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  1. JeffK

    55 Gallons Too Small?

    Welcome to Fishlore Sounds like you've done your homework! You're right on with the silver dollars - I wouldn't keep them in anything less than a 5 ft tank (in a proper size group).
  2. JeffK

    Betta That Won't Flare?

    Sounds like he's more on the mellow side. Some will attack anything, some just like to hang out...
  3. JeffK

    Medium Schooling Fish For 40g?

    I've kept praecox rainbows before - they get up to 3 inches. Stock at least 6, but more is better. I kept 8 in my 33 gal long tank - try to keep more females than males. Beautiful fish!
  4. JeffK

    Isn't It Adorable?!(albino Corydora Digging)

    Great video - I love cories!
  5. JeffK

    Bizaliz3's tanks and fish :-)

    I wasn't aware of that color variant - very nice - best of luck with them!
  6. JeffK

    What Kind Of Fish Would Work With My Stock?

    I agree Bolivian Rams would be interactive, but I don't think they're all that "flashy." I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder though!
  7. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    I've kept furcatas in the past - beautiful fish and pigs at mealtime (when I saw pseudo I thought of them). I agree - threadfins shouldn't be a problem. If the pseudo species you're considering are pretty laid back, you should be ok.
  8. JeffK

    Oddball Fish

    How about a bunch of peacock gudgeons? (Or a purple spotted gudgeon?)
  9. JeffK

    My Second Tank Addition!

    Wow! I think you're lucky to have found these - very nice!
  10. JeffK

    What Kind Of Fish Would Work With My Stock?

    As far as I know, it's just the DG that is affected by this virus. If you were open to another type of gourami, I would have suggested a thicklipped gourami...
  11. JeffK

    What Kind Of Fish Would Work With My Stock?

    Just looking at your current stock, your harlequins are the only fish swimming in the upper levels of the tank. I'd add a couple more of them, as I think they look awesome once they've settled in (I loved mine when I kept them). How about a male apistogramma cacatuoides for your interactive fish?
  12. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    Just wondering if the rainbows would outcompete the apistos for food?
  13. JeffK

    What Kind Of Fish Would Work With My Stock?

    What size tank? Edit: @Abby974 beat me to it
  14. JeffK

    Just One Photo

    Very nice, clear, up close shot!
  15. JeffK

    Are Key Hole Cichlids Peacefull

    Keyholes have the reputation of being one of the most peaceful cichlids. Of course, there are always the occasional exceptions to the rule...
  16. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    Planetcatfish (the best catfish resource) has Brochis splendens at up to 82.4F (they're usually easy to find). They list corydoras aeneus at up to 80.6°F (I actually thought they'd be a little higher)
  17. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    Most of the common cories are fine in a wide range of pH values, but... wow... that's really acidic!
  18. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    If you like kuhlis and had success with them in the past, then go for it! As far as warm-water cories, sterbai come to mind, and aeneus (bronze / albino) would probably work too (and I'm sure there are many others)
  19. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    Just food for thought... I stocked kuhli loaches in my 20 gal long tank, mainly to get some experience with them and try them out as many people seem to enjoy them. If I could do it over again, I'd stick with cories, as I hardly ever see my kuhlis. I have loads of hiding places for them, and...
  20. JeffK

    29gallon Tank Stocking

    Gender doesn't matter with honey gouramis - buy the healthiest-looking fish they have. Fry in a community tank "may" happen from time to time, but somewhat unlikely.
  21. JeffK

    29gallon Tank Stocking

    Panda cories stay a little smaller than bronze - you could stock 6-8x of them with your 2 remaining bronze. Bolivian Rams will stay near the lower levels of your tank, while the honey gouramis will swim all over, but mostly mid to upper levels.
  22. JeffK

    29gallon Tank Stocking

    You do not, see my post above. Also, honey gouramis like temps between 72 and 80 (again, mid-70's are fine for all the fish you're considering - I'd keep them at 76F. Adding 2-3x honey gourami would be fine.
  23. JeffK

    29gallon Tank Stocking

    Bristlenose plecos prefer cooler water temperatures - Planetcatfish (probably the best source for catfish care) lists 73-80F and Seriously Fish (probably the next best source) lists 70-79F so mid-70s are perfect for BN - I keep mine at 76, along with my bronze cories, some of which are now 5...
  24. JeffK

    Stocking Ideas For A 55 Gallon Aquarium?

    I love the colors of a group of 6-8x Boesemani Rainbows in a 55 gal (along with 8-12x corydoras aeneus) for the bottom.
  25. JeffK

    Stocking For 40 Gallon South American Community Tank

    I've never kept fire mouths, but regarding S.A. peaceful fish, you could certainly stock any of the dwarf cichlids (German Blue Rams, Bolivian Rams, apistogramma, laetacara, nannacara), or keyhole cichlids.
  26. JeffK

    Newbie Stocking Concerns

    You may get some grief here regarding whether a 10 gal is too small for pygmy cories - it's been debated here for years - I'll just answer your question. If you go with the pygmy cories, they are happier in larger numbers. I think you could stock 6x of the pygmy cories and 6x of the galaxy...
  27. JeffK

    Dioaquatics 75g Community Tank

    Sorry to hear Hopefully they'll figure it out next time!
  28. JeffK

    2nd Trip To The Lfs!!

    Is that a black background on your tank? It really enhances their colors!
  29. JeffK

    Ideas For A Cave For 7 Inch Cichlid

    I was going to suggest the same thing - they come in a variety of sizes (I get mine at Walmart).
  30. JeffK

    Apisto Borellii Wigglers

    Agreed - they will "learn" to be better parents. At least you know they're now a mated pair!
  31. JeffK

    Journey To A 20 Gallon Build

    Just be careful with starter kit filters - they often over-estimate the tank size they can filter sufficiently. For a 20 gal tank, you want a filter that filters 160 to 200 gallons per hour (8 to 10 times the tank volume). I'd say 150 gph would be the bare minimum as a 20 gal tank doesn't...
  32. JeffK

    Starting A Central/south American 75g

    My favorite CA Cichlid is the sajica (t-bar) cichlid. Another nice fish for that sized tank is a rotkeil severum.
  33. JeffK

    Dioaquatics 75g Community Tank

    @chromedome52 , @MikeRad89, @ktorg @NavigatorBlack
  34. JeffK

    Missing Fish ;-;

    Wow! That thread was years ago! I figured it was worth a shot, though, just in case...
  35. JeffK

    Missing Fish ;-;

    If you have a HOB filter, check inside - I found a missing guppy in mine once!
  36. JeffK

    So How Many Rams Could Feasibly Live In A 30 Gallon Tank?

    I'd stick with just a pair in a 30 gal tank, but peppered cories are not temperature compatible with ramirezi - Bolivian Rams could work though - they prefer cooler temps and also like more company of their own kind - you could probably stock 4 of them in a 30 gal tank - 2 pair, 1 male with 3...
  37. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    Sounds familiar - I bought a GBR from Petco years ago - it was beautiful - and died just like that. I can keep bronze / albino cories from Petco alive - that's about it. Okay, and nerite snails and amano shrimp. I order everything else these days.
  38. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    There are soooooo many different species of apisto, that I think they run the entire care-level spectrum.
  39. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    Check out the various apistos here and see what you like! Apistogramma and Dwarf Cichlids - Keeping, Breeding & Buying
  40. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    If you havre soft water and a pH around 7.1, I wouldn't bother messing with it - you could probably keep any of the normally - available apistos. I'm jealous - my pH is 8.1 with hard water! I can do cacatuoides and borellii, but any others may not do as well...
  41. JeffK

    Last Questions Before Ordering My Corys!

    I've bought a lot of fish from Imperial Tropicals and have always been very happy with them. Your tank looks great, and your (soon to be) new cories will love it! I'd stay away from a pleco in a 29 gal tank - just too much bioload for a (relatively) small tank. Nerite snails would be fine...
  42. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    You could certainly do a male / female / female apisto trio in your 55 gal. In a 29 gal, might be better off with a pair. I've kept apistos with kuhlis - they never paid them any attention - cherry barbs would also be fine with them. What's your water like? pH? Hard / soft?
  43. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    I've kept Apistogramma Borellii of and on for several years now - love them! I currently have a laetacara dorsigera. I've considered a rainbow cichlid in the past, but haven't kept any yet. My last sizeable fish was a t-bar cichlid - he was quite a presence in the tank!
  44. JeffK

    Ram Cichlids Compatible?

    Bolivian Rams would be ok as they prefer cooler temps like your neon tetras. German Blue Rams would not work as they like temps in the low 80's - way too hot for neon tetras who prefer low to mid 70's.
  45. JeffK

    Colorful, Schooling Fish Wanted!

    Don't know if you can find them, but I always loved my Pseudomugil furcatus
  46. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    I'm seriously considering 2x Keyholes for my 33 gal long tank (same footprint as a standard 55 gal, just not as tall).
  47. JeffK

    55 Gallon Tank Build Ideas

    How about a group of keyhole cichlids? They are very peaceful, and underrated IMO. You could stock 4-5 in a 55 gallon - they won't bother your plants.
  48. JeffK

    Apistogramma Sexing

    I'm terrible at aquascaping, but here's a link to the thread I started when I was prepping my tank for apistos to maybe give you some ideas: Apisto Keepers - Looking For Tank Setup Help
  49. JeffK

    Apistogramma Sexing

    What size tank is this?
  50. JeffK

    29 Gal. Start Over

    Have you seen female dwarf gouramis at your LFS? (Usually they're very bland color-wise). I used to keep a sunset thicklipped gourami in my 29 gal and he was awesome (and decent-sized!) I'd still add 2x cories. The more you have, the happier (and active) they are. You could certainly keep a...

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