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    Cheap(ish) Blue Acara Substitute.

    Thanks you all for replying so quickly. I dont have much experience shopping for live online aquaria but I am checking it out so to say. I thought firemouths were a bit more nippy than acaras but I can find them local for around $5USD or so.
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    Cheap(ish) Blue Acara Substitute.

    My LFS has quit carrying common blue acaras and wont receive more, they are only carrying the electric blues that are costing as much as discus. They are the only non-chain store in town and will order most other cichlids. Any ideas for similar size and temperment that meet this criteria...
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    What To Stock

    depending on your water ph and hardness you have some options. low ph and hardness- 2 bolivian rams and 8 widow or skirt tetras. high ph and hardness live bearers like platies and or guppies just keep 2-3 females for every male.
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    Stocking For 40 Gallon Community Tank - Corydoras

    While the venezuelans are beautiful, if your concerned by price there is no tougher cory than the bronze cory in my personal experience. Had two of them that lived over 20years.
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    Stocking Order For Sa Cichlid Tank

    Temp 79F I have a lot of experience with smaller tanks and fish, but limited with cichlids and no large(40+gal)aquarium experience.
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    Stocking Order For Sa Cichlid Tank

    I have just cycled a 90 gallon aquarium and would like to stock it with 6 silver dollars(common), a festivum, a severum and a blue acara or other bottom/bottom mid SA cichlid. In what order would you recommend stocking these as the tank has just finished it's fishless cycle. Amm 0 PH 6.8 Nitri 0...

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