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  1. Jim

    What Disease Is This, Please?

    My water parameters are great in the heavily planted 75 when this little guy popped out this morning. Evidently he has been back in the weeds for awhile. I know he has tail rot but can anyone ID the white patch near his tail.
  2. Jim

    Help With Floating Plant Id Please

    Need help IDing this floating plant. A year ago it was growing like crazy in a heavily planted 40B. Now it is just surviving while all others are thriving. Any help IDing?
  3. Jim

    "Premium" Bettas at Petsmart

    Stopped in the Petsmart in Sterling, Va today and noticed that they now have a "premium" betta section. Prices for various types were $20 to $30. There was a beautiful black crown tail male for $16.99 but I just can't fit anymore betta males. Personally the colors were a bit more vivid but I...
  4. Jim

    Info On Net Breeders

    I just had an incident with a net breeder box something like this..... I had placed some Cory eggs and Pleco eggs that were discarded but fertile, into one of these breeder boxes - manufacturer unknown. When I looked after the Pleco eggs had hatched I thought some were missing. I sat down...
  5. Jim

    Petsmart Aqueon Dollar Per Gallon Sale

    Got a flyer from PETsmart (not Petco) they are having an Aqueon dollar per gallon sale until the beginning of August; only problem is that it includes only 10 gallon, 20 long and 40 breeder. The Petco,sales must be getting to them.
  6. Jim

    Aqueon 55/75 Impeller

    Does anyone know if I can substitute the impeller from an Aqueon 50 into the 55/75 to slow down the flow a bit?
  7. Jim

    PETsmart Now Has 125 and 150 Gallon Tanks

    Just for info, one of my local PETsmarts just started carrying 125 gallon ($500 on sale) and 150 gallon ($740). I am sure you already know but the 125 is about 6 feet long and the 150 is 48" X 24" X 30"
  8. Jim

    Exact Size of a 75 Gallon

    Can someone please post the exact outside footprint dimensions of a 75 gallon tank to the quarter inch. Yes, I know that the manufacturers state 48 X 18 as the footprint. I am building a stand and the exact size would help. Thanks
  9. Jim

    Anaerobic Bacteria - Sudden Fish Death---?????

    I was reading some posts on FL tonight and came across this paragraph from a FL member--- "Now we have 2 of them.........( CANNISTER FILTERS).......A lot of people say that they clean their canister every 6-8 weeks, we do it every WC. A breeder we bought our Ranchus from told us that canisters...
  10. Jim

    One Dollar Per Gallon @ Pet Supplies Plus

    I just received a circular advising that Pet Supplies Plus is having a dollar per gallon sale on Aqueon tanks from August 29 until September 10. The only sizes listed are: 10, 20H, 20L, 29 and 55. I know that Pet Supplies Plus has 5 stores in Northern Va, but I don't know about other areas.
  11. Jim

    Aquaclear Filter Foam

    Does anyone have an idea how many PPI (pores per inch- I think) Aquaclear foam has?
  12. Jim

    Bettas Dying - Any Suggestions Appreciated

    One of my 40Bs has 6 female Bettas, 14 neons, and 8 cories. Water parameters are 0-0-30. The tank is 60-70% planted with a black sand substrate. Nothing has been added or subtracted in the last 4-6 weeks. The water is changed weekly. About 2 weeks ago one of the females, 6 months old, started...
  13. Jim

    Filtering a Partitioned Betta tank

    I am thinking of partitioning a 10 gallon tank into 2 or 3 compartments for male Bettas. Has anyone come up with a filter that efficiently cleans all spaces without blowing the fish away. I was thinking of a small canister and having the spray bar empty into the 2 or 3 compartments which I hope...
  14. Jim

    Tums for the ........Snails

    I've read where folks use Tums for snail' shells due to the calcium content. I currently use egg shells but was looking in the local drug store and could only find flavored Tums (cherry, mint, etc). Are these the ones that folks use? What about all the sugar and coloring?
  15. Jim

    Where to Purchase 75 Gallon

    I'm thinking of going a wee bit bigger than my 40 gallon. The last time I asked for a price on a 15 at my local fish store (not a box store) they wanted close to $60. I am afraid to ask them the price for a 75. P or P does not carry or order anything larger than 55 gallon and I like the 18 inch...
  16. Jim

    Help, My Cory Babies Are Dying

    Subject Tank: 20 High, heavily planted with Java Fern on Mopani DW, Java Moss and Vals, black sand substrate Tank parameters: Ph=7.6,Ammonia=0, Nitrite=0, Nitrate=10 to 20, heat=75 degrees Feeding: crushed with mortar& pestle Omega One(OO) flakes, OO Veggie Rounds broken in 4 parts Tank...
  17. Jim

    Hydor canister Filters

    Does anyone have a Hydor canister filter? I have read a bit about them and they seem like a quality filter. What I like is the drawer or bin sections. Anyone have any info?
  18. Jim

    Pre-Filter Sponge Cleaning - Helpful Hint

    I have Aquaclear 70 filter sponges over the intakes on my Eheim cannisters. Naturally they hold a lot of "stuff" and when taking them off the intake a large amount of dirt falls off and swirls through the tank. I have found that putting a large micro-mesh bag over the sponge while the filter is...
  19. Jim

    Growth or Fungus on Cory??

    One of my green cories has a growth just behind the dorsal fin. Almost looks like a tiny balloon. He is as active as ever. The other 7 cories in the 40B are doing great and so are the water parameters and temperature. It is definitely not ich. Any ideas??
  20. Jim

    Eheim Customer Support Question

    I am having a problem with an Eheim 2215. IMHO, it most likely needs an impeller. The unit is only 3 months old and the warranty is for one year. I have contacted Eheim via EM 3 times and have received one vague reply stating that the problem is probably the impeller and asking for a CC of the...

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