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    5 Gallon Tank As stocked as Possible

    Maybe my wording was wrong. To clarify, I certainly do not want to overstock a tank. What I am looking for is stuff like the information on the microrasbora family: fish/ fish combinations I would not think of that would be well suited to a small tank. All I could think of was a betta, and I am...
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    5 Gallon Tank As stocked as Possible

    So maybe a honey gourami, small school of neon tetras, and some shrimp in a 10g? Or no shrimp?
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    any good TV shows/dramas out there?

    As I said, I have only seen the first season of Dexter. But thanks for the spoiler. lol
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    Fire Belly Newts Tank

    I may be confused, but are the fish in the tank with the newts? These newts, as mentioned, are poisonous. This poison is secreted directly off of their 'skin' and therefore, should not be kept in tanks with fish because it mixes into the water. Also, they shed their skin, which pollutes the...
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    Please type in English!

    Thank you Ken!! I was just noticing this too and am glad someone took the time to remind everybody.
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    any good TV shows/dramas out there?

    How many seasons are there? I'm excited now! I thought it got cancelled or something... I loved Kyle XY and that got cancelled....
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    any good TV shows/dramas out there?

    I've only seen the first season of Dexter, but it was awesome!!!!
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    Help Angelfish Stuck in ornament, now very injured

    I'm sorry to hear that. I would definitely recommend frequent water changes. Pristine water will help the fish to heal up on its own.
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    Help Want to built multi tank stand

    I wasn't saying to do ones exactly like hers, I was just thinking that she might have some ideas for you.
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    Help Want to built multi tank stand

    Ha I would PM Harpua2002! Have you seen her tanks? lol Take a look:
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    Help What can tiger barbs go with?

    Welcome to the forum! For what size tank?
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    any good TV shows/dramas out there?

    Pushing Daisies was a really cool show, but I'm not sure if it is still on..
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    Poor Alcatraz

    Hm.. Not it then. lol
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    Poor Alcatraz

    Sorry to hear that.. That name sounds familiar though.. Is it from 'Sorceror's Apprentice' by any chance?
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    Help I think my betta has ich :(

    Raise the temperate to about 82 degrees and increase number of water changes if it is ick.
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    I heart my new rubbernose pleco

    Can't wait for pictures!!
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    Funny How on earth do you count these things!?

    I had a big group of tiger barbs. It was near impossible trying to count them. Ended up counting 16 while they were asleep.
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    Question What should I do with my spare tanks

    Give them to me. LOL Just kidding. Hm... I would say if you want to do a salt nano, use one of the 10g instead of the 6.6g. Then maybe some shellies or pure strain endlers in the other 10? Or I always like neon species tanks.
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    100g Progress

    Though I think the main difference is, while both induce parental instincts, the small active fish are more likely to get away from actual harm than slower moving angelfish.
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    10 Gallon Tank New pot!

    I'd just make sure to keep an eye on it.
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    10 Gallon Tank New pot!

    Looks nice! Just be careful with the whole in the bottom. A lot of fish like to squeeze into places they won't fit into and get torn up fins.
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    What is your worst fishkeeping mistake?

    I treated a saltwater fish disease with a fresh water dip. It was extremely effective the first few times. Then I accidently did one without water conditioner...... Chlorine burn killed it....
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    Stocking List, what do you think?

    I would knock down your number of school types, up the total in each school left, and then add a centerpiece fish
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    5 Gallon Tank As stocked as Possible

    What about if it were a 10g tank?
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    5 Gallon Tank As stocked as Possible

    I am helping someone I know set up a fish tank for their college dorm, which limits them to a 5g tank (10g if she is really lucky). She says she wants it as active, stocked, and colorful as possible. Does anybody have any suggestions? I was thinking: -1 honey gourami -3-6 galaxy rasboras...
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    30g tank water exploded onto carpet!

    Haha I had half of my 55g drain out onto my floor one time while I wasn't home. The cat pulled the tube off my air pump for my bubbler and the water slowly drained out of it during the day. Except it was an upstairs tank, and the water dripped through my floor into the downstairs. Then through...
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    Help My creme sickle molly is swimming funny!!!

    Welcome to Fishlore!! Firstly, you need to find out the exact numbers from the test. Most of the time fish stores say everything is 'perfect' when really it isn't. Also, mollies should really be in a 30g or bigger.
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    55 Gallon Tank Stocking

    I'm thinking of aquascaping to create very clear and seperated territories for the apistos and gudgeons. If it were to become a problem, I would rehome one or the other.
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    Question Do clownfish mate for life?

    If two clownfish mated, but one of them died, would the surviving clownfish mate again with a new one?
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking around Celebes Rainbowfish

    It isn't really brackish, but he adds some aquarium salt to it.
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking around Celebes Rainbowfish

    Ok, I checked with the owner of the tank to be sure, and it turns out the tank is a 20 high. Sorry for the mistake. How would this cahange stocking options?
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    Question CBS Big Brother

    Hahaha I saw that and was like 'that can't be right.'
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    fry attacking

    What are you feeding the fry?
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    Ever been tickled by your fish?

    When I put my arm in for gravel-vacuuming, my tiger barbs pop the bubbles on my arm and nibble a little. It really does tickle! lol
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    15 Gallon Tank Bare Necesities for Plants

    Would I need to add a powerhead or something similiar to prevent the water getting stagnant since there would be no heater?
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    15 Gallon Tank Bare Necesities for Plants

    Would I need to then add a filter, or would the plants absorb most of the wastes/ nitrates?
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    15 Gallon Tank Bare Necesities for Plants

    So if I were to do a tank with low light plants, I would only need a good light and a heater? It has a mesh wire lid to it. Then add eco-complete as the substrate? I want ONLY plants- a plant only tank.
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    55 Gallon Tank Stocking

    I'm thinking: -2 angels -3 mollies -10 cardinal tetras -10 diamond tetras -6 Hegeli rasboras -2 apistos -2 peacock gudgeons -6 cories That's with two filters and twice weekly water changes.
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    15 Gallon Tank Bare Necesities for Plants

    The tank I want to use was a reptile tank, but it holds water just fine. It is actually about 18g. I wanted to use it simply as a plant growing tank. What are the bare necesities for this, I have never really kept plants before. Could I just cycle it, have a filter, and have a light? I would...
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    Help First aquarium

    You have a 20 gallon now?
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    Asiatic Theme, which fish?

    The tiger barbs would be very nippy with the gouramis.
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking around Celebes Rainbowfish

    I think a 20 long, but I am not sure.
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    55 Gallon Tank Stocking

    Not really I guess, I think I want a wide variety of fish. So peaceful would likely be easiest.
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking around Celebes Rainbowfish

    I am trying to help someone I know properly restock their tank. It is cycled (ammonia-0, nitrItes-0, nitrAtes- about 40) and has been running for over half a year. However, it has always been poorly stocked and, after much complaint on my part, they are allowing me to stock it! The one condition...
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    ich- what is recommended?

    I would recommend turning the heat up to about 84 degrees and doing large daily water changes, not medicating.
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    55 Gallon Tank Stocking

    I will not be keeping the barbs. I have plastic plants, and driftwood but the aquascaping can still be changed based on whatever I go with for stocking. It is 48 inches long. Any other stocking suggestions? I think I want as much variety as possible for the tank size, so I'm leaning towards a...
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    55 Gallon Tank Stocking

    I have had my 55g tank stocked since I got it over a year ago with tiger barbs. This will be changing fairly soon. I was hoping that everybody could throw in some input about all the different possibilities because I truely have no idea what to pick. Here are som possibilities to work from...

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