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  1. Antoniothe3rd

    Question New to Tetras. Eating habits?

    Hello. I recently picked up a small school of 5 neons from LFS. I did a bit of research before, but really I have no experience with tetras or schooling fish of any kind (except a community tank when I was 5, but my parents took care of those so it doesn't count, lol). Pretty much all of my...
  2. Antoniothe3rd

    New fish! And a question about air quality.

    Hello all! I'm new to this site and recently bought a new Betta. I used to keep them a few years back but had to stop for a while. Therefore I'm a little rusty with the hobby. The last time I had a fish was in junior high or high school. Now I'm in college and decided to liven up the apartment...

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