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  1. IheartMolly

    Aquarium Heater Smoked during water change

    i totaly forgot to turn off the aquarium heater during water change and it caused the heater to smoke when i tried to unplug it. and the smoke smells really really bad. i threw it in the water to stop the smoke and Does anyone know what i should do.? I have fans running and the tank is 20g in...
  2. IheartMolly

    135 stockings

    145 Gallon tank has bala sharks, blue gourami, red/black shirt tetras, fancy goldfishs, plecos and one angelfish I have looked at the freshwater fish profile section but i go to an aquarium store not a fish store to buy my fish. So they have alot of different kinds of fish common ones to ones...
  3. IheartMolly

    little round creatures

    I just bought some fancy goldfish and i noticed that there is some light greenish creatures on the fish. it seems on the black fancy goldfish it is discolored where they are. please help ! thanks!
  4. IheartMolly

    how many

    I just got 7 guppies 1 male 6 female to make it 2 male and 8 females. So over the last 2 days 3 have ended up dead. We have about 10 neons as well as 3 Chinese algae eaters. Also 1 neon died as well.
  5. IheartMolly

    guppy had babies!

    We got some gubbues at PETsMART and out popped fry!!! On the way home what to do!!!! What to do!!! I'm not a baby person lol help
  6. IheartMolly

    Alot of plants!

    So my partner is crazy but smart! We got 52 plants of all variety yesterday and its amazing 52 plants for 135 dollars! He also got LED light for the 140g tank and its already has fish in it right now and its cloudy due to the fact he never wanted to wash the tank!!!! I wanted to teach him a...
  7. IheartMolly

    Filter in Est. tank

    So we have two filters that are going in the 140g tank in the 55gallon tank. how long does it tank for them to get the BB it need to put in the 140g?
  8. IheartMolly

    Going to Arkansas

    :;a2 Well I wont be on for a couple of weeks starting next week. My Grandmother is not doing good and her cancer is getting worse. So my mom, brother, and uncle are going to arkansas from washington. They are stopping here in san francisco so i can go as well. It was only last September my...
  9. IheartMolly

    flushing fish! Reposted!

    This is a story! ! ! I flushed fish that had died and the sewage backed up! !why would you delete a post of this!? its a story. i killed no fish! this is outrageous! I have no message in my inbox! Its deleted cause a fish died?!
  10. IheartMolly

    Play Sand?

    We was getting paint for our 140g stand and my partner was looking at play sand... what do you say about that? Is it good bad? do you use it? would you use it?
  11. IheartMolly

    not cloudy anymore!

    Its been cloudy and this time is the first time its been clear! it happened overnight! what causes cloudy water and not having cloudy water is that good?
  12. IheartMolly

    How many fish do you have?

    How many fish do you have?
  13. IheartMolly

    Before and After

    went from fake to real took about an hour cleaning and rearranging enjoy
  14. IheartMolly

    What should I stock with this?

    I recently got a 140 Gallon Tank and NEED YOU FISH EXPERTS!! My 55 gallon has many fish and you can work with that as well. In the 55 Gallon is as follows... don't fall out of your chairs reading this list please i know to many! thats why i need your help! ** 2 Tinfoil Barbs 1 large 1...
  15. IheartMolly

    From The Beginning 140g

    In this Thread I will go through with you on my adventure with this 140g monster lol. Right now i will show you the start. its in the garage and not ready for upstairs just yet. paint oh yeah! lol Pictures- The picture of it not in good shape when we first went to get it. Then it cleaned up...
  16. IheartMolly

    Just did a Test.

    My readings are as follows pH 6.6 Ammonia 0.5ppm nitrite 5.0ppm +/-1.0 nitrate 10ppm Is this good readings and if you have any input love to hear
  17. IheartMolly

    my tank lookin good

    its way better lookin now
  18. IheartMolly

    what type of cichlid is this?

    they are not cute sorry for the photo kinda bulry
  19. IheartMolly

    New Tank!!!!! Yay!

    We are getting a 140 gallon TANK!!! today! yay!!! now what. now what! lol now no one can say our 55g tank is to small! what! lol
  20. IheartMolly

    Cannot tell.

    This fish is a barb i know that but what kind of barb? i thought it was a gold barb but that said that only grew to 3 inches. this fish i got today is about 7 inches! i felt so happy it was awesome big. i like big. but ya and also if you know what type of fish this is. can scales grow back...
  21. IheartMolly

    You have to see this!

    sunset platy with a logo on his tail so cute!!!!!!
  22. IheartMolly

    too many fish

    Well apparently I had to many fish and some will outgrow my tank. I don't know how to rehome them so I re homed them to fish heaven. =( Some will call me evil but its best for my tank apparently. My partner said " they are there for my amusement" so I killed them =(=(=(=(
  23. IheartMolly

    whats wrong?!

    I'm starting to begin to think what the Asian guy said about evil spirits in my tank! So my blue gourami don't look good behind one eye he has a gadge. I don't think it is velvet, but we did a water change and it might be hith (hole in the head) a freshwater fish disease) He is in the log going...
  24. IheartMolly

    Scared! (Warning Graphic Image)

    As i was heeding advice and taking it. i was cleaning my tank when all of a sudden i moved a log to clean it and out popped a skelton! :_( it SCARED me and i literary jumped 3-4 feet in the air! you guys been through this i know i seen a couple post about these scary events!
  25. IheartMolly

    Tiger Tetra Pregnant?

    I think one of our Black Shirt tetra's is pregnant. if anyone knows on any information other than the information page i would really like that. thanks!
  26. IheartMolly

    Would you be a saltwater or freshwater fish

    would you be a saltwater fish or a freshwater fish?
  27. IheartMolly

    Angel say what?

    what you lookin at homie.
  28. IheartMolly

    i love my gouramis!

    if anyone disagrees you guys should watch mine they are so funny. esp with they wake up and bump into the glass its so CUTEE!!
  29. IheartMolly

    Shipping Fish

    how do you ship fish jeta? or anyone that can answer?
  30. IheartMolly

    40 Gallon Tank Should i buy....

    Its a salt water tank and its 39g I know nothing about this. and pricing... does it look good for that much?
  31. IheartMolly

    Nitrogen Cycle.

    Hello Everyone, btw nitrite and nitrate are confusing sorry if i name them wrong. Ok heres the thing I am trying to get my Nitrate to a safe level. Yes I need your help! I read the Link to Nitrogen Cycle on this site and understand the process. But there is one catch, My partner and I are...
  32. IheartMolly

    Mollys pH level question

    Me and my partner are doing a treatment to lower the pH level in our tank. To about 6.8... when i was reading the info on Mollys it said to be at 7.5 - 8.5 i believe what would happen to the mollys if we got the pH level to 6.8 which is way lower than what it should be at.??? thanks for the help .
  33. IheartMolly

    Photo unknown fish

    whats this?! i have no clue! lol please help thanks
  34. IheartMolly

    What fish is this?

    there are two that i have questions about. and im not really an expert on them . this one has two anteneas on the bottom of it and is a descent size. please help ty
  35. IheartMolly

    My Tank :)

    im trying to attempt to name all my fishes but r failing bad lol
  36. IheartMolly

    Molly Male is aggressive

    I have 2 male mollys and 2 female mollys the bigger male molly is always chasing the other mollys esp the bigger female molly. is this common for the male molly to be the bully? lol
  37. IheartMolly

    Sick Molles

    Hello I have a concern My molleys are sick! We started a new water cycle by adding bacteria powder stuff discus buffer and neutral regulator also that really smelly stuff its called special blend looks like brown paint or something. but we did this because we went to an aquarium store here...

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