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  1. KatherineCross

    Mystery Snail Care Sheet

    Ok. Thank you!
  2. KatherineCross

    Mystery Snail Care Sheet

    Oh, just thought I'd add. You should never use salt with snails.
  3. KatherineCross

    Mystery Snail Care Sheet

    I'm just wanting to sure, but would the cuttlebone affect anything with my bettas? I have two female mysteries in with a male betta and a male mystery with my female betta. Would it harm the bettas in any way?
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    This is my male common pleco. I've had him since March 2016. He is about 8 or 9 inches last time I measured him in September.
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    This is Solar, halfmoon twintail. I got him and another betta for my birthday in August so I haven't had him for that long.
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    This my male veiltail, Gerard. I've only had him since May. He is one of my newer fish.

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