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  1. ssschultz

    First Time Angelfish Owner

    I had a Mollie that was a bigger jerk than my angels. I have 4 grown breeding angels in my 75 that have guppies in the tank. The angels are only aggressive to each other when they are breeding. Most of the time it's a very calm tank.
  2. ssschultz

    Resealing 30 Gallon Tank.first Time.

    The dollar per gallon is still on at petco until the 18th. Might be better for piece of mind. But I'd you are a DIYer like myself keep going.
  3. ssschultz

    Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    The one I have pictures of is the intake but both hoses have the same connection and it is similar to how they connect on the canister side.
  4. ssschultz

    Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    If I may, I have 3 sun suns and I think your "u" shaped piece is backwards. Should look like thison the inside. The screw on piece you should loosen enough to slide the tubing up over the barb of the connection then when you screw it back down it clamps down on the hose like this. Also the...
  5. ssschultz

    Diy Canister [rpb;e,.

    Maybe pump the water into the filter?
  6. ssschultz

    Help What's The Best Silicone To Use For A Tank That's Not Gonna Make Me Poor??

    There are several. I'm not a pro but if you Google around in sure you could find something. Joey, the king of diy on you tube does lots with acrylic. You could watch some of his videos.
  7. ssschultz

    Help What's The Best Silicone To Use For A Tank That's Not Gonna Make Me Poor??

    Silicone chemically bonds to the glass creating a good seal. If it is a small acrylic it may work or if it was internal sump dividers also but in a larger tank it won't hold.
  8. ssschultz

    Help What's The Best Silicone To Use For A Tank That's Not Gonna Make Me Poor??

    I don't think silicone will bond acrylic. You need acrylic cement.
  9. ssschultz

    Being Overrun With Algae

    Angels and corys in the planted, barbs and rams in the fake. Both have Nerites already but I want more. I just got rcs and only have 5. I would like a little colony before I throw them in where they might become food. Also have 6 ghost shrimp in the 29 with tetras.
  10. ssschultz

    Being Overrun With Algae

    Hey all, I am getting totally overrun by mostly brown algae. I have 4 tanks. Two 75`s and two 29`s. One 75 has all fake plants and pool filter sand as substrate, the other is moderately planted with anubias, java fern and moss, crypts and ludwigia and has black diamond blasting sand for...
  11. ssschultz

    Water Changes With Python Hose

    I also dose for full volume during refill with no issues. Also for what it is worth I used to wedge the tube in the tank as well. I had a close call where the tube almost fell out off the tank. Plus it can suction more water out of the tank if you aren't paying attention. I made an...
  12. ssschultz

    75 gallons x2

    Just an update. I keep buying plants here and there. It's almost good I think. Just waiting for things to grow taller.
  13. ssschultz

    Multiple Small Vs 1-2 Large

    Where are you at? I'll take the 90 off your hands
  14. ssschultz

    Just Picked Up A 60 Gallon

    I can sympathize. We went to look at some plants and ended up with a new 29 tank to replace our "free" 20 long. I had built the stand and mentioned to my wife that should we decide to upgrade the footprint on both is the same. Well we upgraded and bought lights decorations etc. She...
  15. ssschultz

    Fake Live Rock

    I have seen the whole decoration with fake corals and all at petsmart. You might just look for that.
  16. ssschultz

    Dot's 260g build...

    I second pristellas. I was looking at them the other day for my tank but I think I'm going to hold out and search for some lemon tetras. I needed more yellow add my tank is so dark.
  17. ssschultz

    How To Obtain An Angelfish Pair?

    Just related to colors, I have sine beautiful silvery pearscale angels that turn really dark in my tank with a black background. I'm not really wild about the koi angels but they would look much better in a black tank.
  18. ssschultz

    Filters For 29 Gallon Tank

    Mine had good filtration just really noisy.
  19. ssschultz

    Loud Rattling Filter

    Mine was so noisy as well. I stopped using it but have it as a backup. I looked up how to quiet them but apparently they are super noisy or super quiet and nothing inbetween.
  20. ssschultz

    Dot's 260g build...

    Ugh me too. I took my wife's fake plants out and did a bleach dip but my live plants I just rub them off. Dot I'm curious how your diy lights are holding up. Do they get too hot?
  21. ssschultz

    Preventing washouts when adding water to the tank

    I added this attachment to my hose. Pushes the water sideways.
  22. ssschultz

    Ideas For Linking Filtration Between 5 Gal And 40 Gal

    Having two pumps try to match each other would be asking for an overflow in my opinion. Especially if one failed.
  23. ssschultz

    I Want To See Inspiration For Lush No Co2 Injected Tanks!

    Here is mine at a month old. Still lots of growing to do. Plus the diatomes make it look awful.
  24. ssschultz

    Ideas For Linking Filtration Between 5 Gal And 40 Gal

    Maybe a water bridge of some sort. Intake on one tank and output on the other. Not sure how well that would work with different size tanks though.
  25. ssschultz

    Those Who Have The 75gal Tank...

    I just built a taller stand. I got both my 75s at a $/gal sale. I would like bigger ones sure but these are great in the meantime.
  26. ssschultz

    55g Tank Stand Help

    Build it!
  27. ssschultz

    Thoughts On My Hardscape For 15 Gallon Long

    I got my vals from trins fish. I'm just waiting for them to get big now. I found some already large amazon swords at petco on sale. I like them.
  28. ssschultz

    75 gallons x2

    I do like the lemon tetras. I think that would be a nice color. I'm have to look more into those. I was also thinking about cherry barbs. All the plants mentioned look to be moderate light and I'm pretty sure I am really low light, like even my java moss isn't really growing. I have a red...
  29. ssschultz

    Sand Or Gravel

    I bought black Diamond blasting sand from a tractor supply store for mine and pool filter sand from a local hardware store for my wife's. 50lbs for $8. Just put half the bag in a 5 gal bucket and put the hose in and stir it around and let the water overflow until it becomes clear. Repeat...
  30. ssschultz

    75 gallons x2

    I know this is verging on being a zombie thread but just some updates and new questions. I added a couple of Amazon swords to the background. My 6 angel experiment didn't work so I moved the two bullies around and now only have 4 angels, 8 c aneus cats, and an electric blue ram that couldn't...
  31. ssschultz

    Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    The lady I bought my pearlscales from had a tank full of males. They were huge. I asked about aggression and that is what she told me also. It has worked for her.
  32. ssschultz

    Angle fish

    I have 6 juvies in my 75. You should be fine with 2. But there are some angels that just won't get along as bizaliz will tell you. Just be ready with a backup plan if there it's some aggression.
  33. ssschultz


    Cool. Thanks
  34. ssschultz


    Hey everyone, I have this recently new planted, 75gal tank that I would like to jump start the growth. It looks a bit space still. image My wife purchased some osmocote for her plants and I have seen puerile put that in their tanks. What are the pros and cons? Anything I should be aware...
  35. ssschultz

    New corner build and stand

    Black Diamond blasting sand! I couldn't be happier with it!
  36. ssschultz

    Dot's 260g build...

    I wish I could help. I had wondered if they would get warm. Lots of the diy led lights had warnings about how hot they could get. To me out makes sense to put them on the top. Heat rises and 6' is a long way for those little fans I would think. But I do wood work not electric so I wouldn't...
  37. ssschultz

    Brand new to the hobby.

    I found pool sand at the local hardware store. If you have a tractor supply store, medium grit black Diamond blasting sand is similar grain size and looks awesome in my opinion. Both were like $8 let bag. Very cheap.
  38. ssschultz

    My 2016 Black Friday 60 Gallon Build (work In Progress)

    Your ammonia looks to be reading quite high. I would do a 50% water change at least. Do you have prime to treat the water also?
  39. ssschultz

    Seeking Advice - 20G Long

    Look for some low light plants. Anubias and Java ferns
  40. ssschultz

    75 gallons x2

    No it is a delta.
  41. ssschultz

    75 gallons x2

    This has been working well for me. The water actually comes out from the button used to change the way the water comes out of the faucet but it's not bad.
  42. ssschultz

    125G Freshwater Build, Advice Wanted

    I am happy with my trinsfish purchase. The plants I got are much better than those I received from the pet store.
  43. ssschultz

    75 gallons x2

    After doing several weeks of water changes with my tiny Aqueon water changer kit I decided that I didn't want to put my whole arm in the tank to reach the bottom. Also the gravel vac would float to the top during refills. It wouldn't be so bad except the faucet I use to refill had one of the...
  44. ssschultz

    125G Freshwater Build, Advice Wanted

    I would look at trins fish. Much better prices than petsmart or petco
  45. ssschultz

    75 gallons x2

    So many updates, so little time. My lights came in as well as the other filter. That was before thanksgiving. We went and got some pool filter sand and pink gravel as that is what the boss wanted. I went and got black Diamond blasting sand. I unknowingly got the fine grade and it all...
  46. ssschultz

    My 2016 Black Friday 60 Gallon Build (work In Progress)

    I'm 90% certain those can't all go together. TexasDomer is really good at stocking.
  47. ssschultz

    Changing from gravel to sand

    If you take your gravel vac off the hose the hose will have enough suction to get the gravel out. You might be able to do that and put your rinsed sand in without moving your fish. I just put the sand in mine yesterday while still full.
  48. ssschultz

    Opinions wanted please

    Thanks. I got most of it from trinsfish. The anubias I got from PetSmart. They were free pretty much because I bought my tanks there and got the points.
  49. ssschultz

    Opinions wanted please

    Oh man after 4 hours of rinsing? Did you get the fine grade? I made that mistake but never actually put it in my tank. I just went back for medium grit. Much easier to rinse clean. image This was about 10 min after I put the sand and plants in. I think the Java moss made more of a mess...
  50. ssschultz

    Doing a 125G Build

    I agree with outside as well. I just kept filling the bucket, agitating the sand then pour out the cloudy water. I think it took me five or six rounds plus some of the overflow during the rinses. I did half of the bag at a time.

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