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    55 Gallon Tank Guppy Tankmates

    Nope I have shrimplets all over. The tank is planted and has hiding spots too.
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    How do you feed your RCS?

    Yeah, mine are in the guppy tank. I haven't seen any berried females but there are shrimplets everywhere!
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    55 Gallon Tank Guppy Tankmates

    I currently have my 55 gal with guppies. I have 12 cories , 20 neon tetras , rcs, and mystery snails with my guppy fry.
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    How do you feed your RCS?

    Mine eat whatever NLS pellets the fish miss, and I throw the shrimp pellets and algae wafers in while. I use the wardley pellets they break up very quickly.
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    Bought a week old Eheim, used in salt, for my fresh.. Need advice!

    The small tubes are mechanical filtration. You can substitute any brand you want.
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    Important Another quick question..

    If she gave birth to any before being moved, they may have been eaten.
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    Bought a week old Eheim, used in salt, for my fresh.. Need advice!

    Hello, I have a 2217. The cocoa puff looking things are the eheim bio media.
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    Important Another quick question..

    Hello! Changing the water before the safe start has come out of its dormant state and established in your filter, will cause it to fail. You should not start testing during the 2 weeks so you don't panic. I would wait out the whole 2 weeks before deciding whether or not to add another bottle...
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    What are some of your hobbies?

    Cooking, baking, gardening, painting, drawing, crochet, knitting, embroidery, jewelry making, gardening, and most recently lip balm making.
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    small schooling fish

    I have kept Kerri tetras and harliquin rasboras with angels.
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    What would you have done in my shoes?

    Email corporate.
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    going back to school...

    My son starts school next Thursday. When I was in school, the first day was always the day after labor day. He's not complaining though, for three years I sent him to a year round school this was his first full summer break.
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    Stock my 10 gal tank, please

    If you just added TSS, do nothing for 14 days.
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    Anyone have one of the Tetra Whisper ex series of filters?

    Technically if the filter has bio media and carbon, changeing the carbon out should be ok. If you want to use carbon, you will nerd to change it out about once a month. However you can choose to not use it, I personally only use it to remove meds, so I do not have it all the time, actually only...
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    Forgot to mention how pleased I was by the new petsmart!

    Our Petsmart made simalar changes a couple months ago.
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    Angelfish reading?

    I don't know about books, but angels are cichlids mine swim all over.
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    Buying bulbs-in-a-box

    I avoid saying it. One of the few words I can spell, but cannot pronounce.
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    Buying bulbs-in-a-box

    Yes, that's where the lilys in the 125 came from.
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    Buying bulbs-in-a-box

    Are we talking the packs with dwarf lillies, aponogeton and onion plants in them? Lol, ok nevermind, you answered before I got finished. No, you don't need to do anything specail to wake them up. If they don't sprout, mail them back to the company and they will send replacements.
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    Plant ID?

    Looks like some sort of aponogeton to me.
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    South American or African? What should I get?

    I have giant danios, Bolivian rams, yoyo loaches and a clown pleco with my bps
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    Important Looks like Taleigh has decided to come early lol

    Aww what a cutie! Congrats!
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    New tank how many gallons??

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    Lexi's RAOK contest!

    It's ok, I had said more than one person could win, and I have enough of each prize even if they all pick the same one. If there had been five or six winners, winning order might have been important.
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    Lexi's RAOK contest!

    Sorry missed the tiny print! Lol
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    Lexi's RAOK contest!

    Today's the day! After many top offs and waterchanges to raise the ammonia level, we have reached 0, 0 and 60ish ppm, within 12 hrs of last change. So by my count that is 45 days. We had a guess of 44.5 and a guess of 46, so I am naming 2 winners! Congrats to ikeepfish and AmazonPassion! I...
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    How to get rid of Columnaris?

    It is my understanding the biggest threat to it spreading is the fish nibbling on a infected fish. I don't know of fish building a immunity to it, so I am not sure about that. New fish would be more likely to catch it if they where stressed or otherwise unhealthy , because their immune system...
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    How to get rid of Columnaris?

    Columaris is everpresent in the water.
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    power outage filter won't work

    I sat down by the canister with it all set up and the canister with water in it except the end of the tube that hooks to the canister unhooked. I blew into the tube and the water from the tank came rushing out at me. I had to hookit up fast, and got a tankwater shower, but it worked.
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    Hi! New tank and questions.. picture included.

    Hello! Welcome to Fishlore! Sounds like you are off to a good start this time! I would up the schools to at least 6. The danios will occupy the top of the tank. I personally would trade them out for a tetra, the danios would do better in a 20 long. Platies willll do fine with those fish, gut...
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    power outage filter won't work

    I was able to start the suction on one of my canisters by blowing into the intake tube?
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    Fish Feeding schedule

    I feed Nls foods mostly. I feed my fish every other day.
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    Question catch fry and shrimp easy??

    I have been netting RCA out of my tank for a month. Each time I think I got them all, a shrimplet I could not see grows enough to be seen. For netting them I find if I corner the shrimp with the net, they tend to just jump in it, then I pull pull up on the net holding it vertically, creating a...
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    RIP Jack

    Thank you everyone. It was a very sad day at our house yesterday, techinically Jack was my 8 year old son's pet.
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    My biggest one grew under a double bright LED.
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    RIP Jack

    Jack, our oldest Betta died today. We had him for a year and a half. He was fine yesterday, today he was gone. We will miss you Jack.:'(
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    Need a new hood :) Questions!

    The cheapest option would probibly be a regular hood that takes incandescent lights, replacing the bulbs with aquarium CFLs.
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    How many fish can be added at once?

    Theoretically, yes. But since you cannot measure the bioload of what a full tank will produce, it is safer to introduce your stock a little at a time.
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    Funny Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Here in Missouri we are near 100*f, high himidty, and having a drought.
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    cycle experiment

    Been testing daily. Yesterday readings were Ammonia 2ppm Nitrite .5 Did not test nitrate, since I know from previous tests that they where there.
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    I've Been Keeping A Secret...

    Sounds like things are looking up s bit! Yey!
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    Question how old do guppies and mollys have to be before they are pregnant?

    IME they are usually pregnant by the time you are certain they are female.
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    From the deep dark jungles of North Carolina, Mason's Ruby and Sapphire Mine

    Looks like fun, I have always wanted to do that.
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    Wife made me buy a fish!

    They always blame the wife..
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    What's your occupation ?

    The factory I work at is hiring temps... Bit of a drive for you though, lol
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    Help with stocking a new 10 gallon

    Endlers and blue pearl shrimp and a purple mystery snail.
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    re stock

    That seems a bit crowded to me. Maybe not bioload wise, but having that many fish occupying the same areas . Also ottos need a school, and can starve easily, so I wouldn't keep them with any other algae eaters. Honestly I would do 8 guppies 15 neons 10 harleqiun rasboras 6 ottos or the bn 8...

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