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  1. Susiefoo

    Adding Fish Without Quarantine...

    Where? OK you edited your post to "not a bad idea but not needed". Needed is relative. Can you keep fish without a QT? Yes. I have. Is it a good idea? No. But that's the reality of my situation and many others. Look, I don't want to argue with anyone or be some sort of anti-quarantine...
  2. Susiefoo

    Adding Fish Without Quarantine...

    To be honest, I think if any of us had a whole fish room / 20 aquariums, we'd utterly stupid not to quarantine. Many of us are small-time hobbyists who struggle to fit in just one tank into our lives and homes. How many "What can I fit in a 10 gallon, I don't have room for a 20" threads do we...
  3. Susiefoo

    Tank Dimensions Needed To House A Single Large Adult Angelfish?

    I think you are making the right decision. It is definitely worth asking if you can advertise the angel for her on local selling sites, just to see what response it gets. I had to rehome my Bolivian rams as they were being attacked by my dwarf gourami. I advertised (free to a good home, but...
  4. Susiefoo

    How Many Dg?

    Definitely only one male. I have a male DG and he is perfectly peaceful with small schooling fish, but goes crazy with other territorial fish. If you want multiple gouramis, have a look at honey gouramis - there are several beautiful colour variants.
  5. Susiefoo

    Can I Add Cherry Barbs To My Tank?

    Thank you If I moved the neons to a different tank, how many cherries could I do?
  6. Susiefoo

    Can I Add Cherry Barbs To My Tank?

    Thanks for input. There are quite a few schools but most of the fish are tiny and it's a 4 foot tank. It just looks very empty and I don't want more of the same. I know Aqadvisor is controversial on here but it has me at just over half stocked, which tbh is what it looks like to view...
  7. Susiefoo

    Tank Dimensions Needed To House A Single Large Adult Angelfish?

    It sounds like you are tying yourself in knots trying to accommodate your neighbour when deep down, you don't really want the fish at all. Nothing wrong with that - I remember from your previous posts that your son wants to stock lots of little fish over time. The trouble is that these small...
  8. Susiefoo

    Adding Fish Without Quarantine...

    I pay a premium, and travel further, to buy from the best quality specialist LFS in the area, that quarantine their own fish before sale. I spend a lot of time looking carefully at the fish and other tanks and walk away if I'm not 100% happy. Never had a problem with this approach. I can't...
  9. Susiefoo

    Can I Add Cherry Barbs To My Tank?

    I have a 65 gallon, 4-foot tank, heavily planted, established for about 4 months, with the following stock: - 11 neon tetras - 10 harlequin rasboras - 6 albino corydoras - 6 otocinclus - 1 dwarf gourami I would like to add cherry barbs - probably 10, but perhaps working up to 20 over time...
  10. Susiefoo

    My First 60 Gallon Tank Update

    Looks brilliant! What are the yellow/orange fish?
  11. Susiefoo

    Any Room For Bolivian Ram?

    I had to rehome my Bolivian m/f pair after my dwarf gourami went for them repeatedly. He just would not stop though he had always been peaceful with other fish before. This was in a 65g long heavily planted tank too. So it's not a combination I would recommend personally unless you have a backup...
  12. Susiefoo

    Just Out Of Curiosity How Long Does It Take You To Clean Your Tank/s?

    30 mins a week for my 65g. It's so heavily planted I don't need to / can't vacuum the bottom. So I just do a 50% water change. Fill up a garden hosepipe, drop one end in tank, drop other end in outside drain, wait 15mins while having cup of tea as gravity-powered suction does its work. Wipe...
  13. Susiefoo

    My Crypt Wendetti Is Melting With No Changes To Tank.

    It might well be the cutting back on light. It should adjust in time. When I have my lights on less, my crypt wendtii is the only one that seems to be affected, so it does seem particularly sensitive to changes in light duration.
  14. Susiefoo

    My Crypt Wendetti Is Melting With No Changes To Tank.

    Any changes to your lighting schedule? I only ask as my crypts start to melt when I don't have the lights on as long as usual e.g. if I'm away overnight. Remember that if you're using fluorescent tubes, they should be changed every 12 months or so as they start to lose their efficiency.
  15. Susiefoo

    Every Single Time! :(

    Sorry for your loss Mary
  16. Susiefoo

    When The Husband Orders You To Buy A New Tank...

    You have an excellent husband! Really beautiful tank. I love how you've kept it light and clean-looking.
  17. Susiefoo

    Is My Customer's Tank Suitable For My Fish?

    No-one is criticising what the woman is doing. It sounds like she is caring person who is doing a wonderful job taking on unwanted animals and giving them the best home she can. The OP was asking from the point of view of the welfare of his (or her) fish and people gave their opinions on that...
  18. Susiefoo

    Tell Me Your Dream Stocking For A 90 Gallon Tank ... I Need Some Inspiration!!!

    Decent sized schools of: Flame tetras Lemon tetras Neon tetras Panda cories Plus: Small group of honey gouramis Small group of Bolivian rams Plus some horned nerite snails and a shoal of otocinclus. Heavily planted, temperature around 74 C.
  19. Susiefoo

    Is My Customer's Tank Suitable For My Fish?

    Depends how many offers you have and how long you have been trying to rehome / how quickly you need to do it. It is very much a "rescue tank" full of random shoaling fish kept alone and suggests that she is probably taking on the fish to save them rather than because she really wants them for...
  20. Susiefoo

    Fluval 206 Or 306 For 35g

    I have the 306 on a 240 litre tank as it came free with the tank. It was sufficient for my light stock (such as would fill a 135 litre) but I've added more. The 206 would be OK for you but for an extra 50 dollars I would upgrade to the 306, no question. Over filtration is always better (within...
  21. Susiefoo

    Wanting Everything To Be Natural, Good Or Bad?

    It's largely personal preference, rather than right or wrong - bearing in mind that most fish appreciate live plants and this creates the healthiest environment for them. Personally fake tank decor does absolutely nothing for me and I wouldn't have anything that wasn't natural in my tank...
  22. Susiefoo

    Stocking A 25

    Can I ask if it's continued to eat hair algae throughout its life? Was thinking of getting one but was put off by reading that they stop eating hair algae as they get older, if other food is available, and also that they get large and clumsy. If that's not the case it will be good!
  23. Susiefoo

    Neon Tetras In 10 Gallon

    Not trying to argue with anyone but I'm curious as to why neons are considered to need a 20g. I have a 65g with 11 neon tetras plus harlequin rasboras, cories, otos and a dwarf gourami. Of these, neons are by far the least active and just sort of gently drift around. They would be fine in a 10...
  24. Susiefoo

    Urgent Help With Dwarf Gorinami

    Do you have any rough ornaments / rocks / driftwood in your tank? My dwarf gourami got a similar white patch after he went into my new tank and grazed himself dashing through some driftwood. It healed over a few weeks and his "normal" coloured scales grew back. Keep the water clean and he will...
  25. Susiefoo

    My 15g Living Room Build

    Hmm, mine doesn't seem bothered by flow - he often hangs around on the side near the filter output where the flow is strongest, when he could easily position himself on the other side where the flow is much gentler. But that's a sample size of 1 so I can't say for sure!
  26. Susiefoo

    Has Anyone Stocked A 90 Gallon With All Nano Fish?

    I don't know if you are referring just to true nano fish like CPDs etc, but I have a 65g with smaller fish (harlequin rasboras, neon tetras, otocinclus, cories etc) because those are the fish I like. I like to see lots of little fish interacting in their schools, and find it so much more...
  27. Susiefoo

    My 15g Living Room Build

    A single male dwarf gourami would do nicely. I have a flame dwarf gourami and he is gorgeous. They are perfectly happy with smaller tanks and non-territorial fish like tetras and cories. Just be sure to get one from a reputable LFS (or better yet a local breeder) and check tanks carefully for...
  28. Susiefoo

    How Many Fish In A 75g?

    I bought 11 neons 6 months ago and all survived and are doing well. Again, just my experience. More than likely stock varies from place to place. I never buy from our cheap pet chain stores though, only good quality LFSes. Just wanted to mention it as I didn't want you to over-buy thinking most...
  29. Susiefoo

    Do Otos Eat Hair Algae?

    Yeah, I researched SAE when I got the hair algae outbreak but read many comments that they stop eating so much hair algae as they grow and basically become fat and lazy as they age (don't we all??). I got advice from a specialist aquarium plant shop that we have in the UK and they suggested the...
  30. Susiefoo

    Wanting To Start Fresh

    Tank upgrade. It's the only way. I recommend a 75g minimum, 100g+ if possible. Several schools, lots of plants, hardscape, inverts - should provide enough interest to keep you going. Use your current tank as a quarantine. Can you tell I've been where you are?
  31. Susiefoo

    Is It Possible To Buy Just The Booklets For The Api Master Kit?

    I'm the opposite. I throw everything away. Including instruction manuals. That's why I'm so good at tracking them down online
  32. Susiefoo

    Overstocked Tank?

    I had to rehome a pair of rams and advertised locally on selling sites (free to a good home). I was pleasantly surprised how many offers I got. I asked potential owners for details of their tanks and photos - it was easy to see who knew what they were doing and who didn't. I was able to choose...
  33. Susiefoo

    Is It Possible To Buy Just The Booklets For The Api Master Kit?

    Instructions here: Colour chart attached!
  34. Susiefoo

    Do Otos Eat Hair Algae?

    I have 6 otos and they don't touch hair algae (brilliant with diatoms though). I have managed to reduce my hair algae by 90% or so by the following: - big water changes - cutting back on feeding (in retrospect I was overfeeding) - reducing the time my tank lights are on - removing the worst...
  35. Susiefoo

    Help Needed With Extremely Overstocked Koi Fishbowl, Yes Koi Fishbowl

    They're still going to die if she doesn't rehome or rehouse them. Don't prolong their agony. This.
  36. Susiefoo

    Squeeee! Getting Four More Tanks!

    Rummynose tetras, cardinals and sterbai cories would make a lovely warm water community with GBRs Lucky you with so many tanks!
  37. Susiefoo

    Overstocked Tank?

    I would stick to the fish you have listed as already having. And if possible, get them a bigger tank. Remember that fish continue to grow throughout their lives and a stunted fish can resume growth if placed in an appropriately sized tank. I've seen first-hand a stunted 7 year old clown loach...
  38. Susiefoo

    Please Help My Friends Hamsters!

    Educate her as much as you can. Advise, help, and offer whatever you can (donating old equipment, going on shopping trips with her, sourcing cheap second-hand items etc). Then it's up to her. If she listens, wonderful. If she doesn't listen, but she's otherwise a very good friend, keep...
  39. Susiefoo

    Anyone See Any Red Flags?

    "Need" is a relative term. I managed my tanks without a dedicated clean up crew for a long time. They are not a necessary part of a tank. I do have otos and nerite snails now, but that's because I like them. I would start with shrimp because they are very light bioload, and are great...
  40. Susiefoo

    Anyone See Any Red Flags?

    I think we have the same tank (Fluval Roma 240 right?) Your proposed stock sounds good. Unusual and interesting, covering all levels. The tank does need extra filtration to fully stock it, but you have that covered. I would caution against considering cories clean up crew. Shrimp, yes, but...
  41. Susiefoo

    How Often Do You Clean?

    50% water change weekly, though I am fairly lightly stocked and heavily planted. I don't vacuum the sand (I can't really, there is very little accessible with all the plants) so literally just remove and replace the water using a hosepipe, gravity and the kitchen mixer tap. It's a very healthy...
  42. Susiefoo

    Ideas For 60g Stocking

    That would be amazing. I previously kept my albino cories on black substrate and they were really striking.
  43. Susiefoo

    Does Tetra Safe Start Work?

    If you do it right, you may well be cycled within 2 weeks
  44. Susiefoo

    I Need Stocking Help!! Any Opinions???

    That would work fine, plus a gourami as centrepiece. A single male dwarf gourami would work well but make sure you buy from a reputable LFS to reduce the risk of DGIV. (Mine is getting on for a year old and is fine.) There are other gourami options but I don't have experience with those...
  45. Susiefoo

    Am I Being Over Dramatic? (betta Behaviour)

    OP, you sound like a responsible fishkeeper who puts the wellbeing of the animals in your care above a desire to shove in as much as possible. Very refreshing to see that on here
  46. Susiefoo

    10 Gallon Community Tank Ideas?

    Lovely tank OP. Another neon or two as a species only tank, plus shrimp, would be fine.
  47. Susiefoo

    Does Tetra Safe Start Work?

    Worked perfectly for me on three separate tanks but I used it with a very light stocking of fish, which is how it is designed to be used. Cycled in 10 days for all, ammonia never above 0.25, nitrites never measurable. You can use it with fishless cycling as you are proposing, but you should not...
  48. Susiefoo

    Crypt Tropica Vs Brown

    Thanks! Yeah I have to say I prefer the Tropica. If it was their mistake, or they substituted without asking you, I'd ask for the Tropica to be sent to you. You should get what you paid for!
  49. Susiefoo

    Crypt Tropica Vs Brown

    I have Wendtii brown and Wendtii Tropica. They are very different. The Tropica has broad, hammered leaves, like small cabbages! Leaves vary between bright bronze and dark green. Whereas the Wendtii brown has small, smooth leaves, and is a more uniform dull, muted colour. Will try to get a photo...
  50. Susiefoo

    For 25-30% Water Changes, Do I Need To Heat Up New Water Before Adding It To The Tank?

    Just use the hot water tap and mix the new water up so it feels temperature matched to the old. Add conditioner, swirl around, pour in gently. Done And yes, it's safe to use the hot water tap.

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