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    Sick Pleco?

    Hi all, We noticed this today, and have had him for over 2 years. I don't recall seeing him look this way before. I think he's just too large now for the 29 gallon tank in that he started from as a baby from the pet store. Roger shares the 29 gallon tank with 12 Red eye Tetras, 6 Lemon...
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    Gourami: Male Or Female

    Hi all, I feel silly asking this with all the information on here but I'm at an impasse. We have the two gourami's below, and thought we bought males. I'm not so sure now after observing what appeared to be breeding/courting behavior yesterday. Can anyone tell by these pics which is which.
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    Learning About Tetras And Sharing My Knowledge

    Hi all, when Jason and I first set up our aquarium, you all were a huge help. Thank you! Long story short, the overall consensus was the largest school most appropriate for our tank was Red Eyed Tetras, RET's. A couple of times a lemon tetra would get thrown in by accident when we'd go to the...
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    Red Eye Tetra Schooling Behavior

    Hi all, we have 14 RET's in a 29 gallon tank (well, actually 13 as we just learned that one of them, a Lemon Tetra, was mistakenly put into the mix when we bought them). We first had 7, then added 7 more a week or so ago. There are about 4 who hang out alone, by itself, and/or hide and will...
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    Red Eye Tetra...different Than The Others

    I think this one is a RET, but it looks so different than all the others without the black stripe on the tail fin, and instead a black stripe down the bottom fin with a bit of yellow. Thank you!
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    Red Eye Tetra's Losing Black Stripes

    We have 7 RET's and I've noticed over the past few weeks their black stripe on their tail fin is fading. Only one hasn't. Their eyes don't seem as red either. The water has been tested, and is healthy. They are relatively new but seem to have adjusted to their new environment and seem healthy...
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    My Tank Feels Like A Ghost Town

    I recently learned that in our 29 gallon tank with 7 Red-eye Tetra's, a pleco, and a kuhli loach that we're already behind about 6 or 7 more kuhli loaches. So...we're going to get more khuli loaches and the one will have companions,. We're deciding on what tank mates to get that will work well...
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    Do You Know What Kind Of Pleco This Is?

    It's in a 29 gallon tank and seems to be doing well. Thank you!
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    Red-eye Tetra Mates For 29g Tank

    Hi fish peeps, Thank you for reading our post, and we'd LOVE any suggestions you may have! We have a 29 gallon tank with 7 RET's, a pleco, and a kuhli loach. What would be appropriate tank mates considering the size of the tank and the current community? Rocky and Jason

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