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    A pair of dwarf seahorses in a 10 gallon?

    Hey Everyone!!!!!!! Just my little bit of input.......Only my opinion...but I'd stay in a smaller tank with the dwarfs...fluval 6 is excelant idea...or even a regular 5 gallon....the ponies are teenie tiny....a smaller tank makes it way easier for feeding of my strongest reasons for...
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    My Lutino Ringneck

    All of my birds have their own room....its 20 x 22......its theirs only one not in there is my 22 year old congo grey.
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    I'm off!

    Akari...I just caught up...glad youre having a great trip!!!!!! Love all the pics!!!!
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    Seachem Ammonia/pH Alert Stickers

    I'm with Ken,I keep them in my discus and my Seahorse tanks...mainly for piece of mind.....and on one occasion they saved my Seahorses......I had added a couple of newbies and because of making sure they were all getting enough food I overfed the tank.....(I do weekly maintenance on all my...
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    My Lutino Ringneck

    Shes beautiful......many years ago I had a blue one...right now I share my home with 12 parrots!!!!!
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    New Puppies! :) Update 5/24/12

    Where did those little cute babies go?????lol.....theyre just gorgeous!!!!!!!Look all comfy on daddy's bed!!!!!! They look so great together......and I feel the same way about my little rescue Meesha.......lost with out them.
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    Submersible LED Light Strips...

    YEAH!!!!!!!! Look awesome!!!!!! R u happy with them????
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    Submersible LED Light Strips...

    Just called my LFS.....they are made by Marinealnd and are called "hidden LED system lites" not sure if they have hit all the stores yet...maybe check on people at this store are always gettin in the new stuff....I do know that its kind of a strip....positive that they are made for...
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    Submersible LED Light Strips...

    My LFS just got some of these lights in....made by Marineland I believe.....the power switch has a magnet that sticks to the outside of the tank.......they look very cool....If it would help u I can find out exact manufacturer.....these ARE made for aquariums
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    20 Gallon Tank "New Babies!!!"

    Congrats on the new babies....I have dwarfs also and just adore them!!!!!
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    New Discus Project

    Boy...I've been away toooo long......Ive missed all of this....absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! Glad your blue one is feeling better. You've done an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!!!! Love all the pics of your changing an placing of the wood. Love even more the final outcome.What color do they call the yellow...
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    Activated Carbon Causing HLLE

    Hmmmm very interesting read. Ive always washed it also but have always had massive issues with my fancier angels.....wonder if carbon in general is the culprit????? Thanks for the article
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    Hey all

    Hey Brian!!!!!!!!
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    Lost a friend today

    Sorry to hear this Matt
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    Toadstool Coral

    Hey there!!!!! It will take a couple of days for it to settle there any way it cn go higher in the tank....they love the lite and some should also put off some slimy stuff as it settles. If its leaning its liking that direction. You will know its happy once it opens up( it...
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    Yard Visitors

    Soooooooooo cute!!!! We have tons of them here in golfers get mad cause they poop all over the courses!!!!!! Yeah for mother nature!!!!!!
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    Yeah!!!!! Welcome home!!!!! I totally enjoyed your traveling thread.....cant wait for the pics!!!!
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    Freeze Dried Blackworms

    Im so glad u posted this...I had no idea Kens had freeze dried....I buy live fresh one every week at my order them just for me.....I use them for my ADFs,Angels,Discus and my bettas....they all love them...but theyre a pain to keep and I just about make it week to...
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    29 Gallon Tank FOWLR Stocking Ideas

    Now theres another cool idea!!!!!!! can get a deal on them!!!!!!
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    My little rescue!!!!! Meesha

    LOL...she not all that big...but at times shes got the whole attitude thing goin on too!!!!!!! Thanks Akari!!!!!!
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    My little rescue!!!!! Meesha

    Seems like not so long ago...actually around October......I helped a friend out who does dog rescue...she was working tons of hours and wound up with this little pup....she is half dachshund, and half pit...if you can only imagine.(I actually started taking care of her when she was about 2 weeks...
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    albino LSS

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    Flowerhorn Blog

    Beautiful!!!!!! I would love to find one like that for my 155!!!!!!!!
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    Advice for beginner?/why i got fish.

    Hi Kady and WELCOME!!!!!!!!
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    Our Furry house mates

    They are just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    New Additions to my SeaHorse Family!!!!!!!!

    U guys MADE my day!!!!!!!!
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    29 Gallon Tank FOWLR Stocking Ideas

    They are not difficult...I promise...I will help ALL the way......its EVEN better to see u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The biggest thing is not a ton of flow.....and I only use stock already know the how to's about salt......the only other necessity is things for them to post...
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    29 Gallon Tank FOWLR Stocking Ideas

    Ill ship ya some!!!!!! LOL....the only thing is I think a 29 is way toooooo big for dwarfs.....they really ,really are teenie. Also with them I believe they will only survive on freshy hatched decapsulated that means you have to have a constant supply....kind of why I wound up...
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    New Additions to my SeaHorse Family!!!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone!!!!!!! Ken I wish he was pregnant...but no fat!!!!! Rougue.....very possible on the KUDA.....I do have 2 older Kudos...but still waiting to hear from my store.
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    New member here - Hello!

    Great advice above!!!!!! Welcome to FL!!!
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    Dreadful table manners..

    LOL....great pics!!!!!!! How bout some assassin snails....they did the trick on these for me a while back....if anything they will keep the numbers down for sure
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    65 Gallon Tank Here 'tis - my reef looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I love the hammer!!!!!! I hope they keep doing well for u!!!!!!! Question....coral beauty is one of my absolute favs......does it bother anything in there???????? I've always stayed clear of them. Love the hawkfish tooooooo.....they are just adorable!!!!!
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    New Additions to my SeaHorse Family!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone!!!!!!! LOL>>>>>Its taken me this long to figure out how to post pics!!!!!! I wanted to share my new additions....well theyve been with me for about 2 weeks now....and thankfully are doing fabulous!!!!!!!There are four new yellow SHs......I am still waiting to find out exactly what...
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    Question Calling all Experienced Discus Keepers.

    Hey everyone!!!!! I love all the imput here and just wanted to add my own experiance.......this has worked for me and only wanted to add.....I have a 55 gal Discus tank.......(I am unable for whatever reason to keep goldfish or guppies) but thankfully my discus have flourished.....pool filter...
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    75 gallon "before" and "after"

    Awesome job Lynda!!!!!!Love the parrots!!!!! Im am soooooooo the opposite....every tank I own has a solid background...except for my discus tank. I was able to almost match the wood and the plants from the background and the tank looks 3D ....this was what I was aiming at. But I'll tell ya...
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    New member.

    Hey there and welcome!!!!!!!
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    Ryanr is now moderator!

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    55 Gallon Tank Too small for discus?

    Hats off to Slug!!!!!!!!! I totally agree......I have 7 of them in my 55(way overstocked)...they are doing awesome. I do weekly water changes(on all my tanks). I really think that if I were wanting to breed them I may do some things differantly. I do give them a well varried diet. My tank has...
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    a monumental, but worthwhile, task lies before me......

    You are a BRAVE woman!!!!!!! Good luck with all of it!!!!!!!! Im lucky....I just have to wait to see your all the work!!!!!! I wish I was brave enough to do a major do-over like that in some of mine!!!!!
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    Hello Everyone

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    Software Upgrade is complete but still much to do

    Just now saw this...Mike Thanks for ALL you do!!!!!! Hopefully I'll figure it out
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    bumblebee goby compatibility?

    Hi there and welcome......I have a couple of these little guys.....Love them.....mine are in a 10 gallon with a couple of dwarf bee-bee puffers......they are very tiny and mine dont really bother anything...nor do the puffs bother them( my LFS keeps the 2 together for sale...thats the only...
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    Friends Come and Go - returning to the FL community

    Welcome back!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!! on the salt!!!!!
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    what ur thoughts on oscar fish?

    I have a black tiger oscar....his name is Buppy( puppy) I adore him....he was teenie tiny when I got him....I guess over 2 years of course HUGE...hes in my 155 and anytime I do anything in there....hes right in the also jumps when I feed them and all but...
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    worthy of selling?

    WOOO-HOOOOO to hear about babies!!!!!!!!! Please let me know if you are going to re-home some!!!!!!!! I would be very interested
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    2012 North American Discus Association Show- Atlanta, GA

    Man u guys get all the great stuff down there!!!!!!!!
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    I've learned how to use the freezer!

    LOL...u should have cooked it all and invited EVERYONE!!!!!!
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    Snails do poorly after transfering to a different tank?

    I just have to ask ...this is for my benifit as well. Did u accimate the snails or just add them to the tank...????? I have had this problem before myself, but when I had gotten some snails from another member quite a while ago ...he told me to put the snails in another container (they were...
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    New Discus Project

    This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!! I have a discus tank also....55 gallon.....I absolutely love your ideas....I use silk plants in with mine(I have way to much going on to do live plants...dogs,birds,cats, 14 tanks)....I have been lucky in using pool filter sand in with mine, they look beautiful...

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