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  1. cedman

    Fish Identification (comets?)

    Hi All, Are these Comets. I acquired them last week. they are around 7" not including tails. Pond Fish1 by cedman posted Jul 1, 2019 at 8:38 AM
  2. cedman

    is this normal

    it does this all the time. I think it wants to be a yoyo. When its done spinning it flattens out and glides around the tank till it lands. didnt catch that on video cause he just wouldnt stop today. lol, it gets real exciting at 1:15 so keep watching...
  3. cedman

    is this algae?

    It was on the rock when i purchased it. trying to figure out what it might be. It does not seem to be growing more than 1/4 inch in height. It is growning slowly along the rock.
  4. cedman

    temporary tank divider. Nylon window screen?

    can I use window screen to divide a tank for a couple weeks while my new fish go through QT? Its a 5 gal tank and my new dwarf Gourami wants to chow down on my wife's new guppy couple. I put the guppies in a bucket for now till I come up with a solution.
  5. cedman

    Golden Mystery Snail is Suicidal

    My snail likes to climb as high as possible and then just let go. He does it all the time He's awesome. Just thought id share. thank you for reading. Adding Video per request. He does this all day. He likes jumping off the sword plant. Its like a spring board. lol...
  6. cedman

    Betta Fish - is it the ICK

    Ive had my betta in 2gal QT for about a month fixing fin rot. 1 teaspoon salt per gal and 100% water change daily using stress coat to condition and help with the healing. He has been doing really good and seems to love salt. I now noticed the white dots on him. Noticed it yesterday and...
  7. cedman

    betta plant is cool

    Grew quick. Has like 20 leaves on it now. Maybe 6 inches tall. And out of the blue within 36 hours 1 stem shot up over 20 inches. What the heck? It was literally growing almost an inch an hour. It hit the hood on the tank. Edit: Upon request. Added Video. Its still growing, and I...
  8. cedman

    Baby Snail climbing out of tank?

    Is it normal for a baby snail to want to leave the water? I found a baby snail in my 29gal. Its only about 3/16 in size. Appears to be turning from white to black in color....anyway....He was halfway up the tank when i found him. I put him in a cup of tank water and went back to find him on...
  9. cedman

    5.5 Gal Top Fin - Want to change the stock light question

    I wanted to change the bulb on the 5.5 top fin in just purchased. The stock bulb is very yellow. I see that suggested is a CFL 10 watt daylight 6500k. Which sounds great. So now i have CFL question regarding Watts per Gallon. Would a 10 watt CFL be 2 wpg or since 10 watt CFL is a 40 watt...
  10. cedman

    Help with H. Rasboras

    I have 8 H. Rasboras. 2 full grown and 6 under/around 1". The full grown one had a thick white substance appear on its dorsal fin. I monitored it for a few days and it really didnt change better or worse. Then the smallest rasbora got it on its left pectoral fin. During that day the fin...
  11. cedman

    So a woman goes up to the guy at LFS to buy fish......

    The salesman says these are nice and points to some plecos or some other cat. The lady says wont they get to big for my 10 gal tank. The guy says no, they just wont live as long......She says okay, give me 4 of them. They then went to pick out some fish with colors. The same guy then tells...
  12. cedman

    My First Aquarium. 29gal

    So i was thinking about getting a tank for a few months. In the Beginning of March my wife told me to go pick one out for my birthday. I started looking at 15 gal and started reading posts so went to 20.....then decided on 29 Gal. We settled on the Marinland 29gal with LED day/night. The...
  13. cedman

    Hello All

    Names Chris. I live in NY. I'm a beginner to the world of Aquariums. Ive been lurking on the boards for a few weeks now. I finally decided to register and say hello. I seem to keep coming back to fishlore when doing my researching so thanks all for the great advice. Ill post a pic of my...

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