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  1. SixThreeOh

    Heron Took Whole Pond In One Night

    Ohio Fish Rescue's pond was robbed of 40ish koi a few months ago.
  2. SixThreeOh

    200 Gal Stocking Questions

    Balas really need a much larger tank. They grow fast and are a fast moving fish. They'll eventually jump or kill themselves running into the sides of the tank.
  3. SixThreeOh

    What Is This On My Amazon Sword

    Pretty sure that's java fern, not an Amazon sword. And yes, those are roots.
  4. SixThreeOh

    Newbie - How Often Should I Be Changing The Water?

    Depends on nitrate levels. Aquarium Coop and Rachel O'Leary have videos discussing the topic on youtube.
  5. SixThreeOh

    Fluval 3.0 Not Getting Powered

    Fluval support is pretty good; give them a call.
  6. SixThreeOh

    Stand 2200lbs Rated?

    Pretty sure it could hold a lot more than 2k lbs.
  7. SixThreeOh

    Mistery Of The Missing Amano Shrimp

    Or he jumped out and ran off. They like to do that.
  8. SixThreeOh

    New Guppies Died.... Please Advise!

    A lot of livebearers are raised in brackish water and really don't adjust to the freshwater life very well. I have some mollies that rapidly deteriorate when I drop the salinity at all.
  9. SixThreeOh

    [noob Question] Is This Crushed Corals?

    Crushed coral and gravel.
  10. SixThreeOh

    Celestial Pearl Danios.

    They need to be in larger numbers to feel secure. Get enough and they're quite active fish.
  11. SixThreeOh

    Desperately Looking For Help Rehoming Big Fishes

    Well this was just posted.
  12. SixThreeOh

    Steps I Should Take To Get My Dream Tank?

    I don't think it's as hard as you'd think. Cheapest route would be to build a plywood tank. Large tanks also pop up at auctions fairly often and you can get pretty good deals on them since not many people want them.
  13. SixThreeOh

    Question Oscar's And Flower Horns Eating Plants?

    They might not eat them, but they'll tear them up and destroy them.
  14. SixThreeOh

    People Calcium For Shrimp?

    I use tums. Cheap and effective.
  15. SixThreeOh

    Help Snail Moral Dilema

    Stop overfeeding and the population will take care of itself.
  16. SixThreeOh

    Desperately Looking For Help Rehoming Big Fishes

    Contact Ohio Fish Rescue. Pretty sure they're gonna be in Chicago in a month or two.
  17. SixThreeOh

    Tiger Barb Tankmates

    He'd be fine alone.
  18. SixThreeOh

    Tiger Barb Tankmates

    I'd do a male firemouth with them.
  19. SixThreeOh

    Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

    Magfloat with the scraper blades are by far the best. Pricey, but worth it.
  20. SixThreeOh

    Not A Polleni

    Maybe a brasiliensis? I'll try to find some pics of mine when they were little. Edit: Apparently I didn't take any good pics of them before they colored up. They did look very similar to your mystery fish when they were the size of guppies though.
  21. SixThreeOh

    Not A Polleni

    Possibly a geophagus species?
  22. SixThreeOh

    Question Black Knight Rams

    I've only seen them once and really regret not grabbing them.
  23. SixThreeOh

    Moving With A Five Gallon Tank

    I was concerned about it being bumpy and slamming him against the substrate and driftwood. Netting him was hardly stressful.
  24. SixThreeOh

    Moving With A Five Gallon Tank

    For my five gallon, I move my betta into a cup. Drained the tank most of the way. Left shrimp, snails, and plants in.
  25. SixThreeOh

    Polyester Fiber As A Biomedia - Underrated?

    Just the fact that it has to be replaced more frequently than other media.
  26. SixThreeOh

    Cooling During Heatwave?

    I'd just increase aeration. Fish kept in the hobby can handle the temps.
  27. SixThreeOh

    Question Best Online Fish Store For Livestock

    AquaticArts if they have them in stock.
  28. SixThreeOh

    Stocking A 48 Gallon Tank (120x36x45)

    A male firemouth with a dozen Odessa barbs.
  29. SixThreeOh

    Help Really Gorgeous Iridescent Betta Updates- Gill Nye

    Call him rescue to clear your conscience.
  30. SixThreeOh

    Fact Or Myth - Anubias Releases Toxins

    From my understanding, it's something they release after being cut that kills the shrimp. As long as you don't put recently cut pieces in, you're fine.
  31. SixThreeOh

    How Do You Do Research?

    Care sheets, forum posts about owning them, youtube videos, and scientific papers about them in the wild.
  32. SixThreeOh

    Diet For My Current Fish Stock.

    I'd just do some flakes for the barbs and some sinking pellets for the ram and cories. No need to overcomplicate things.
  33. SixThreeOh

    Question Best Filter For 75 & 90

    No one needs an FX6 on a 75 gallon.
  34. SixThreeOh

    Question Best Filter For 75 & 90

    I'd do two ziss filters.
  35. SixThreeOh

    My Poor Green Silver Dollar.

    Silver dollars really need to be in groups. They're very skittish fish.
  36. SixThreeOh

    My Poor Green Silver Dollar.

    Probably ran into something and it got infected. Clean water is generally enough for it to heal. How many silver dollars do you have and what is the tank size?
  37. SixThreeOh

    Above-ground Swimming Pool As A Goldfish Pond

    You could get a 1000 gallon stock pond.
  38. SixThreeOh

    Important Iycho Miserably In Pain

    He's dying because you're not giving him proper care
  39. SixThreeOh

    I Believe I Have Discovered The Cause To All My Parameter Troubles

    Why raise low pH? There are plenty of fish that thrive in it. Pretty much all tetras, apistos, silver dollars, rams, bettas, etc.
  40. SixThreeOh

    Crayfish Tank Setup/what Kind Is He?

    Isn't owning crayfish illegal in Washington?
  41. SixThreeOh

    Any Plants Marmorkrebs Dont Eat?

    Mine eat blackbeard and hair algae.
  42. SixThreeOh

    Any Plants Marmorkrebs Dont Eat?

    Mine have devoured my java moss. I throw in algae covered anubias for them to clean up. So far they've only eaten the algae and left the anubias alone.
  43. SixThreeOh

    Marmorkreb Help

    My colony took forever to start, but it's thriving now. I think the key is to provide them with constant sources of food. I throw plant trimmings in mine. I did have one suddenly go aggro and kill two others in two days. But I think it was mostly due to lack of food.
  44. SixThreeOh

    Which One Is The Most Beautiful Acuatic Plant For U?

    A nice big Madagascar lace is amazing.
  45. SixThreeOh

    Question Carnivorous Plants Anyone?

    Here's one of mine.
  46. SixThreeOh

    Game Of Thrones Season 8!

    This whole season was pure trash.
  47. SixThreeOh

    How Many Fish Do You Own?

    5 Geophagus 6 Cories 11 Otos 1 Panda Garra 9 Silver Dollars 3 Polleni 1 Redtail Shark 2 Bettas 1 Amano Shrimp 5 Pagoda Snails 3 Nerites 6 Mystery Snails 4 Devil Spike Snails 20ish Guppies 30ish Crayfish
  48. SixThreeOh

    Game Of Thrones Season 8!

    This season has been terrible. GRRM is going to die before he finishes his books and this is his legacy. Interested in hearing his thoughts about the series in the next few weeks.
  49. SixThreeOh

    Question Ants. Are They Harmful?

    Why would beetles be bad?
  50. SixThreeOh

    Thoughts On To Top Fin Kit

    I'm a big fan of this 5 gallon top fin tank.

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