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  1. allyh

    Crayfish basics please!

    I'm getting a new 20G from a friend, and I'm really interested in a white crayfish. I have a few questions! -How much water/air should there be? Like 50/50? do they need rocks to stand on to get to the air? I've seen tanks with tiny steps coming out of the water for the cray. -Are they okay...
  2. allyh

    18 year old kuhli loach - picture

    Is she still alive? Hoping mine will live that long!
  3. allyh

    Kuhli Loach Photos

    having a party with a terra cotta pot Uprooting moms Java fern All 6 crowded in a corner My special Kuhli baby with a deformed eye Peeking out of the cave (plus guppy photobomb) I love them so much!
  4. allyh

    Dead Horseface Loach :(

    My tank is a 20g and I saw no other signs. (I didn't know they got so big (8in) until after I got her but I was planning on a bigger one asap when she grew and my tank was under stocked) I got her from a very reputable clean local LFS that preached the nitrogen cycle etc etc. attached is my tank...
  5. allyh

    Dead Horseface Loach :(

    I came home from school today to find my favorite fish, my Horseface loach, dead. I quickly tested my water and my parameters were perfect (0,0,5), temp at 78 and no signs of anything wrong with my 6 Kuhli loaches or 6 guppies. I never saw her eat, but horsefaces are pretty shy and eat at night...
  6. Kuhli Loach

    Kuhli Loach

  7. Kuhli Loach

    Kuhli Loach

  8. Kuhli Loach

    Kuhli Loach

  9. Kuhli Loach size for later reference

    Kuhli Loach size for later reference

  10. Current tank as of 2/21/15

    Current tank as of 2/21/15

  11. Guppies before the loaches and decor

    Guppies before the loaches and decor

  12. Guppy tank 1 week before loaches

    Guppy tank 1 week before loaches

  13. Empty tank cycling

    Empty tank cycling

  14. Smallest and dullest Kuhli

    Smallest and dullest Kuhli

  15. First Tank

    First Tank

    First tank, from empty, to empty with guppies to full and planted with Guppies and Loaches. (Not really in order sorry)
  16. allyh

    What should I feed my fish and how should I stock?

    I have a 20g aquarium that is almost finished cycling. I was planning on getting 6 kuhli loaches and 6 guppies. What else could I get? I'm open to suggestions on a centerpiece fish or another school of colorful fish or inverts. What should I feed them? Should I get frozen bloodworms? What...
  17. allyh

    Options for a fun stock?

    Thanks for the info on ADFs! I should really stop listening to petco It is my first tank but don't worry I've done my research on cycling and maintenance. Also are red cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp similar and can they be mixed? And a community sounds awesome but having a few would be awesome...
  18. allyh

    Options for a fun stock?

    Hi! I have a 20H with sand, a sponge filter for 20-40g, hydor theo 100W, Tetra whisper air pump and no decor yet. Currently going through a fishless cycle. I'm really overwhelmed with stocking options and I could use some human advice (not aqadvisor) I'm totally new to all of this and I'm not...
  19. allyh

    20gal newbie needs cycle and stocking help please!

    Thanks for your response! Somebody on another site said tetra safe start uses entirely wrong bacteria. Who should I believe?
  20. allyh

    20gal newbie needs cycle and stocking help please!

    Part 1) Need a cycle I recently got a 20H tank, and have everything I need except a cycle. I went to Petco and a local fish store and they both gave me bacteria starters and said that's all I needed, but I know I need ammonia to feed the bacteria. My mom wants me to go with the bacteria...

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