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  1. rjacks

    Bubbles Won't Go Away

    That happens with new tanks. If you look closely you will notice a film on top of the water as well. It will go away as the tank cycles.
  2. rjacks

    Question Is Anyone Having Long Term Success With Petsmart Fish.

    No issues with PetsMart or PetCo fish. As stated previously, tank conditions and fish appearance will tell you a lot. I have had more issues with a local chain than big box. Do your research before you go in as well. Many big box stores will put any average Joe who can drop a "vacation...
  3. rjacks

    Betta Critical Health. R.i.p Mr.fishy... ;-; I Miss You!

    Good idea, just remember there are a TON of people on here that are more than willing to help you be successful! Don't hesitate to ask for help!
  4. rjacks

    Betta Critical Health. R.i.p Mr.fishy... ;-; I Miss You!

    If you get a filter, get an air pump and sponge filter. Male Bettas aren't strong swimmers and their long fins can get caught in the HOB filter tubes. Also, they originate from the rice paddies of SE Asia. So there is enough flow to take away waste water but not too much current. Bettas are...
  5. rjacks

    Accidental Betta Fish Owner - Help Needed!

    Only thing I would say, is do a base test of the water you are using to re-fill. Just so you can see what your water contains. Chances are it will show all zeros for Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate.
  6. rjacks

    20 Gallon High Aquarium Stocking!

    All male platies? Wouldn't there be a higher risk of aggression toward each other and the other fish? I have 1 male and he is kind of a jerk. Not to mention the vast majority of sites and books I read about them say 2:1 female to male ratio and for the most peaceful tank go with all females...

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