to breed them again in the future but it might not be for another 6 months or so, so it would take a fair level of patience on your part, lol.
  29. Bijou88

    Can I have 1 male swordtail with a group of platy?

    Platies and swordtails actually can breed with one another and produce offspring tmk. While you can do swordtails and platies together, I'd also worry a bit about overstocking considering how many others you'd like to get. So I would do either a small group of platies or a couple swordtails...
  30. Bijou88

    Help IDing Plants?

    I agree partially. The top picture also looks like bacopa to me but the bottom one definitely isn't wisteria. It looks like a kid of hygrophila to me personally. Welcome to fishlore!
  31. Bijou88

    Golden freshwater aquarium snail

    Your nitrates are pretty high for the snails. When mine get up towards 80ppm (which they do in roughly 4-5 days in my community/breeding tank due to the amount of snails I have in there and my pleco) my snails will start being lethargic. On water change day it's not unusual for some to be laying...
  32. Bijou88

    Sick snail!

    Did you accidently forget dechlorinator? That's almost what this sounds like. .... A dramatic change in temperature could also explain the stress response.
  33. Bijou88

    Mts digging in the sand

    Mine dig in the sand sometimes. Some do it to sleep, some do it after a water change when the ph goes up slightly. Tmk, it's nothing to worry about as long as your water parameters are good.
  34. Bijou88

    What to feed Mystery Snails?

    I feed mine raw zucchini, yellow squash and spinach. Canned no salt added green beans (they prefer the french cut), frozen (thawed) green beans and peas without the shells. Algae wafers, shrimp pellets, sinking catfish pellets and tropical fish pellets. As long as they get a varied diet of...
  35. Bijou88

    Hanging out?

    If you don't want to get a floating breeder, a food storage container with holes punched out in the bottom works alright in a pinch. Glad takeaway containers float pretty well fwiw. I would still try feeding something like shrimp pellets and canned no salt added green beans. Also, if you can...
  36. Bijou88

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles!!!!

    Ok, I turned the lights on for a minute and it looks like I have at least a dozen red and purple babies that can be shipped. I'd say there are maybe 4 of each that can go in the smaller box, but I can only do 4 I think in the 6x6x6 of the nickel-ish sized reds/purples. To add.... the littler...
  37. Bijou88

    Sexing Snails

    I agree. I typically just wait and see, they're such a pain to sex, lol.
  38. Bijou88


    What's funny is that my mysteries didn't even LIKE the cabbage or Brussels sprouts, haha. The ramshorn devoured them though. Go figure.
  39. Bijou88

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles!!!!

    Unfortunately I ship in the states only :/, I wouldn't begin to know how to ship them safely overseas, I'm sorry about that. It's $11 for the 6x6x6 box, ($9 for shipping plus $2 for insulation supplies). I can do up to 6 of the small gold or ivorys in that size box. It's $15 for the flat...
  40. Bijou88

    Sexing Snails

    Mystery snails are a kind of apple snails, the ones that get big and canna apple snails and mystery are Briggs I think. But they're both technically varieties of apple snails. It's a bit tricky to sex them actually. If you can hold them with their trap door facing you and get them to extend...
  41. Bijou88

    Hanging out?

    It's most likely just stress imo, I once had a new nerite snail stay in exactly the same spot for 6 days after I got him. In my experience, when they're laying or floating hanging half out it's either stress related, a contaminant in the water or nitrite poisoning. Since we know your nitrite...
  42. Bijou88


    I feed all my veggies raw, I just attach them to a rock with a rubber band myself. I don't recommend blanching/boiling cucumber, it's so soft to begin with that it deteriorates too quickly when cooks and basically turns to slime :/ Mine eat zucchini, yellow squash, no salt canned green beans...
  43. Bijou88

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles!!!!

    Hey guys, sorry for the long delay. I'm still trying to get my new house cleaned/fixed up so I can move so I haven't had a lot of free time lately. And I've lost most of my older snails so I've been a bit bummed in the snail department as of late : Most of my colorful babies have either gotten...
  44. Bijou88

    Pest Snail

    I just scrape them off with my thumb nail if I see them. I've never really had them stick to my hand but they really do stick to whatever they're layed on, lol.
  45. Bijou88

    Fry questions

    I've never fed baby brine shrimp to platy fry, they really don't require any special food. Mine all grow up healthy and strong being fed crushed omega one flake food. Your little guy may just be the runt, I've had a few of those. They catch up eventually ime, though they may stay slightly...
  46. Bijou88

    Please help! Damaged snail shell

    It looks liIe what your snail has is a fissure, I've had a number of babies develop them. They're caused by a variety of things... poor nutrition during growth, growing too quickly, not enough calcium (especially while they're young and growing). The cracks you mentioned are just growth lines...
  47. Bijou88

    Fry questions

    Hey, sorry for the delay. Some of the fry will likely survive as long as your adult fish are well fed and there's plenty of hiding spots. Ime, platies either hide at the very top or the very bottom of the tank so some kind of bushy floating plant (real or fake), and some kind of bushy or dense...
  48. Bijou88

    Mantle collapse?

    Oh no :'( I'm so sorry Gumnut didn't make it. You did everything you could for him. It's always hard when we lose them despite our best efforts Be at peace little guy.
  49. Bijou88

    ID this snail please!

    Well, for starters, you should never flush a live animal. The snail possibly could survive for a fair amount of time on his "journey", and that would be a rough way too die imo :/ If you must kill them, either crush them or drop them in a container full of extremely salty water.
  50. Bijou88

    feeding snails?

    Typically they max out around 1/2" or so.

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