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  1. Rowan

    Question Vetting Prior To Rehoming?

    This is a tough situation, and the easy availability of buying these fish from a store makes it even harder. For me, it comes down to this: I can't prevent someone from buying animals that they can't or won't care for properly. However, I can protect the individual animals that I have taken into...
  2. Rowan

    Free Lonely Neon Tetra In Los Angeles

    Despite being alone, this neon seems very healthy and not at all stressed. Beautiful bright colors (looks even better in person), no hiding or glass surfing. Making me wish I had room to get more!
  3. Rowan

    Help Need Some Pleco Help!

    I'm grasping at straws here, but do you routinely use any kind of lotion on your hands, or could there possibly be a bit of soap residue or something? Not that the fry touching your hand would have killed it immediately like that, but this detail is what reminded me of the possibility of...
  4. Rowan

    Help Need Some Pleco Help!

    Have you had successful spawns from this pair in the past? And by that I mean have you raised any of their fry to adulthood? Just wondering if there could be a genetic defect that isn't obvious. Poor babies.
  5. Rowan

    How Do I Make Christmas Moss Grow Faster

    I had some christmas moss that wasn't thriving and I finally realized that it was getting choked out by algae. (Very fine and hard to see mixed in with the strands of moss.) I started spot-treating with hydrogen peroxide almost every day and it's doing much better now. I'm guessing you're NOT...
  6. Rowan

    Question Relentlessly Rising Ph, Triple 0 Parameters, Mysterious Drunken Shrimp Death! Please Help!!

    Wow, that's pretty weird. My very rough understanding of pH and hardness is that very hard water tends to have more stable pH because any acid introduced gets neutralized by the buffering capacity of the water... until the buffering capacity is used up, and then the pH may change drastically...
  7. Rowan

    2 Gallon Tank Best Fish For A Small Tank?

    I think most people here will tell you that's too small for any fish. Will it be filtered? Heated? Planted?
  8. Rowan

    Nothing For Betta To Forage For

    Blackworms are pretty small... roughly the size of bloodworms, but longer and skinnier. I found a site that says they can get up to 10cm long, but I don't think I've ever seen one that big. My betta eats them whole with no trouble. They are true aquatic worms, so they can live in the gravel...
  9. Rowan

    Nothing For Betta To Forage For

    Maybe blackworms? If you can find them at your LFS, they're cheap. You'd have to somehow keep your betta away when you put the blackworms in the tank, so they have a chance to burrow into the gravel. After that, they usually just poke one end out of the gravel, and very quickly retract back into...
  10. Rowan

    Free Lonely Neon Tetra In Los Angeles

    I have one lonely neon tetra that came with a craigslist tank. I've had it a little over two weeks and it appears healthy to me. I don't have room in any of my tanks to add a school of neons, so I'm hoping someone in the LA area who already has a school can adopt this little guy. I'm near...
  11. Rowan

    Help Identifying This Snail

    I love having bladder snails in my tanks. They're super cute, hardy, and helpful. The population grows to match the available leftover food/algae in the tank and then stabilizes. They are prolific, but I've never had to do anything to control the population, even with no predators in the tank.
  12. Rowan

    Need Help Guppy Tank

    Females are usually larger and less colorful. They may also have a dark spot (sometimes called "gravid spot" or "pregnancy spot") at the tail-end of their abdomen. The most definitive difference, though, is the shape of the analfin. Females have broad, fan-shaped analfins. Males have skinny...
  13. Rowan

    Need Help Guppy Tank

    Photos of the affected fish would really help. If it is indeed a female, it would be best to separate her from the others---in another tank, or using a tank divider. It's generally recommended to have at least 2 females per male (in a mixed-sex group) so that the females don't get harassed to...
  14. Rowan

    Betta Fish Tetra Hovering Near Filter

    Good! Best wishes for her continued recovery.
  15. Rowan

    Betta Fish Tetra Hovering Near Filter

    Very strange... Is it possible she's getting picked on by the other two tetras?
  16. Rowan

    Betta Fish Tetra Hovering Near Filter

    Could you please copy and fill out this template? It will really help to figure out what's going on. Sticky: Fish Emergency Template Welcome to Fishlore!
  17. Rowan

    Strange Package Of Tetra Aquasafe

    This reminds me of an episode of This American Life, in which someone received a can of black olives from someone they didn't know. In case anyone's interested, you can listen to the episode or read the transcript.
  18. Rowan

    Help Apistogramma Clamped Fins, Hiding

    Prime (and most other water conditioners) will break down chloramine. Personally, I would do water changes to clear out the meds. Many meds are stressful for the fish, which is why most people don't use them as preventative measures but only when necessary. I prefer to quarantine new fish so...
  19. Rowan

    Help I'm So Confused!

    Oh absolutely. When I said "based on what I've read", I didn't just mean those particular statements from Seachem. I meant those, plus other official statements, and (more importantly) detailed reports from other users and my own personal experiences with the product. As with pretty much...
  20. Rowan

    Fish Trying To Get Air - What’s Happening?

    I'm confused... Did you clean the filter before or after the behavior change? Or both? Clear water is not the same as clean water. It's counter-intuitive, but sometimes a "dirty" tank is actually healthier than a "clean" one. Water parameter tests are the only way to know for sure. Visual...
  21. Rowan

    Help I'm So Confused!

    @david1978 - Thanks for the links. Very informative! @DoubleDutch - I always appreciate another perspective. Thank you. Based on what I've read and my own good experiences with Seachem Stability, I believe that it does contain aquatic bacteria and it does seed/boost the filter, so I'll...
  22. Rowan

    Help I'm So Confused!

    Really? That's at odds with what Seachem says about Stability, and they're a pretty reputable company... Seachem - Stability @DoubleDutch - Do you have sources or personal experience to suggest that the above statements aren't true? @ItsLadyJadey - Sorry for the tangent! I think this is...
  23. Rowan

    Help I'm So Confused!

    This is a baffling situation. Just gonna throw out some questions in case something useful turns up... Are your fish showing any signs of stress? Are you using Prime? It can detoxify about 1ppm ammonia for 24 hours, so it can really help the fish in situations like this. Did you treat this tank...
  24. Rowan

    How Do I Add Sand?

    Lots of good advice above. One thing to note is that smaller particles will almost always settle to the bottom eventually, so if you want the sand to stay up top, you may need to scoop the gravel out of one section of the tank and make a sort of sandbox for them. Kudos for taking good care of...
  25. Rowan

    Why Is One Fry Two Times Bigger

    Hahaha... yep it's golden, and definitely more than twice the size of the others!
  26. Rowan

    Heater In Plastic Tub

    I've used heaters in plastic tubs with no problems. I do always use the suction cups that come with the heaters, so they aren't directly touching the plastic.
  27. Rowan

    Help Can't Get Betta Unbloated

    Excellent! I gather this is pretty common with bettas. What I've read is to just check the tank for anything sharp or scratchy, and keep the water really clean. Unless you see evidence of infection, it usually doesn't require any treatment except clean water and time.
  28. Rowan

    Possible Art Project Build

    So theoretically you could use single panes of stained glass for the sides or something? As long as it was just siliconed at the edges, as per usual, with no solder involved?
  29. Rowan

    Babies Everywhere.

    That's a tough situation. If you do end up euthanizing some, please do it humanely with clove oil and then dispose of them properly. Flushing is actually illegal in some places because it can introduce invasive bacteria and parasites into the local water system.
  30. Rowan

    Fry Jorunal

    FYI, female livebeares can store sperm from one encounter with a male and go on to have several batches of fry over the course of 6 months or more. What is your genetics project?
  31. Rowan

    Possible Art Project Build

    What a cool idea! Out of curiosity, why not? Is the glass itself toxic, or just the solder, or is there some other reason? For stocking, a betta or a few male guppies or endlers would be some simple, hardy, and not shy options. If you're looking for inspiration, this is definitely the...
  32. Rowan

    Bad Tap Water, Snail Shells, Medication Woes...

    1) I'd say yes, get Prime asap and hold off further water changes until then. Hopefully your tank has at least some beneficial bacteria, which are busy processing the ammonia and getting the level down a bit in the mean time. Be aware that Prime converts about 1ppm ammonia to a less toxic form...
  33. Rowan

    Weird Behavior With Tank Mates

    I'm not sure you should be posting pictures of inter-species lovefests. There could be children on this site!
  34. Rowan

    Temperature Ranges For Fish

    Slight disagreement on this. I'd say you need to find the overlap, not the average. For example: fish A needs 72-78*F fish B needs 75-80*F 75-78*F is your acceptable overlap for those fish fish C needs 68-75*F fish D needs 77-82*F there is no overlap and those fish should not be kept together
  35. Rowan

    Will My Guppies Breed?

    I agree with the above. If you don't want fry, get all males. You might see some posturing, but I doubt you'd see any real aggression. As a bonus, the males are the prettiest. Definitely don't try the opposite strategy---all females---if you don't want fry. If an adult female livebearer has had...
  36. Rowan

    Help Dwarf Gourami Will Not Stop Glass Surfing

    Yes, otos are social fish and really need to be kept in groups. I believe Rachel O'Leary (msjinkzd) recommends a minimum of 10. I've read that they live in shoals of thousands in the wild. They're also notoriously fragile, reportedly due to the way they're captured and then starved during...
  37. Rowan

    Lethargic, Skinny Betta

    Have you always kept the tank at 75°F? Seems maybe a little cool for a betta, but if that's what he's always had then I guess it's probably not the issue. Maybe he's just old? Bettas typically live 3-5 years in captivity. If you know he's at least 2, then it's not much of a stretch to think he...
  38. Rowan

    Annoying Amazon Links

    Making the automatic Amazon links a different color might help. (I nominate orange.)
  39. Rowan

    Help Can't Get Betta Unbloated

    If you don't have live daphnia handy, I've read that brine shrimp can also work and that freeze-dried is fine as long as you rehydrate it first by soaking in some tank water. I can't really comment on whether or not the betta looks bloated. I don't see it, but I'm a complete noob when it comes...
  40. Rowan

    Cycling Question

    Prime will convert ammonia and nitrite to a less toxic form for 24 hours, but the ammonia and nitrite are still there and will still register on most tests. (At least, that's my understanding). The only sure way to keep the water safe for fish during cycling is lots of water changes (assuming...
  41. Rowan

    Important Help With Turtle Long Term Home

    Yellow-bellied sliders and peninsula cooters are not in the same genus, but some quick Googling did turn up a few anecdotal reports of slider/cooter crosses, so... maybe? This site has some good info about housing turtles together, and preventing and recognizing aggression: Housing More than...
  42. Rowan

    Cory Eggs Viable Vs Duds?

    Wow, I just checked out that thread (and the linked article) and it sounds like there actually may be a tiny chance of a cory reproducing asexually. Fascinating! Cory Female Eggs+no Male= Lots Of Fry Polyploidy in fishes: patterns and processes
  43. Rowan

    Cory Eggs Viable Vs Duds?

    The most common recommendation I see is 6 or more. What size is your tank and what are the other inhabitants?
  44. Rowan

    Cycling Turtle Tank!!!!

    The best thing, would be a fishless (and turtleless) cycle using ammonia (pure ammonium chloride solution---not the stuff for cleaning!). That way you can get the tank and filter fully established with no discomfort to any living creatures. If you're not willing to do that, then the second best...
  45. Rowan

    Cycling Turtle Tank!!!!

    Since musk turtles breathe air and can completely leave the water if they choose, it seems to me that they must be less sensitive to water quality than fish. I don't have any research to back that up, but I can tell you that I kept an eastern painted turtle before I ever kept fish, definitely...
  46. Rowan

    Cory Eggs Viable Vs Duds?

    Where are you seeing that corydoras can reproduce asexually? I've never heard that before and I'm skeptical.
  47. Rowan

    Cycling Turtle Tank!!!!

    Why use rosy reds for cycling? Why not just use fish food or straight ammonia? Or just go ahead and get your turtles? I mean, wouldn't they be a lot hardier than any fish when it comes to water quality?
  48. Rowan

    Tea Bags For Filter Media ?

    Interesting idea. Are you talking about used disposable tea bags or some kind of reusable tea bags? Can you post a link to what you're looking at?
  49. Rowan

    Ammonia In Tap Water - Help!!

    The test always starts out showing 0 ammonia and darkens over time. You really do have to wait the 5 minutes. If you're seeing "sky high" readings after 5 minutes, then unfortunately that's probably the actual level in your tank. Are you using an API liquid test?
  50. Rowan

    Help Can't Get Betta Unbloated

    Do you have any pictures of your betta? People do use peas to help with constipation, though usually just a half of a pea or less. Daphnia is also commonly recommended, and some feel it's better for bettas than peas because bettas are really carnivores and don't normally consume much vegetation.

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