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  1. Ariavin

    Buce Variety

    Hey guys. I got this Buce at a little shop and have no idea what variety it is. Can someone help?
  2. Ariavin

    20 Gallon Caridina Tank

    Hey guys. Have my 20 gallon running that I’m eating cardina in. Plants are: Monte Carlo Hygrophilia Difformis Rotala rotundifolia Crypts flamingo and undulata Bolbitis Java ferns windelov and Malay red Anubius Marimo Gonna let everything grow in for a few months before I add anything to it.
  3. Ariavin

    2.5 Gallon Neocaridina Tank

    Hey guys. Got the tank to panted and wet. Waiting on the filter from Amazon and I’m gonna mod it to be shrimp safe. Plants are Java moss, anubius, bolbitis fern and a Marimo. I hope that’s enough grazing area for it. I’m wanting to get some duckweed or some other floating stuff plant.
  4. Ariavin

    Aquascape Inspiration

    Hey guys! Looking for some planted nano tank inspiration for when I get my 2 gallon off the ground. Waiting on filtration to come in then it's off to the races. I'm wanting to go with plants that aren't going to go into the substrate. Mosses, Buce, Anubias, Java Fern, etc. Throw your pics...
  5. Ariavin

    Question Water Params And Caridina Shrimp

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my feet into shrimp keeping and see a lot of information online about Caridina shrimp and needing a Gh of 3-6 and a Kh of 0-1. I run an RO filter and my Gh comes out at 6-7 and my Kh comes out at 3-4 and was wondering if this is normal for water straight out of an...
  6. Ariavin

    20 High Tank

    Day 1. Just got my tank wet after a ton of research. 20 gallon high tank, flu Cal 206, hydor in-line heater and in line atomizer. 20oz co2 tank with regulator. Osmocote capped with Caribsea flora max and black sand. Some off brand led from amazon. Plants are Eleocharis acicularis...
  7. Ariavin

    Trade out bulbs on a 4 bulb T-5 or new fixture?

    Hey guys.I have a 4 bulb Odyssea fixture from when I had a 20 gallon reef. Could I change out the bulbs to a 6500k or would it just be better to get a new fixture.I have been looking at either LED or a 2 bulb T-5. I'm wanting to do a Southeast Asian tank in the 20 tall and I'm not 100% sure on...
  8. Ariavin

    Breeding Bettas

    I have decided to take the plunge into Betta breeding and I hope to get as much information from you guys as I can. I have been reading The Betta Bible by Martin Brammah. I'm not sure if it is outdated or not. My other has bred Bettas before and will allow me to try my hand at it with a couple...
  9. Ariavin

    Lily Pipe with Fluval 206

    I finally went to Lowe's and got some tubing that is the right size for my filter and now I want to find some lily pipe that would work. The tubing is 3/4 ID and 5/8 OD. The largest lily pipe that I am showing is in a 16mm ID by 22 mm OD. Would that work or do I need to come up with a different...
  10. Ariavin

    20 gallon help

    Hey guys. I've been bouncing some ideas around in my head for the last few days on what I should do with my 20 gallon tall tank. I need to build a stand for it first and get all my equipment. I'm just doing my research first. My idea for a stand is a stand/curio cabinet crossover with the...
  11. Ariavin

    T-5 for 20 gallon Planted tank

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about my light for when I set up my 20 gallon. I have a 4 bulb T-5 Odessea fixture. I plan on changing the bulbs in it. I know it is going to be a lot of light. Will that cause me problems down the road, or will I be alright when I'm dosing CO2?
  12. Ariavin

    Fluval 206 tubing

    Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out how to attach an in line diffuser to my fluval 206 but I'm not sure how to attach one to the ribbed tubing. Any ideas on how to either attach it or change out the tubing? I was also looking into lily pipes. What are the benefits to a lily pipe?
  13. Ariavin

    Solenoid for DIY Citric Acid CO2.

    Hey guys. I've been mulling over the idea of turning my empty 20 gallon into a planted tank. I've been researching and I've decided to go with a Citric Acid DIY CO2. I'd like to find a solenoid that I attach to the airline so that I can control it to come on 1 hour before my lights come on and...
  14. Ariavin

    20 Gallon AIO

    Here is the thread as promised. If I could figure out how to post photos, it would be even better. Until then, it is a 20 gallon tall with a corner L shaped internal overflow in the back left corner with the intake in the front left and the output on the right side closest to the back of the...
  15. Ariavin

    Hey guys

    Hello from Utah! I'm glad to find a forum that is a mesh between Saltwater and Freshwater. I have owned aquariums my entire life and I have learned, and continue to learn, as much as I can about them. I am starting a post in the DIY section to get some ideas on a 20 gallon AIO that I built...

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