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  1. Fishproblem

    Super Bloated Danio Burst - Help?

    This is not necessarily a beginner problem, but here goes: 30 gallon tank pH 6.6 Ammonia >.25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5.0 78 degrees F My zebra danio exploded. She's one of three, two males and a female. Historically, has always been gravid to the point of noticeable roundness, but big and...
  2. Fishproblem

    Gouramis In 20 Gal Community?

    I have a 20gal with 5 harlequin rasboras in, and will soon have 5 zebra danios as well. it’s sort of an “extras” tank so I could give companions to my remaining danios and rasbora without messing up my plans for other tanks. I’d like a pretty display fish in there as well though. Could I put...
  3. Fishproblem

    Uniseal Sizes?

    Hey everyone, I'm 90% of the way done with a diy inline heater rig, using pvc and hose barbs to create a housing for my heater that hooks directly into the tube for my canister filter. The last step is to order a uniseal that the heater fits snugly into, creating the necessary watertight seal...
  4. Fishproblem

    Question Corydoras Id: Longipinnis Or Paleatus?

    I got these corydoras at petco about two years ago, and wanted to get one or two more to fill out the shoal. I thought they were paleatus but I see some long dorsal fins and now I can’t be sure. Can anyone tell either way if these fellas are corydoras paleatus or corydoras longipinnis?
  5. Fishproblem

    5.5g Diy Rimless Planted Betta Tank

    I've been putting a bit more effort into this tank after a brief hiatus, and wanted to put it all in one place here. Though most of the updates are a little outdated, I'd enjoy input on any step in my process - this won't be the last time I set up a tank like this! So to start, in October 2018...
  6. Fishproblem

    Best Rimless 5-6gal On A Budget?

    I'm looking to upgrade my standard aqueon 5.5 gallon tank to a rimless in a similar size/dimensions. Clarity is pretty important to me, but looking to spend $50 or less. Would definitely buy a used one in good shape, but I'm making long-ish term plans right now and am not ready to buy immediately.
  7. Fishproblem

    Id This Reddish Plant?

    Bought this plant from a Chelsea/Manhattan location of the (now defunct) Petland Discounts. It's been growing under low light, no ferts, no co2, with caribsea floramax substrate for just over seven months now, and I've been trimming and planting the cuttings every month or so. Photos attached...
  8. Fishproblem

    Can I Add Bolivian Rams To My 30 Gallon?

    I recently upgraded my 20 gallon tall to a 30 gallon, and now that my hardscape is complete I'm looking to finish stocking the tank! I would like to add a pair of bolivian rams, one more cory, and at least four more ember tetras (but as many as I can). If the rams are a bad call for whatever...
  9. Fishproblem

    Question Canister Filter For 5.5gal?

    Hi all - I have a 5.5 gallon low tech planted tank that I’m looking to upgrade in terms of equipment and aesthetics. Step one, for me, is remove the sponge filter and replace with an external filter to create more space in the tank. I really hate the look of HOB filters, but need help finding...
  10. Fishproblem

    Cleaning Filter Media?

    My 20 gallon is suffering from some very dusty water. I had used flourite substrate, and the resulting clay dust seems like it's overwhelmed my filter. I don't want to replace the media, but it's been months and my filter keeps releasing dust into the water. Any thoughts on how to clean it...

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