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  1. Adam85

    Rainbow Shark Killing Tank Mates? Help

    I have had a rainbow shark in our tank by himself for a few weeks now. We have tried putting a dalmation molly, a female betta, and 3 glofish with him and all have died. I thought it was the betta so I removed her and then tried just the glofish and shark and now all the glofish are dead. Could...
  2. Adam85

    Question Molly Laying On Bottom - Needing Help

    I just got a Dalmation Lyretail Molly and at first it was fine but now it will just lay on its side one the bottom for a while. Then it will swim around fine for a while then repeat over again. Checked the water ammonia and nitrites were 0 along with nitrates as well. Any ideas would be great...
  3. Adam85

    Hello All From Wv

    Just recently got a 20 gal tank for my son. Having trouble getting it started. Hope I can find some help here.

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