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    Sick Betta Need Help.

    I'm so sorry to hear this, she's a lovely girl. I had a similar problem with a little girl I rescued from a pet store. She had one of the worst cases of ich I'd ever seen and I brought her home to treat her. All the ich spots went away and she was doing better for about a week, but then she...
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    Health And Fin Types

    I've had a double tail halfmoon now for about 9 months and he has had more health problems than my plakat. Because of how heavy his fins are, he's a terrible swimmer. He gets stressed easily and has to have a very low flow filter and gets frequent partial water changes. I feel like his health...
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    Internal Parasites In Betta?

    Just over a week ago, I moved with my two bettas. One of them had previously made a move that length with no noticable consequences. After this most recent move, he wouldn't eat, so I thought maybe it was just stress because he's a little older and a little grumpier than he was before. It's...
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    Weird Brown Blobs?

    She said they're bigger and harder than the pellets when they get soggy and sink to the bottom
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    Weird Brown Blobs?

    My friend sent me a picture of these brown blobs that she found at the bottom of her tank and I have no clue what they are. They were found in a cycled 5 gal tank kept at 80°F with good water parameters. She hasn't noticed any other changes in her betta's behavior or the tank itself. Anyone know...
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    How To Treat Open Wound?

    Melafix can actually do more harm than good for labarynth fish. Bettafix is a similar medication but diluted for bettas. Adding 1tsp of aquarium salt per gallon can help fight off infection. It's possible that the white stuff is caused by columnaris bacteria.
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    Betta Rescue Help

    I would recommend a bath over a dip since he's so stressed already. For a bath, have a fish safe container with 3ppm of methylene blue for 15-30 minutes. For a dip, use 50ppm of methylene blue for no more than 10 seconds. I would also suggest having a small container with tank water on the side...
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    Betta Has Growing White Spot On Head

    If it looks fuzzy, it might be columnaris. If so, you might have to resort to antibiotics to get rid of it entirely. Definitely don't just take my word for it since I'm only going off a picture and do some research before any treatment, but hopefully this will at least give you an idea of where...
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    Betta Will Not Eat Pellets

    I've had better luck with flakes than pellets. One of my bettas will eat any food I put in front of him, but the other two will only eat flakes that have been slightly crushed up.
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    Betta Has White Spots And Risen Scales!!!

    The white dots look like ich cysts to me. Slowly raising the water temperature to 86°F for several days and adding a bit of aquarium salt will kill the ich and help fight off the infection. Keep an eye out for any behavior changes or the appearance of new dots.
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    Acclimating Mailed Fish

    I recently ordered a betta online that's being shipped through the mail. I read that the tiny amount of water they get shipped in builds up high ammonia, but the CO2 in the bag helps it stay non-toxic. Do I have to do anything special when acclimating him? Will opening the bag and letting in...
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    Help! My Water Sprite Is Melting

    Whenever I'm treating something and worry about plants dying, I put them into a separate 5 gallon bucket with some clean water and stick them by the window until it's all done with.
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    Treating For Ich

    I definitely wouldn't recommend it either. Mine was an extreme case with a very weak rescued fish.
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    Treating For Ich

    A 50% water change (and vacuuming the substrate) every day or every other day until it's gone will help reduce the amount of ich in the water and will help reduce the risk of everyone in your tank being entirely covered in it. The heat method is probably your best bet, but isn't the only option...
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    Forced To Re-cyclr Tank

    Beware of medications, a lot of them kill nitrogen fixing bacteria and ruin your cycle. I try to only use them as a last resort. If you can get some filter media or substrate from an established tank that'll help cycle your tank again without having to start over completely. My small local pet...
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    Is This Bad?

    I've dealt with it in my tanks but it's never caused any problems. I'll sometimes use a little sponge to wipe it off the glass and decorations before water changes when it builds up a lot.
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    Is This Velvet?

    I just noticed this little gold patch on my betta. Is this velvet? If so, how do I treat it?
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    Is This Velvet?

    I just noticed this little gold patch on my betta. Is this velvet? If so, how do I treat it?
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    How Long To Treat For Ich?

    A week ago, I brought home a female betta that was entirely covered in white spots. I moved her from her petstore cup into in a 5 gal cycled, heated tank. I treated her with 0.05ppm malachite green and added 1 tsp of aquarium salt per gallon of water. As of two days ago, she was free of spots...

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