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    Buying Fish Online

    Just wondering where everyone has bought fish online, and what your experience was like. I am interested in hearing about ALL places y'all have experiences with, but I am VERY interested in hearing about experiences from Live Fish Direct. And...Go! Thank you.
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    Poll: Which Sand Substrate?

    After a week of doing research and seeing countless pictures and videos of different aquariums with different sands, I have narrowed it down to 3 choices. I think. Ha. Anyway, I am having a difficult choice choosing between the 3, so there is only one thing to do... Create a poll, of course...
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    Redoing My Mbuna 125 Gallon?

    So... I was just looking at my aquarium the other day, and the thought struck me that it could and should look much better than what it does... And, well, I've been thinking/obsessing about it ever since. I was wondering what rocks you recommend for mbunas? Also, what substrate? And if you say...
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    Cichlid Has Ich

    For the 1st time in 5 years, I think one of my aquariums has a very mild case of ich. I just noticed a small white spot on one of my cichlids (though not sure it IS ich) but another cichlid (a yellow tail acei in this case) has what could be a spot on either side of it. I started watching this...
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    Fluval E300 Heater

    So... I broke down and bought a fluval E300, and put it in my 75 gallon aquarium. The digital display on this heater has been all over the place, reading anywhere from 71F to as high as 82F. I put in at the preset 77F, and the glass thermometers (I put in 3 of them just to see what they were...
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    Hydro Pro Canister

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with this particular canister? If so, what do you think of it? Can you control water flow on it?
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    What Would You Do With A 46 Gallon Bowfront?

    So... My MTS is getting the best of me. I cannot take it anymore. So, if all goes according to plan, I am picking up a 46 gallon bowfront Saturday off of someone. This to go along with my 125 gallon (african cichlids) and 75 gallon planted (2 angelfish, a rainbow shark, some denison barbs, and...
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    30 Gallon Aquarium (eventually.)

    So... My next project I believe will be a 30 gallon aquarium. (This will be after I find room for it, as I currently have a 125 gallon and a 75 gallon, plus the little 2.5 gallon for the betta.) Anyway, the plan includes this aquarium being planted, and I'm thinking of putting livebearers in...
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    Looking For Recemmendations

    Hi everyone, I am looking to replace my 72" aquarium light in the near future. I have Mbuna cichlids in my aquarium, and LOVE the way this 50/50 light looks on them: So does anyone have any idea what led light I would need to get this similar look? I would like to just buy another 72" light...
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    High Nitrates From Tap

    Hi everyone. My tap has high nitrates (80-90ish, according to API test kit.) Ammonia and Nitrite are always at zero in my aquariums, but of course the nitrates reflect what my water source is. My 75 gallon (planted) has been up and running for about 4 years, and my 125 gallon mbuna aquarium has...
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    Activated Carbon

    Do you use activated carbon in your aquarium(s?) Why or why not?
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    The Course Foam Pad

    As most or all of us know, there are a seemingly endless options of media to put in canister filters. And on top of that, there seems to be some debate on where to put the coarse pad that comes with most canisters. Do you put your coarse pad in the bottom, or do you put it somewhere else, after...
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    Invertebrates Becoming Dinner?

    Hello everyone... I am in the final stages of planning for my 55 gallon heavily planted low-mid light aquarium, and wanted some insight/opinions on something... In this aquarium, I am very much wanting to keep red cherry shrimp, amano shrimp, and some nerite snails. The problem is that I...
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    Overstocking A Low Light Planted Aquarium?

    Hello everyone I will be setting up a low light planted aquarium, probably within the next 2 months, and am wondering what you all thought of this stocking list for it. I have 3 tanks running very successfully for 3+ years now (4, counting my quarantine tank) but have never had a truly planted...
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    Best/Worst Places to Buy Online

    I may be buying some fish online before too long, and of course there are seemingly endless options. I was wondering if I could get any recommendations where to buy from? Any places you have had multiple experiences with and would buy from again? Any places you would NOT buy from again?

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