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  1. -Mak-

    Tall Hairgrass

    You may just have to buy some dwarf hair grass. Tall hair grass does look nice as a background plant though.
  2. -Mak-

    Help Lots Of Nitrates But Plants Die

    What light do you have? Plants are opportunistic, I think with just some nutrients they would survive even if they don't thrive and look stunted.
  3. -Mak-

    Co2 In A Soda Bottle??

    If you're adding CO2 in any form you'll likely need to add ferts, fish waste and food simply does not contain the correct amounts of the 14+ nutrients plants need. People tend to focus on the nitrogen and phosphorus in waste but don't consider that potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, boron, etc...
  4. -Mak-

    Uk Plant Fert Choices

    No need to get Thrive in the UK, try the Aquascaper complete liquid plant food.
  5. -Mak-

    Poll: Do You Subtract Solids From The Tank Volume When Calculating Dosing Amounts?

    Logical yes but I think most people don't bother with it. A little extra won't hurt
  6. -Mak-

    Looking For Carpeting Plant

    LED lighting doesn't really say much about your light, some of the most powerful plant lights on the market are also LEDs. Can you give us more info.on the light? As already mentioned, no true carpeting plants can really grow in light that isn't at a certain minimum, but you can use some...
  7. -Mak-

    Who Is The Expert

    Thanks, right back at you!
  8. -Mak-

    Columnaris On Tetra?

    Thank you! I have some chili rasboras and some cherry shrimp in here too.
  9. -Mak-

    Columnaris On Tetra?

    I moved to college yesterday and after moving it seems like a couple of my ember tetras have a white spot on their tails. Is this columnaris? Unfortunately I don't have a quarantine tank with me and won't be able to get one. I plan to treat the whole tank, what medication should I get? Thanks...
  10. -Mak-

    Monte Carlo Issues

    Well that's likely your problem, flourish is severely lacking in macronutrients and so is eco-complete. You'll need more nitrogen, phosphorus, and perhaps a GH booster. I've grown monte carlo in various low light conditions and it actually hugs the substrate very well even in low light if there...
  11. -Mak-

    Thrive Killing Fish?

    It's completely safe, myself and many people use it without issue. This email was sent out by the owner of Nilcog last year to address this exact concern: "I have been doing a lot of reading about peoples experience with Thrive products. Fortunately most results seem to be very positive and...
  12. -Mak-

    First Planted Tank - Advice?

    Water change at the end of the week, while you dose throughout the week. If you were to change right after dosing you'd be removing a lot of those newly added nutrients.
  13. -Mak-

    First Planted Tank - Advice?

    Seachem flourite is overpriced gravel. Like terrestrial plants, aquatic plants like soil based substrates because that's what contains nutrients. Sand/gravel are like rock and are devoid of nutrients. I recommend you read this article, and any others on this site. It's written by Dennis Wong...
  14. -Mak-

    Plants Won't Grow Or Die

    Do you fertilize? Plants can't grow without their food!
  15. -Mak-

    Betta Photos

    I got this beautiful guy at my local betta shop/breeder today! Acclimating
  16. -Mak-

    Info Before You Buy Flourish And Ferts In General

    Glad to help! I'm the one here who knows nothing abut terrestrial grow lights haha. There are some monster aquarium lights that you definitely should not look at as well.
  17. -Mak-

    Info Before You Buy Flourish And Ferts In General

    My favorite that I've used is Chihiros, which is sort of like a discount ADA looking thing but actually puts out good PAR levels for the price. It fits best on rimless tanks though. Also remember that powerful light with no CO2 leads to algae. Watts per gallon is outdated, PAR is what you're...
  18. -Mak-

    Led Rope Light Questions

    It's impossible to know for sure without a PAR meter, but generally cheap lights that are not specifically geared towards aquarium plants don't do extremely well.
  19. -Mak-

    Info Before You Buy Flourish And Ferts In General

    For sure Thrive will! You may not even need regular Thrive, ThriveC is good for very low tech setups. The only thing to note is that if you have soft water (below 5 GH), a GH booster is probably needed regardless of the type of liquid fertilizer you use
  20. -Mak-

    Growing Dwarf Hairgrass Emersed (dry Start)

    There are usually some steps people take to keep a DSM as sterile as possible. Flooding may be the best now, but do you have CO2?
  21. -Mak-

    Growing Dwarf Hairgrass Emersed (dry Start)

    Hi there, do you have some photos?
  22. -Mak-

    Help Question About Ferts

    I think ThriveC or ThriveS would be good for you
  23. -Mak-

    Yellow Spots On My Anubias - What Is It?

    Hi, welcome! I see two problems. The first being flourish is a very dilute fertilizer that is highly lacking in NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) macronutrients, which plants need in higher amounts than other nutrients. You are also underdosing, should be a weekly dose. My data won’t allow...
  24. -Mak-

    What Is Your Go To Planted Tank Substrate?

    I like Fluval Stratum a lot, but I think the quality of some other aquasoils are better. Potting soil is cheapest for the amount of nutrients
  25. -Mak-

    Pearl Weed Care

    Yep, quite easy as long as it has a soil or fine substrate.
  26. -Mak-

    Planted Nano Jar. 1/4 Liter

    I like it! Nice idea to use them as gifts.
  27. -Mak-

    Can I Run Co2 At Night?

    Do you have a drop checker? If so is it always green? The fact that you have an air stone makes it very hard to even bring CO2 up to ideal levels, so I can't imagine CO2 at night being an issue at all.
  28. -Mak-

    Important Hemianthus Callitrichoides Emerged

    Yes, just some form of gaseous CO2
  29. -Mak-

    Important Hemianthus Callitrichoides Emerged

    Dry start method helps a carpet establish with unlimited access to CO2 in the air. After a few weeks you fill the tank and start injecting CO2. You can also plant directly but you need to inject pressurized CO2 in this case too, or it will die.
  30. -Mak-

    Question Fact Or Myth - Liquid Carbon Harmful To Bucephalandra

    I’ve had many varieties of buce for years now and liquid carbon has never harmed them. However, they do tend to melt after being shipped in or moved, but their melt occurs a couple weeks after planting, after other plants have gone through melt. It’s when you think they’re not going to and least...
  31. -Mak-

    Help [substrate Choice] Eco-complete: A Cap For Fluval?

    Not only do you not vacuum, you can’t vacuum because it’s soil and would break down and cloud the water. However it’s a good idea to wave your hand or siphon around above the substrate and plants to kick up any debris into the water, and just remove that. Excess organics attract algae
  32. -Mak-

    Tabs Vs Liquid Fertilizer? Both?

    There's really no distinction between so called root feeders and water column feeders, plants are opportunistic and will take in both. And having both will allow for the greatest amount of nutrient uptake, so having both is best. Although flourish liquid basically doesn't contain NPK macros...
  33. -Mak-

    Any Of You Grown Aquarium Plants From Seeds

    I would not, aquarium plant seeds are a massive scam, and don’t grow into what they say they’ll grow into.
  34. -Mak-

    Help I Might Give Up On Keeping Plants Because Nothing Seems To Help..

    You may actually want to set up a separate smaller tank to get the hang of it first. 55 gallons are large and harder to light because of the height, and beamswork is on the lower end of intensity/light quality already. With a smaller tank you will pay less for substrate, ferts, plants and...
  35. -Mak-

    Question I Went And Bought Some Plants Today And Have A Couple Questions

    Pennywort or hydrocotyle, and yes it can be left floating
  36. -Mak-

    Kh Value For Co2 Ppm

    Sorry, I didn't read your OP properly! Do you believe your plants have a problem? Yellow sounds more than adequate
  37. -Mak-

    Kh Value For Co2 Ppm

    I think it would be much easier for you to just get a drop checker, it'll tell you your approximate CO2 level without messing around with charts
  38. -Mak-

    Uns 25c Coming Soon

    I can send you some when I get back to the states in a couple weeks if you'd like, all on me you just pay shipping
  39. -Mak-

    Uns 25c Coming Soon

    I like the plant list! I'll be watching this thread for sure
  40. -Mak-

    Bubble Wall And Excel

    Asdfkljal au naturel scaping is all about emulating nature
  41. -Mak-

    Bubble Wall And Excel

    What a compliment, thank you! I could only dream haha
  42. -Mak-

    Micro Rasboras

    For sure! For the longest time I had a lone B. merah who thought he was a B. brigittae just like all my others
  43. -Mak-

    Bubble Wall And Excel

    CO2's equilibrium is somewhere around 3-4 ppm. So if you have fish or decomposition bringing it up to 5 ppm, the surface agitation will cause the CO2 to gas off and go back down to 4 ppm. If you have plants using up the CO2 and taking it down to 2 ppm, the surface agitation will bring CO2 back...
  44. -Mak-

    Micro Rasboras

    I love micro rasboras! Perhaps this would help? They do seem extremely similar
  45. -Mak-

    Amano Shrimp Turning Milky?

    For future reference it would be better to create your own thread, but your first pic is a female that's saddled (eggs) and the second appears to just be organs that are lighter colored
  46. -Mak-

    Bubble Wall And Excel

    The CO2 in the water is already at natural equilibrium, the bubbler will promote gaseous exchange but it won't add more CO2 or oxygen than is possible from your already existing equilibrium. Increased surface agitation can't just "choose" to add more oxygen and remove CO2. Hope that makes sense!
  47. -Mak-

    Which "dwarf Hairgrass" Is The Smallest?

    Glad to help!
  48. -Mak-

    Which "dwarf Hairgrass" Is The Smallest?

    Have that one, good grower but won't stay compact for me haha
  49. -Mak-

    How Can I Make This Happen?

    You might have to saw it depending on size but generally yes.

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