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    I do not think you can do much to convince fish to breed. Simply if the conditions are right, they do not feel threatened by other tank members, there is adequate room and parameters are right they will breed. Lots of live plants and places to hide in the form of caves will help.Sometimes...
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    King Betta - anyone has some experience?

    He is gorgeous. Thanks for giving him a home and getting him well. He probably just needed a healthy amount of water, and you have provided that. Most pet store bettas are kept in too small containers with unclean water. Not all bettas are interested in a mirror. Some more than others. He...
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    sick piranhas

    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore. Is this a newly set up tank? If so, cleaning the filter is not what you want to do. The filter needs to become seeded with beneficial bacteria to accommodate the bio-load. Did you cycle the tank before adding fish? How often are you doing water changes? Can you...
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    Question got a new hamster

    Thank you for giving him a home. I found a Netherland Dwarf Bunny just before Easter someone had dumped. He is adorable. Here is a nice article on their care~
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    Denison Barbs

    They are beautiful!
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    Dropsy is a symptom of an underlying issue. Is the tank new? Ammonia should be 0. I just cured a goldfish for the first time ever in my 40+ years keeping fish recently, using THIS food. Not sure if you could get it, or replicate it simply applying metronidazole to whatever your fish likes to...
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    Hello, welcome to Fish Lore! Can you please list all parameters,how long has the tank been set up, what other occupants,when was your last water change,do you use any chemicals, such as a dechlorinator when you do water changes,etc? Can you take a photo and post it? It could be dropsy.
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    Help My new male betta jumped out of his tank, but I rescued him in time... help?

    I am so sorry. Sending positive energy that he will be ok! Come on pretty guy, you have to be strong!I think the fact that he is still hanging is good. Keep thinking positive thoughts.
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    Dying Kuhli Loach - anyone know what this is

    Kuhlis have no scales and should never be treated with salt. You also have to be very careful what medications you use. Are you certain it isn't a pregnant female?
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    Help My new male betta jumped out of his tank, but I rescued him in time... help?

    Please let us know how he does. Can you pick up some API stress coat, or do you have any almond leaves on hand? The latter is used by those who do something terrible I will not speak of with Bettas. But it does work for healing and conditioning them.
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    29 Gallon Tank Stocking ideas

    I would do option 3 w/ the rasboras. Serpaes can be fin nippers, and angels have nice flowing fins. Not a good combo IMO. Are you going to be keeping live plants?
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    Help My new male betta jumped out of his tank, but I rescued him in time... help?

    Oh dear. I do hope he makes it. Wishing you the best.
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    traveling with fish ?

    Ryan makes the point, that fish are shipped without airstones regularly..true.As I said as an option as well. But I would still have one on hand in case something unforeseen happens to delay your trip. But that is just me. I like to be ready for all possibilities, and hate to think I killed my...
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    traveling with fish ?

    Hello, I suggest you purchase a Hurricane Category II airpump. It runs on batteries, and is very inexpensive. I would even get two so you have a back up. Good to have these around anyway, in case of a power outage. I would definitely utilize a small cooler as well, to keep the temperature...
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    white/grey thick cotton like substance.

    It is most likely a bacterial bloom. Just siphon it off frequently until it wanes. It is typical with fresh cut wood{which is not actually driftwood} I caution you if it gets excessive. I had a large piece of wood that was giving off gobs of it, and it quickly killed four of my fish.
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    Where To Find Flag Fish?

    Sach's sells flagfish, as well as other native FL fish. I have bought fw invertebrates from them for feeding. Nice people to deal with.
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    my new betta luna 2 : )

    Good luck with her. Thanks for getting her out of the dreaded cup.
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    Great to be joining you all...*I need help*

    Hello and welcome to Fishlore! When you say "wee tank with Kuhlis" what size tank exactly? Pea or dwarf puffers are kept strictly in freshwater. They do not play well with others, and need plenty of room and sight breaks if you keep more than one.
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    Titanium Heater Advice

    My experience was with saltwater and the titanium core will last, but you will be replacing controllers on a regular basis.
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    is this considered cruelty to an animal?

    Yes, there are no laws to protect how aquarium fish are kept sadly. No animal welfare agency would have the facility to house an abused fish. Thanks for trying. Maybe you just went about it the wrong way. How about printing something up and sending it to the place on proper care and tank...
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    Kuhli Loach!

    Frank's has them. I like Frank because he ships well, and his fish are qt'd,treated, and eating before they leave. I have been buying fish from him for years. In fact I have 4 coming from him tomorrow. In my experience pygmy cories spend as much time mid column as...
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    5 Gallon Tank My Large and In charge male

    He is gorgeous! Call him Sterling. Thanks for giving him a home.
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    A New Aquascape

    Here are a few more pics from Sunday,before I moved one plant. image image image image image image image image
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    A New Aquascape

    Thank you! Hope you have been well. I am going to be adding a small unconventional clean up crew. With the addition of all of the scape, some food will be left. I am adding 4 kuhli loaches. I love them, and they do a good job of nosing into tight spaces.
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    A New Aquascape

    Thank you!
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    White Bump on Goldfish Body

    It will be impossible to treat him in the tank with other fish.I would move the fish to a quarantine tank to begin with. What meds do you have available there?
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    A New Aquascape

    Hello fishlore friends. Once again my tank has changed. Here is the new look~ image image
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    My first fry - need help

    Cool, congrats!
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    Help me and my conure win a contest :)

    I was trying to win as well. I don't think we even came close.
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    Plant stocking advice

    I have grown red plants with no CO2. A couple to try~ Ludwigia Repens Rose Sword Red Rubin Sword Red Melon Sword Cryptocoryne Wendtii-red Sunset Hygrophylla-more of a pink *use some excel
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    What Veggies do you feed your fish?

    I caution the use of a lot of spinach. It is high in oxalic acid, and blocks absorption of calcium. Great thread!
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Oh, and I sold the Chi and put two of my endlers in the 90. They are loving life. They love to chase each other all I did get a new addition to my family, but she doesn't swim, she flies. Jewels
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    It figures you are from Texas. The ones I like I saw on the Adg website, which is also in Texas.
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Hello, thank you. I do need to go rock hunting. Both places that are big that I know of are out of town a good bit. I did buy some from a person on a forum from up north. Luckily I did not put them in my tank. I don't know what they did to make them black, but the black was washing off as I...
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Update pics.I had to remove the wood. I believe it killed some of my fish. image image image image image image image
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    image image image image
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    pics from the build image image image image image image image
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Thank you. Make sure you get 'Instant', not the regular. It is safe to put in with fish in the tank, as it has the bacteria in it. Thank you. Do you mean the Chi tank? It is a cool little tank, but the switch on the light was a poor design. It has broken and been replaced twice. My husband...
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    Thank you both.
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    Persistent diatoms

    Step up on water changes, and back off on lighting time/schedule. No fish, snail, or scrubby will get rid of this. It is a natural process in a new tank. The diatoms should give way to good green algae. When you see this happen, you should see some relief. If I am having this problem, I usually...
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    Thank you. Oh..keeping nanos for many years, I know the feeling of a few well meaning fish sent free, that you really have no room for. I recently lost my beloved platinum male betta named Zen, after a long bout with SBD. I was going to take the tank down for awhile, but decided to just set it...
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    Question Using bug bombs in an apartment full of tanks??? Help!!

    Go to Amazon and look up Human grade Diatomaceous earth. Read up on it, totally safe around pets. You can eat the stuff, but it kills bugs! I just bought ten Lbs, and a little applicator thingamajig.{has a narrow tip to get it in the cracks. You do not want to breathe in the dust of it, other...
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Thank you very much. There are a couple videos in the video section if anyone likes them. I love doing the videos, even if they are not the greatest.;D
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Thanks for the compliments. CPO=Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish/Cambarellus patzcuarensis
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    Thanks, he had a lot of black when he came here, hence the name. He has totally changed. He is just a long tail moor/telescope. I thought broadtail, but was chastised and corrected on another forum. A broadtail has no split I guess... his pics from when he arrived image image image his...
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Was a bit cloudy here after a I said, I need new pics. Nothing fancy, artificial plants It has a few endlers, some nerites, a cpo, and a couple wild guppies
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    New Tank Since I Last Visited

    Thanks foxhill! Actually, the substrate is Instant Tahitian Moon Sand.:;ufo of the Chi, I need some new ones. Let me go take a look and see what I have.

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