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    Merry Christmas!

    It's that time of year again so without further ado. Merry Christmas to all Fishlorians, and have a great few days. :;rudolph:;gift Nick
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    Oscar is being a naughty boy

    So last week i suspected that my 6" oscar had eaten my new 2" loach, well last night when i got home from work my suspisions were proved right. There was my oscar swimming around the top of the tank with my 3" yo-yo loach hanging out of his mouth. All i could see was the loaches tail. So in i go...
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    My son wants to buy me this for Xmas

    As the title says this is what he wants to buy me. I know it gets big(12" in the aquarium) but wow what a fish. I have never seen these before and would love to own 1. Tell what you guys think of it. Nick
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    Am I a mug or what

    Right so iv'e just got into work after walking for 2 and a half hours in the snow. My feet are wet my legs ache and all because i'm the site manager i have to show my staff that if i'm willing so should they be. I HATE WORK. And if it snows again tonight i will have to do it all over again as...
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    Mbuna cross breeding? ? ?

    Ok so at this time my female red top hongi has been holding for about 3 weeks. She has done this about 4 times in a year but i have never seen fry( must have been eaten). Any way, last night i saw my big male yellow lab trying to get jiggy with her, he was chasing the male hongi away getting up...
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    Not even a public aquarium could take THIS

    I was just browesing the web and found this catfish I don't think it would fit in my tank.
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    Look what i just ordered.

    Well i thought i would share this with you guys seeing as i never get round to adding photos of my fish.(Its only a link mind you). I called my LFS 2 days ago and asked if they could source me a couple of these Burmese Peppered Tiger Botia(syncrossus berdmorei). Well i got a call today, and...
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    One fish not on wish list!

    Check out this. I would not want one of these in my tank. And a thread i did about getting bitten by our fish, well this is one i wouldn't want a bite from.
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    Have any of your fish bitten you?

    I was feeding my fish last night and as always i have to feed my fire Eel by hand. All the other tank mates were happily munching and the eel was eating his blood worm. Then from nowhere my Oscar was latched onto my finger trying to steal the eels food, and i have to say it shocked me a bit. It...
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    Too Cheap to say no!

    Ok so i have had many snakes in the past just didn't have the room for them any more. My family and i moved too a bigger house 3 months ago and i was toying with the idea of getting another. Well i picked up the local friday ad(free paper selling stuff) and some bloke was selling Royal Pythons...
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    The tank that Jack built

    Just check this out. Wouldn't mind one of these in my basement. Nick
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    Man do i hate the dentist

    Ok, so i went to my new dentist last week for a check up and she told me i need a filling and 2 teeth pulled(mollar and wisdom). First would be the filling and 2 weeks later the EXRACTION(in loud echoed voice). So i got there at 8.30 am this morning all ready (but still cacking it as i hate...
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    Will live food hurt my oscar?

    Ok, so my 13yr old son has discovered that my 6" red map oscar loves live moths. He catches them at night when they fly in the house and runs straight to the tank and dumps them in. Before the moth can fly out, WHACK, an eruption of water and the moth is gone, just a dust cloud coming out of the...
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    it's been a while

    Hi ppl of fishlore, how are you all. I havn't been on for a few months due too moving house and starting a new job. I had a big wipe out of fish when i moved so i was not best pleased. I lost 3 tin foils, my female lab my albino krib and my beloved flagtail, also my asian red tail catfish...
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    Yellow lab is hiding

    o.k. so my usually active and very curious female yellow lab is hiding behind the plants and she is not eating? ? She never gets bullied and is always out and about especialy at meal times. My wife and I witnessed what i assume was the mating dance of the male several times the other night...
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    It's got too go back!!!!!!

    My wife has started too take a liking to catfish especialy the one in the tank she calls hers( Hers? ? ?) which is a syno euruptus. Any way my middle child thought he would get her a nice fish for mothers day even though he has been told that we can't put any more fish in this current tank. He...
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    Forced to upgrade tank

    Well i was going to upgrade my 240ltr tank in about 8 months due to my black shark,oscar,procholodus and fire eel getting big, that has been brought forward by several months. My friend Simon at my LFS just called me to say that my valentines prezzie from my wife is in and waiting for me to...
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    Stingray tank being built

    Here is a link to the biggest stingray tank iv'e ever seen. On the home page click the english flag then on the side bar click on MEGA TANK. Happy viewing Nick
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    Sewellia Lineolata

    Hi ppl, I have just ordered from my LFS 3(1 male and 2 female) Sewellia lineolata or hillstream loaches. Small but wicked little fish. Check out the link and let me know wot you all think. www.loachesonline/sewellia lineolata Thanks in advance, Nick
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    Fish Tank Granuloma!!!!!!

    Been cleaning your aquarium? Noticed crusty spots on back of your hand? You may have FISH-TANK GRANULOMA- an infection caused by a germ found in aquariums. It gets into the skin through a small graze,often near the knuckles. The good news is it's not serious and is treated by antibiotics. So...
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    Black shark getting BIG

    Just an update on my black lebeo. I brought him when i set up my tank in august although i didnt put him in until september when the tank had cycled. I new what i was getting my self into as i have had 1 before. He was 1.5" when i got him and he is now nearly 6" and getting on very well with his...
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    My LFS second to none

    Just thought i'd tell you all about my LFS. I went in today on my way too work to see if my yellow tailed acei had arrived yet(no they hadn't, BOOO) and was looking at their stock as i always do. Well i over heard some lad talking to his freind about an albino cat fish he saw and was going to...
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    R I P flagtail

    Dont know why but my flagtail procholodus has just died. My wife just called and told me>. I had noticed he was not eating alot but thought he was ok. She checked the water and as follows. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 I have just phoned my LFS and they have another 1 for me as they got 2...
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    Any info

    I have just added 2 yellow labs to my tank and they have settled in really well. What i would like to know is does anyone have expierience with yellow tail acei as i want to get a couple and need to know if they will get on with the labs Nick
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    Bad Barbs

    I currently have 5 ruby barbs which have been great since adding them 3 months ago. About 2 weeks ago i bought 2 dwarf gourami's and a large angel and everything was fine. Then i noticed the barbs giving the DG's grief even though they were hiding behind the large amazon swords i have. I sat and...
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    Is it just me ?

    Every morning on my way to the train station for work i pass my LFS(slight detour up the road) as i dont start till midday. Any way i have a look around and see all the new fish that they have ordered in too look for any new additions for my tank. I can never seem to go in and just buy nothing...
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    I was recently told that the SYNODONTIS GRANULOSOS had now been tank bred which in turn had brought the price down considerably. After not much upto date info on the net i rang a few fish shops and my excitement turned to dissmay. I was wrongly informed of the very attractive price of...
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    Hi guys, just too let you all know the meaning of the word Blagged. It is an english slang word meaning conned, so basicaly in the thread blagged the wife i meant i conned her into getting my flagtailed prochilodus.( Which is wicked by the way) Hope this sheds some light. Nick
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    Just blagged the wife

    Hi guys i have just blagged my wife to get my FLAGTAILED PROCHILODUS From the LFS. The fish has been at the shop being looked after by the manager (my mate Simon) for 3 weeks now just to make sure he/she is healthy(and he/she is thriving). Any how the wife is getting her hair done on my bank...
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    Craigs list uk

    Hi guys, iv'e been reading on alot of posts all about this CRAIGSLIST and thought i'd check it out. Obviously being in the U.K i looked on the uk version(craigslist london). Well all i can say on the matter is BOOOO. You guys over in the u.s of a have it lucky coz there wasn't any aquatic stuff...
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    Cant wait any more

    My LFS is holding a flagtailed prochulodos for me which i asked them to get for me a couple of weeks ago. They hadn't heard of them and their knowledge is VERY good. Simon(the manager there) said he would ask the whole sailer if they could get them(i wasn't holding much hope). I went in on my...
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    Does clarity work

    Hi ppl, i,ve just been to my LFS and brought a bottle of clarity to clear a cloudy tank. I've done several big water changes and it doesnt shift the murkiness. I will put the recomended dose in when i get home from work but i need to know if this works before the shops shut in case in need to...
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    Bactierial Bloom

    Hi guys, i seem to have developed what is called a bactierial bloom in my tank. I have done numerous water changes and all levels have returned too normal but i cant get rid of the milky haze in the tank. All fish are fine and seem happy and eating ok, but it is frustrating me no end. The...
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    Do i get a motoro ray next??

    Hi ppl, My tank is thriving now all water levels are v.good and the fish seem well happy. I have in there, 1 fire eel,1 bristlenose plec, 1 striped raphael,1 figure 8 puffer, 5 ruby barbs, 1 pictus cat, 1 syno, an albino krebensis and a pakistani loach. Oh and a black lebeo(black shark). Next...
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    Black shark(Lebeo)

    Hi ppl. I just bought a black shark and was just wondering true sizeing for it. I had 1 a few years ago and he got too about 8", but he passed on:'(. The little guy in my tank now is about 2 and a half inches at the mo and i have done some research and know they get BIG. I'm hopeing it maxes out...
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    New tank

    Hi ppl. Not done this forum stuff b4 but thought it looked cool. I previously kept tropical fish a few years ago in a rio 125 but lost my way a little and gave it up. Just set up a rio 240 with plants,rocks and a couple of fish to start off (figure 8 puffer,albino kribensis, and a young black...

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