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  1. BetaBeFresh

    What Fish To Add Next To 55g?

    Maybe a pair of GBR would look real nice. Or maybe some Congo tetras.
  2. BetaBeFresh

    Cory Catfishes Hogging Food

    If you really think it's going to be a big problem you could always put the cats in a separate container while feeding then put the back.
  3. BetaBeFresh

    10g Salty

    I just have some questions about a salt water 10g tank that I might have to try. 1. How expensive should it be to have and maintain. 2. What stock could you have on a 10g 3. Do you need live coral. 4. Could I use a filter that is meant for fresh. 5. Is there anything a begginer saltwater person...
  4. BetaBeFresh

    10 Gallon Tank Planning A 10 Gallon Tank

    I have done 3 10 gallons so I have a good idea on most stuff XD. The ottos need a mature tank because they will eat the algae. The platies can get a little big for a 10g but I tried them and all it is that you have to do 40% water changes every week as they are a bit messy. So far it all...
  5. BetaBeFresh

    Looking For New Feeding Options- Blind Goldfish

    Omega™ One Goldfish Pellets Fish Food | fish Food | PetSmart Try this I had a blind beta once and he would only eat omega one pellets and these ones sink so hope you figure it out!
  6. BetaBeFresh

    Betta Isn't Doing Well

    I am thinking that the water is not well oxygenated. Do you have an air stone or any live plants?
  7. BetaBeFresh

    Planted Tank Help

    I think they will look good with the plants and I have a sunken ship deco to go with it as well!
  8. BetaBeFresh

    Betta Isn't Doing Well

    Before anyone comes to a conclusion just a few questions. What are the water parameters all of them? What is the tank size? How old is the beta? Did you cycle the tank after moving or did you keep the old water? And what do you do for water changes.
  9. BetaBeFresh

    Planted Tank Help

    My stock plan is to get 1 male scarlet badis and 3 females and some kind of bottom dweller
  10. BetaBeFresh

    Planted Tank Help

    Ok so I could do some crypts for the back maybe keep some nice Anubis for mid ground (well trimed) and some kind of carpet plant for foreground
  11. BetaBeFresh

    Planted Tank Help

    I am wondering what I should use in my planted 10g tank I was thinking some swords and that's all I can come up with. I am also wondering what substrate I should use should I use. Thanks
  12. BetaBeFresh

    All Used Items 10g Planted Build

    Thanks I looked at the pandas and I will probably switch to them
  13. BetaBeFresh

    All Used Items 10g Planted Build

    I am just starting the cycle for my new all used items 10G planted build it's going to be fun! I am planning to stock it with 1 male scarlet badis and 3 female scarlet badis (Dario Dario) and 3 or 4 pepper Corys. I don't know what to plant it with yet but maybe you guys can give me ideas. Here...
  14. BetaBeFresh

    75 Gallon Stock Ideas

    I just found out the the 55 gallon I was getting is actually a 75 gallon so I have to change my entire plan. So you guys could help on were to start that would be great thanks!
  15. BetaBeFresh

    Setup For New Tank Help

    Thank you so much! I am thinking a canister filter maybe the Fluval 207 Performance Canister Filter and a 200 watt heater. Planted sounds good and for stock maybe some convicts with 6 pepper Corys and a school of something
  16. BetaBeFresh

    What Would You Add To This 10 Gal?

    You could add 2 female guppies and let them breed. The guppies will just eat the fry so free food!
  17. BetaBeFresh

    Setup For New Tank Help

    I really need help with what to stock my 50 or 55 gallon I am getting and what filter, should I do planted or not, what kind of heater, and anything else I am missing. I had 2 10g tanks before so this will be my first decent sized tank. Thanks

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