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  1. Gonoli

    Help Help With My Precious Boy

    i went and picked up a betta from my Lfs last month and i had him in a 10 gallon for awhile but he became very stressed so i tried putting in a divider to make it smaller since i suppose the big tank would stress him out since he lived in a cup his whole life but he still was very depressed and...
  2. Gonoli

    Reptiles Eating Baby Food?

    for those of you who own reptiles that eat vegetables. instead of veggies would i be able to use baby food? i have been wanting to get a lizard that eats veggies and my dad used to own iguanas and he would just feed them baby food and they were absolutely gorgeous, but i was just wondering how...
  3. Gonoli

    Ferret Cage Opinions?

    i have been highly considering getting a ferret i have done tons of research and i even had one before, but he free roamed my apartment and i want another but i cant really ferret proof my house for one because of all my aquariums and reptiles i will probably need a cage for one while im out of...
  4. Gonoli

    Betta Acting Very Different

    Okay so this is my first betta and he has been acting weird lately Normally he eats 3 pellets everyday and is a little sassy but he still greets me and only flares when there is a mirror infront of him but now he is flaring at everything and is only wanting to eat 1 or 2 pellets everyday and is...
  5. Gonoli

    Help!!!! Fish Stuck In Filter

    My dwarf gourami Vinnie got stuck in the filter just a few moments ago I managed to get him out ALIVE I for sure thought he would be dead but he is swimming around a little tub just fine just getting some air he is really torn up and one of his eyes in pushing inside of his head while the other...
  6. Gonoli

    Anyone Know The Sex Of My New Baby Turtle?

    Hi i recently got another redear slider he/she is a baby and i dont really know if that makes it harder to tell the sex but i know males have really long claws but i dont really see long claws so i think it might be a girl but he/she also has lots of pattern and i thought females dont have much...
  7. Gonoli

    Weird Mass??? Help!

    My dwarf gourami vinnie has developed this weird mass its white but with a red dot in the middle i noticed before when you shone a light on him you could see a mass inside of him but now it seems like its popping out and its got me really worried i have no idea what it is and i would do anything...
  8. Gonoli

    Dwarf Gouramis Dont Like Ground???

    I have 2 dwarf gouramis in 2 seperate 10 gallons and i move them around sometimes but what i realised is that when i put one closer to the floor it seems more stressed and this is my first time owning a fish thats not a goldfish so my apologies if i sound ridiculous
  9. Gonoli

    Why Is My Platy Being So Aggressive Suddenly????

    I have recently given my friend my Mickey Mouse platy he wasn't doing good in my tank all by himself so I gave him to my friend to put in her community tank she also had a platy and they were good friends they always swam together and had fun and then she added a new fish and suddenly my platy...

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