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  1. Nags1965

    Has anyone gotten a Nintendo 3DS?

    Hmmm, I have been wondering about this new toy. I just bought (at christmas) the DSxl and now this new one comes out. I may wait to see if the cost goes down before i buy one.
  2. Nags1965


    We got about 12 inches of snow here in Jonesboro arkansas. Very pretty.. but now its time to GO LOL..
  3. Nags1965


    wahhh wahhh.. I want one. I asked for an e reader for christmas but i couldnt decide on which one to get.. so i decided to wait a while. My decision is between the kindle and the nook from barns and knoble. I am torn on which one to go with. I will make my decision by summer which is when I...
  4. Nags1965

    Need advise... My hubby hit his head...

    If he refuses to go to the ER then maybe you can get him to see a family dr Monday. Would be less expensive but would give you peace of mind that all is ok.
  5. Nags1965


    My son has a Mac book that needs to be worked on now.. His is less then a year old and the fan is going out. We will send it back and get it repaired hopefully it wont cost us anything. He loves the Mac Book.. I, how ever, am disappointed. We spent like 1300 on the thing and i believe it...
  6. Nags1965

    Farmville anyone?

    Hey thanks Gremlin. Ill check it out!
  7. Nags1965

    Farmville anyone?

    Ok now im feeling like an idiot. Where in the world do yall find all this stuff on facebook? I always see people posting the stuff they buy or get as gifts with farmville.. there is some mafia or something that comes across with some of my FB friends.. and some farkle stuff.. but ive never...
  8. Nags1965

    Farmville anyone?

    Is fish world on facebook?
  9. Nags1965

    Farmville anyone?

    I am on facebook but have not done the farmville thing. A lot of my FB friends are into it.
  10. Nags1965

    did you get some exciting stuff from santa?

    55 inch samsung lcd tv. when hooked up to the hdtv box its an amazing picture. the last season of weeds.. I think its either 4 or 5.. a wireless mouse and keyboard for my imac computer.. and some goodies for the kitchen. I did not get my ereader.. I changed my mind and decided to go with the...
  11. Nags1965

    What are you buying yourself for Christmas? lol

    My gift to myself is an e reader.. and my gift from hubby is lots of prepaid cards so i can buy e books to load onto it
  12. Nags1965

    Look at this new fiish!!!!!

    LOL oh geez
  13. Nags1965

    Blizzard in our town

    I HATE the cold. Spring is trying to win the fight. Our weather is like a roller coaster right now.. Im a summer warm/hot/dry weather lover!!
  14. Nags1965

    goodbye fishlore

    Good Luck!!
  15. Nags1965

    Forced out of the Hobby.

    Good Luck and Stay Safe!!
  16. Nags1965

    Pregnant, but worried.

  17. Nags1965

    New Year Resolutions?

  18. Nags1965

    Ok, what did you all get for your kiddos for xmas??

    you should post a video to youtube so we can see and hear you play. My son has one of those and he is actually pretty darn good on it.
  19. Nags1965

    Ok, what did you all get for your kiddos for xmas??

    That sounds like a great christmas day.
  20. Nags1965

    Ok, what did you all get for your kiddos for xmas??

    Merry Christmas everyone!! My 20 year old son is an only child and pretty spoiled rotten. He got a samsung 40 inch LCD tv and some PS3 games and bluray movies. Hes a good kid so we dont ever regret going over board at christmas time.
  21. Nags1965

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Domestic goddess
  22. Nags1965

    Ice anyone?

    We got lucky and missed the ice. I now live about 10 miles from memphis on the AR side and we must have just missed it by 25 miles or so.
  23. Nags1965

    PFP signing out...

    Have fun..
  24. Nags1965

    A plea from your furred pets

    Thanks She is a doll baby.. The first of her kind ive owned. She is everything my other dogs are not.. stubborn.. ornery... wild as a buck but she has stolen all our hearts LOL.
  25. Nags1965

    A plea from your furred pets

    I have this pic i took with my cell phone of her in her cone.. this was taken on saturday. I tryed to resize it so im not sure how its gonna come out here on the board. cross yer fingers it works LOL.
  26. Nags1965

    A plea from your furred pets

    Yes she is on an antibiotic twice a day and she is also on a anti inflamatory <sp?> once a day all givin by the vet for animals.. I also have a cream im putting on her tummy twice a day that has a little numbing aide in it that he suggested i use on her.. She is eating and drinking just fine...
  27. Nags1965

    A plea from your furred pets

    oops sorry for the thread drift.. Getting back on topic. My babies are all inside dogs (I now have 4) and i think i would sleep outside before I made them sleep out in the cold... They are with out a doubt my babies..
  28. Nags1965

    A plea from your furred pets

    Thanks I have had many pets fixed in my lifetime and never had problems. I made some critical mistakes this go around. First off weve moved this summer and this vet is new to me.. He seems very nice and seems good at what he does but I failed to ask some important questions.. I guess I fell...
  29. Nags1965

    A plea from your furred pets

    I just had my lil cheche fixed and i have to admit im regretting it right now. She isnt doing well. I know the vets now a days advise having them fixed at 4 months but im not so sure that is always the best age.. Ive never had a female dog not recover well after being fixed.. I am all for...
  30. Nags1965

    My sons big night...

    Awwwww... how cute.
  31. Nags1965

    Have you had a bad day

    I hate to be a real downer but things dont get much better as you move on up to college.
  32. Nags1965

    World Series

    I have not watched baseball in years. It has always been rather boring to watch unless it was my sons Tball team. I am more of a SEC football fan
  33. Nags1965


    I never give money over the phone either. If you cant put a stamp on it and send it to me via snail mail so i can check you out, you dont getmy money. My husband gives so much a month out of his paycheck.. so i feel we do our part that way.. I also give to local places that take time to come...
  34. Nags1965

    New Anemone

    Pretty.. Cant wait to see a pic of the whole tank
  35. Nags1965

    Bad Mexican food, and all of us at work ate it! lol

    Please tell me it wasnt Pancho's you got bad food at..
  36. Nags1965

    True Confessions....

    Forgive me fishlore for I have sinned! Hmmmm ive had a few sins lately when it comes to the fish tank. We just went though a major move and when we set up the fish tank at the new place we didnt let it cycle the proper way.. we used the prime to hurry it up as we had the fish in a make shift...
  37. Nags1965

    anyone follow the markets?

    funny how things can turn around just like THAT! Is it a correction or just a tease LOL.. I guess time will tell. We are spending so much in gas its not even funny. I sure hope we get some help at the pump soon.. pity when the biggest decision of the day is food or gas..
  38. Nags1965

    Ive fallen over to the dark side

    I hope she is healthy. She sure looks healthy. Her coat is shiny her eyes are b right and shinny she seems very solid built. I will say she is full blood as i saw both her parents and there is no doubt she is full blood but she is not papered. I see now my tzu was *** out LOL.. how funny
  39. Nags1965

    Ive fallen over to the dark side

    I have 2 (old) bostons and a very spoiled rotten **** tzu. I am a little worried this new baby was taken from her momma early. she is 8 weeks but pretty small. She has eaten some canned food with ease and has had some water so she does know to eat and drink on her own. She just seems awful...
  40. Nags1965

    Ive fallen over to the dark side

    No pictures yet. Ill work on that. She is scared to death as she is over whelmed by my other 3 (*ahem* yes i now have 4 house dogs) dogs. So I think in a couple of days she should be "show" ready. She is cute as a button and im sure will join my other 3 dogs in spoiled rotten land real soon...
  41. Nags1965

    Ive fallen over to the dark side

    I just bought a 8 week old chichi puppy She is black and tan and so tiny im afraid ill break her.. Now its time to think of a name.. any good ideas?
  42. Nags1965

    anyone follow the markets?

    Today is NOT a good day
  43. Nags1965

    Two Male Bettas Together!!!

    Has anyone seen bettas fight? do they nip to death or what? They dont have teeth do they? Ive never even seen 2 male betas together.. just always one in the to small cups
  44. Nags1965

    Two Male Bettas Together!!!

    My speakers are no good on my laptop so i didnt have sound but just by the watching video im guessing someone was looking for a betta fight.
  45. Nags1965

    Why does my dog's poop have yellow spots?

    ACK... sorry I didnt see a 2nd page to this thread.. the stool sample was talked about already.. my bad..
  46. Nags1965

    Why does my dog's poop have yellow spots?

    I know this is gonna be gross... but when i have issues with my dogs my vet asks me to get a sample and bring it in. Have you thought about taking a sample of whats in his stool to the vet so he/she can see exactly what it is and color..
  47. Nags1965

    What type of music do you listen to?

    I listen to a wide range of music. I enjoy the 70s and 80s as much as I enjoy the music today. Im a pretty big fan of rap but lately ive been into Seether and AlterBridge.. I like the ICP.. but I also enjoy a good garth brooks tune..
  48. Nags1965

    Motorola Krzr

    oops my bad.. i read the post again and realize you said "krzr" my sisters girls had the razr or what ever it is. needless to say both the phones were ****..
  49. Nags1965

    Motorola Krzr

    My sisters girls have had nothing but problems with those phones..
  50. Nags1965


    LOL now thats funny

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