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  1. EternalDancer

    fry picture gallery

    Found me a half-grown shrimplet! I have finally successfully got baby shrimp!!! Guppy fry (ended up with 53). Also, baby killifish! They are so frickin titchy!!! Ten so far but also seen a few more eggs so numbers pending.
  2. EternalDancer

    How To Best Upgrade Tank

    Your filter won't help your nitrates, they're the end of the cycle so that's why we do the water changes. Do a 50% change then test again in a little bit, and do another change if needed. Get them down to around 5-10 and you should be sorted. The tank looks beautiful, you must be proud of how...
  3. EternalDancer

    What Do I Do?

    Water change will depend on your parameters, what are they? (Ammonia, nitrite, nitrAte). How long have you been cycling for? Did you use any bacteria supplement? How many fish will depend on what you get, but a 10g is pretty small, so I wouldn't get too many even small ones.
  4. EternalDancer

    Suggest Me A Stocking

    I'd go with cardinals over neons, personally. They're a hardier fish, and you don't have to worry about NTD. I'd look at things like threadfin rainbows, ember tetras, CPD, but I love tiny fish, so there's that.
  5. EternalDancer

    Why Is My Ammonia So High?

    Sounds like a new-fish mini-cycle. What size tank? 10g? How long has it been cycled for? What fish did you add? I would do another 50% change immediately to bring that ammonia down to 0.5, and dose prime for the entire tank. I'd also throw some stability in to boost your bacteria. Test again...
  6. EternalDancer

    Help Needed

    I'm sorry you lost the others, but great news the rest seem to be doing well
  7. EternalDancer

    Pregnant Guppys

    The red-tail probably has a week or so. The black-tail probably at least another two weeks. It depends on if they've given birth before/if you know when they last had babies... The advice above is sound. I have a breeder box. As soon as my guppy give birth in the main tank, I net the babies...
  8. EternalDancer

    Dead Kuhli :( Help Please

    I would say that's parasite holes... If I were you I'd pick up an all-round parasite preventer/killer and treat your whole tank to be safe. I'm sorry about your fishy
  9. EternalDancer

    Swordtail Help

    Wow, he's pretty What's your kH/GH?
  10. EternalDancer

    Biotodoma Cupido

    @BluMan1914 I feel like you might be able to chime in here...? Apologies if I'm wrong.
  11. EternalDancer

    Am I Paranoid Or Is My Betta Sick?

    Oh, my bad! I totally forgot about the magical floating plants that eat up fish poo as well as A/N/N, whilst introducing oxygen and a varied mix of minerals back into the water... How are companies still allowed to make sh...tupid stuff like this? Crazy.
  12. EternalDancer

    Am I Paranoid Or Is My Betta Sick?

    Just quickly... Water changes should be done weekly... a little bit concerning that it's saying monthly.
  13. EternalDancer

    Does It Exist?

    I currently have four male Endler (two shop two home-bred), and one juvenile who got his black side-stripe about a week ago, and started showing leopard-tail colouring yesterday. They all look like endlers. The home-bred definitely came from a standard female guppy. I'm not looking to breed...
  14. EternalDancer

    Does It Exist?

    Huh... I didn't know that, that's interesting. Well I very much doubt I have any true Endlers. I still don't understand though... why any offspring I've seen bred; males will turn out either with Endler or normal guppy characteristics, whereas females will all appear as a standard guppy?
  15. EternalDancer

    Does It Exist?

    The elusive female Endler guppy... I've never seen one in shops, and I've never seen one come from breeding. Plenty of female guppies, but they all end up as large guppy. Or is it just that a female Endler just, looks like a normal guppy?
  16. EternalDancer

    Am I Paranoid Or Is My Betta Sick?

    I feel like I've read somewhere that you shouldn't use stress coat with anabans because the aloe can clog up the labyrinth organ... I could be wrong, though... maybe some of the experts will chime in. Nothin like tagging @CindiL in a sick betta post. @BottomDweller, @Al913, @Flowingfins all...
  17. EternalDancer

    Betta - White 'balls' Coming From 'belly'

    For pics, it's often easier to take a short video of him swimming around, then watch it through, pause and screenshot when you get a good angle.
  18. EternalDancer

    Why Is My Male Platy Attacking??!??

    All your levels are below 0.25... It sounds like your tank is not cycled... How long has it been running? How long have the fish been in there? What size tank is it?
  19. EternalDancer

    Help!!!... Weird Worm In My Tank!!!

    Most things that turn up in an aquarium are typically found in normal habitats, and are harmless. There are a few things that may need removed due to various different reasons. Small grey hairy worm doesn't ring any bells... could you maybe get a pic of it?
  20. EternalDancer

    What Kind Of Snail Is This?

    And so it begins... lol These things can quickly overrun a tank, if left to it. They breed like wildfire. As said above, they're considered by many to be pests. I've known people to tear down, dip, and redo entire tanks to get rid of them. If you don't mind having them around, once you get too...
  21. EternalDancer

    What Fish To Get?

    Endler guppies are smaller and even more colourful than standard guppies. Other than that, they're the same. The two will breed together. For easy-breeding, guppies are by far your best bet. Mollys, platys, swordtails are all also easy live-bearers. For a little more of a challenge, killifish...
  22. EternalDancer

    What Do I Do?!

    If you're getting shrimp, you want those nitrates right down to 5ppm. I don't know how many water changes you've done since you posted this, but I'd do at least an 80% change, then in a couple hours test again so you can see where you're at, and water change again based on results. Other than...
  23. EternalDancer

    Guppy Aggression?

    MissRuthless isn't the op... I would get another couple guppies, so there's like six of them to spread the aggression around. Are you sure the one getting picked on is okay? Fish can sense when another is sick/dying and will gang up on it and force it away.
  24. EternalDancer

    Help Needed

    If they've made it a couple days now that's hopefully a good sign. Getting as much oxygen in the water as you can would definitely help. Water changes will help, any increased agitation, bubblers, live plant (elodea is cheap and can just be thrown in the tank and thrown out after if you don't...
  25. EternalDancer

    Fin Rot Or Just Damaged Fins?

    I dunno... the edges do look like they're getting a bit of rot on them, see the browny colour? Although it could be his colouration so it's tough to tell for sure. I would start doing daily 20% water changes to make sure his water is kept pristine. Even if it's not rot, the super-clean water...
  26. EternalDancer

    It Went Blue!!! Hooray!!!

    Woohoo! Here's hoping
  27. EternalDancer

    Guppy Aggression?

    Hey, keyboard warriors. Let's not derail ops thread with personal opinion arguments. Pygmys are very active, which is why they need the bigger footprint (proportionally). One person keeping fish in a tank smaller than recommended may have the ability to make it successful, but minimum recs are...
  28. EternalDancer

    Guppy Aggression?

    The aggression should settle in a couple days. They just gotta sort out the pecking order. I would not get corys. Even Pygmys need a bigger tank. I would add another couple guppies. You have space. And I'd keep them warmer rather than cooler. What about maybe 8 ember tetras? Much more hardy...
  29. EternalDancer

    Male Guppy Has Brown Patch On Rear (caudal) Fin

    I think maybe op is referring to the bottom of the fin, where the brown colouration seems to have "clumped"? I agree, it looks like a natural colouration, but length of set-up (rather than parameters) and stocking levels lead me to believe it could be the lighting and it may actually be fin rot...
  30. EternalDancer

    Help Needed

    I think the damage may be done now as it's a chemical issue, and all you can do is wait and see if it's gonna pull through, although those you've already tagged, and others, may have better advice. Lots of partial water changes (treated) to make sure the water is kept pristine, and hope for the...
  31. EternalDancer

    Tropical Dwarf Pipefish?

    Ah, my fault for not clarifying. There was literally zero info on it other than that it was a small tropical pipefish. In all honesty, I'm still not finding much. It seems they're still new to the aquarium.
  32. EternalDancer

    Tropical Dwarf Pipefish?

    Found it! It's a Doryichthys Martensii, or black barred pipefish, along with other names. It's an awesome looking fish.
  33. EternalDancer

    Tropical Dwarf Pipefish?

    Does anyone know anything at all about these? I can't seem to find anything at all on the interwebs.
  34. EternalDancer

    Betta Fin Rot Help Please

    I'd say Noodles is a dumbo plaket. He's got beautiful colours
  35. EternalDancer

    Betta Fin Rot Help Please

    If the photo is too big, screenshot the picture and post the screenshot, it's a much smaller file.
  36. EternalDancer

    New 240 Liter Tank And It's Very Cloudy.

    Tanks all take different amounts of time, but six weeks should be about right without any supplement. It should go a lot quicker with added bacteria. If your tank is taking months to cycle, you may want to look into why it's taking so long.
  37. EternalDancer

    Corydoras Dying For Unknown Reason (sos)

    Float the bag for 10 mins. Empty most of the water into a jug, replace with a little tank water. Add a little more tank water every 10 mins for an hour, then net the fish out and dump the bagful of water away. Leave lights off for an hour to help them settle.
  38. EternalDancer

    How Can I Take Care Of This Amphibian

    My little girl found our kittyloach trying to escape her tank. I think she subdued her, for now. Any tips on preventing further escape attempts? Her tank is approx 954774388855 gallons, has several decorations including couch-plants and driftbeds, and is well oxygenated.
  39. EternalDancer

    Corydoras Dying For Unknown Reason (sos)

    That last cory looks rather messed up... is that the hunched one or just the angle of the pic? If it's the hunched one, was it like that when you got it or has it developed in the tank? All the other pics look like great healthy fish, as far as I can tell.
  40. EternalDancer

    Freshwater Puffers!

    I believe the only true freshwater puffers are the pea and the mbu. So, if you want a puffer that definitely does not need brackish water, those are your choices. You already said no to the pea because you want larger... well, the mbu is larger. It can get to over two foot, and needs a minimum...
  41. EternalDancer

    Help! My Bettas Tail!

    Best thing to do is switch to daily water changes. Stick to cleaning out and vaccing etc weekly, just, daily take a couple hugs off the top and replace with fresh. Keeping the water absolutely pristine will help him recover. He does look like he's been in an almighty fight or suffered severe...
  42. EternalDancer

    Going On Vacation - Should I Acclimate Fishes To Higher Nitrate Levels?

    If you only reach 5ppm in a week, I'd think your fish should be fine for 3.5. Especially in a heavily planted tank. Do you have anything overly sensitive? Could the fish feeder not just bucket some water out the top and refill? You could leave a couple buckets of pre-conditioned water for them...
  43. EternalDancer

    Can I Have Any Of These Plants?

    @grantm91 where did you get the bamboo? I notice you used £ so I'm assuming UK. For a quid I'd definitely give one a go. I'm not sure about using root tabs because they have copper in them and don't know if they'd kill off the snails, or harm the turtle?
  44. EternalDancer

    Can I Have Any Of These Plants?

    How funny you should mention Iris... Lol I may look for arrowroot. I don't mind the Iris, it's just not really the look I'm going for. (Excuse the super-low water, change this afternoon).
  45. EternalDancer

    How To Best Upgrade Tank

    I don't treat as I use rain water. I would treat your water as normal. All the plant will do is suck up nitrAte.
  46. EternalDancer

    Can I Have Any Of These Plants?

    Small world... I'm not far from Suffolk at all. And my other half is in Iowa, lol! Wanna swap? I have various stuff planted in the sand, and that's fine. What I'm looking for is a plant that will grow with roots in the tank and leaves/flowers if it has them out of the tank. So if any of those...
  47. EternalDancer

    Nitrates Gone!

    My guppies will sometimes just kinda, hang at surface. No real reason, just, chilling out. Does she look unwell? Red gills? Gasping? If not, and since your parameters are fine, I'd just keep an eye on her.
  48. EternalDancer

    Paranoia Or...

    Could you get a tank-sized piece of board to put on the stand to sit the tank on? I would say you definitely need the four corners supported and evenly distributed.
  49. EternalDancer

    Apple Snail Anatomy?

    I have no idea, but, it looks like something on the snail, rather than a part of the snail... Hopefully there'll be someone along soon with some better info.
  50. EternalDancer

    Help With Stocking

    I took it to mean it's four foot by two foot six inches, by two foot, but I could be wrong... If I can math correctly, it's a 150g. ETA: which would make it ~560 litres... the first post says 260 litre tank, so, I don't know. 260 litre would only be about 70g... Measurements are off somewhere...

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