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  1. KKM

    Child Proof Fish

    That’s considered the bare minimum for one and they do better with company. It’s like one goldfish in a 20g: bare minimum but far from ideal, and most keepers advise against it.
  2. KKM

    How Many Male Guppies In A 10 Gallon?

    I’ve kept all males in a ten gallon before with great success. A group of 5 disperses the aggression quite nicely, but I wouldn’t do any more than that. My current all-male group is no less harmonious than my female-dominated breeding colony, so it can definitely be done (males are smaller...
  3. KKM

    10g Stocking Ideas

    As mentioned before, pea puffers are fun to watch feed BUT can be extremely picky, especially when wild-caught. I’ve had mine for several months and can’t even get her to take frozen, let alone dry. That said, they are a blast to watch feed on pest snails. My sparkling gourami is a remarkably...
  4. KKM

    Question Best Filter For 20 Gallon

    It really depends on your stocking, but if you do plan to fully stock your tank I HIGHLY suggest getting an Aquaclear 50 or 70. Despite what the box says, the 20 and 30 just aren’t enough (as the sole filter, that is).
  5. KKM

    Child Proof Fish

    ACFs should really be in a 20 long or larger- at least, xenopus laevis should. They are very active and have an extremely high bioload (think axolotl). They are also social creatures and in my experience seem much more comfortable with tankmates of their own species. Overall, I’d say no to...
  6. KKM

    Five Gallon Stocking Ideas

    I think that a group of 5-6 should be fine so long as you monitor parameters and keep up with water changes.
  7. KKM

    Five Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Personally, I have found CPDs to be quite active and, seeing as they do much better in larger groups, much prefer a 10g minimum. I second a sparkling gourami; you could probably do one as a centerpiece with a small group of boraras. My SG is one of my most outgoing and interactive fish, which...
  8. KKM

    Shrimp And Dwarf Gourami?

    Have you considered honey gouramis? They can be alone or in groups and are less likely than dwarfs to eat your shrimp.
  9. KKM

    Serpea Tetra Tank Mates

    Serpae tetras and tiger barbs are the two most notorious fin nippers- they should be fine together. Skirt tetras also do really well.
  10. KKM

    29g Stocking

    Corydoras aeneus and albinos are the same species, so I think that if you reduce the school of corydoras a bit, you should be fine. I second temperature though. White clouds really need cold water to thrive (not COLD cold... you know what I mean).
  11. KKM

    Bettas In Stores

    My betta is gorgeous (well, I guess that’s subjective, but he’s a double tail with HUGE fins) and I got him at Petco for $7. I think it must be regional. Side note: before this betta, I had one that cost $60 from Thailand, and it honestly wasn’t any nicer than the one I have now.
  12. KKM

    Important Snake Food

    If you can’t feed mice, you could try something like reptilinks which are little sausages. However, if your snake doesn’t take them, you’ll have to go onto mice. That’s what happened with my ball python. Have you considered garter snakes? They can live on fish and worms their entire life and...
  13. KKM

    Pearl Or Blue Gourami ?

    I think that three-spots are one of the only fish that can live with tiger barbs, as they will defend themselves. I would start with an adult so it doesn’t get picked on, and make sure to watch closely for any initial aggression. If you can get M/F or F/F, you could do two. You hit the nail...
  14. KKM


    A lot of people will use Latin names to try and sound sophisticated, only to totally butcher the pronunciations. For example, all ‘c’s in Latin are hard, and ‘i’s are all pronounced ‘ee’. Since Latin is a base language of sorts, I’ll always resort to Latin pronunciations when in doubt, as...
  15. KKM

    50g Goldfish Stocking?

    Dojo loaches should be in groups of at least three, so if I were you I’d rehome the one you have and scratch the idea altogether as they get BIG. You could do mystery snails or, if you didn’t have the loach, a school of white clouds or a bristlenose pleco.
  16. KKM

    Question Male Guppy

    I have one male that’s like that too... all the other males in the tank are slim but for some reason he’s extra chunky.
  17. KKM

    New 46g Bowfront!! Help!

    It depends on the personalities of the fish, as territory will be more of an issue than bioload, but if you buy a young group of 4-5 they should be okay.
  18. KKM

    Bristle-nose Pleco Or Chinese Algae Eater

    Male BN are quite territorial so stick with one. At the size you typically get them (1-2”), you can’t tell the gender, but it doesn’t affect their algae eating abilities so you’re good with male or female.
  19. KKM

    Am I Over Stocked

    I think you could swing 5 lemon tetras but no more than that. And that would be absolute maximum. You could do a school of 6-10 smaller tetras like embers or glowlights if you want a schooling fish, but again, one school and you’re at the maximum for the tank. I think as long as you’re...
  20. KKM

    Wanted: Pest Pond Snails

    I can sell you 80 for $8 plus shipping if you’re interested. I actually have a lot of large ones at the moment because my pea puffer will only eat the tiny ones.
  21. KKM

    Want To Buy Male Angelfish

    I currently have a single adult female and I’m looking for a male to pair her up with. Color/variety doesn’t matter but the fish must be a definite male. I’m not looking to breed for profit or anything; I primarily want a pair because I find their behavior fascinating. I am located in San...
  22. KKM

    Question 55g Rainbow Tank?

    If you prefer the larger rainbows, boesemani is probably the best you’re gonna get as far as hardiness goes. But go with whichever variety you like the look of best, as virtually all of them will thrive in the setup you described.
  23. KKM

    Question Breeding For Profit Tank

    I second not trying to keep fish if you want to maximize profit, but if you want to breed fish in the same tank purely for your own enjoyment, n-class endlers like blue stars and black bars are in pretty high demand. Again, you’ll make the most money sticking to just shrimp. If you want you...
  24. KKM

    Question 55g Rainbow Tank?

    Have you considered praecox? They look fantastic in a big school and have a much lower bioload than something like boesemani or australian.
  25. KKM

    Question Stocking Ideas For 10 Gallon?

    Ooh, I forgot white clouds! They typically do well with shrimp and are super hardy. I’m not sure what the temperature requirements for emerald corys are but white clouds and shrimp can both be kept without a heater. You could do a really cool mountain stream biotope if you decide to go that...
  26. KKM

    Question Stocking Ideas For 10 Gallon?

    If you’re going by activity level, mollies and platies are both extremely active, at least in my experience. They’re also large enough to eat most dwarf shrimp.
  27. KKM

    Question Stocking Ideas For 10 Gallon?

    Why do you say that? I would think that mollies and platies require a lot more space than something with a tiny bioload like CPDs.
  28. KKM

    Question Stocking Ideas For 10 Gallon?

    Celestial pearl danios.
  29. KKM

    Do You Have Any Weird Animals?

    As of now, the only non-aquatic “exotic” I have is a ball python. In the past I’ve had a lot of semi-uncommon amphibians (sierran tree frogs, spring peepers, spotted salamanders, woodhouse toads, firebellied newts, etc) but they’re kind of a niche and not super impressive to most people.
  30. KKM

    Question Best Filter Media For Cheap

    Most people just replace it every 1-2 weeks. You can maybe rinse it out once but I prefer just switching it out.
  31. KKM

    Question Stocking Ideas For 10 Gallon?

    I’d be worried about the emerald corys eating the shrimp. Is there no way for you to rehome them? Maybe on BSTF? With regards to shrimp tankmates, you have a lot of options. For small schooling fish, you could go with a group of any of the boraras species, ember or green neon tetras, CPDs...
  32. KKM

    Question Petco Vs. Petsmart?

    In my area (San Diego), Petco is far better, with my closest location sporting a huge aquatics section with RODI water, live rock, and several difficult to find species. I used to have three local Petcos like this, but two are being remodeled and not selling any live animals anymore. I’ve...
  33. KKM

    Question Best Filter Media For Cheap

    My favorite DIY media is polyester quilt batting from the fabric store. It’s the exact same thing as “filter floss” and can be purchased in HUGE sheets (like 4’x4’) for less than $10. Add some bio media (which doesn’t need to ever be replaced) and you’re good to go.
  34. KKM

    New 46g Bowfront!! Help!

    Have you considered electric blue rams instead of acaras? They look similar but are smaller and can be kept successfully with kuhli loaches (I have done so myself with no issues). If you’re set on EBA, larger corydoras and plecos make excellent bottom dwellers.
  35. KKM

    What’s In Your 20 Gallon?

    Oh goodness... I have six 20H with some pretty different stockings. Tank 1: 1x blue ram, 7x neon tetra, 1x cardinal tetra, 5x ember tetra Tank 2: 4x platy, 2x molly Tank 3: 1x pearl gourami, 10x kuhli loach Tank 4: 1x honey gourami, 1x pea puffer, 5x cherry barb, 1x zebra nerite, 1x tiger...
  36. KKM

    10 Gallon Tank Best Bottom Feeder For Guppies?

    I second shrimp- I have kept guppies with ghosts, amanos, and neocaridinas with no issues. Depending on how many guppies you have, you could also do a small group of dwarf corydoras (pygmaeus, habrosus, hastatus) or asian stone cats.
  37. KKM

    20l Fowr Equipment?

    After nine freshwater tanks, I finally feel ready to jump into the other side of the hobby. I know it’s best to start with something larger, but I’d like to be able to set this tank up without reconfiguring the entire fishroom, so I’ve decided to go with a 20L. The plan is to keep it as simple...
  38. KKM

    Help Sexing Angelfish

    Apparently I’m the least observant fishkeeper ever- I’m laughing so much right now at the fact that I noticed it in the picture but not as I stared directly at them for five minutes! At least I know with 100% certainty now.
  39. KKM

    Help Sexing Angelfish

    I have a single angel that I thought was male for a long time, but upon closer inspection of its breeding tube I’m not so sure- since (s)he’s my only angel, I have nothing to compare to. What do you guys think? I can take full body pictures if that helps. edit: Wait... I think those must be...
  40. KKM

    75 Gal New Stocking Plan. Need More Advice.

    I would be wary of keeping zebra danios with guppies as they are notorious fin nippers. It could work with a large school but personally I have not had success with it. A school of rasboras or cherry barbs would probably work better.
  41. KKM

    Display Fish Ideas For A 20?

    There really aren’t any “big” fish you can keep in a 20, but as far as centerpieces go, dwarf cichlids (rams, apistos, maybe kribs) and several gourami species are suitable.
  42. KKM

    Stocking A 5 Gallon Betta Tank

    I keep my betta with both ghosts and amanos and she’s never tried to peck at them. Ditto on the amanos though; the extra cost is definitely worth it for a shrimp that will eat hair algae.
  43. KKM

    Bolivian Ram Not Eating?

    What are you feeding them? Most rams are pretty finicky eaters.
  44. KKM

    Color Addition?

    Cardinals do much better in established tanks. If you do decide to go that route, I’d try and get your hands on adult-sized fish so that your angel is less likely to pick them off.
  45. KKM

    Bright Community 30 Gal Build

    Cherry barbs don’t get larger than 2” and are peaceful. I keep mine with all of the species you mentioned and they’re even more placid than my neons.
  46. KKM

    Tank Mates For Guppies

    Glofish are generally pretty nippy. Female bettas *can* work, but it really depends on the individual. I have one with my guppies with no issues but a) the tank is 40 gallons and b) I have an extra tank in case it doesn't work out.
  47. KKM

    Guppies In A 10 Gal

    I honestly think a lot of it depends on the strain. I kept 8 in a ten gallon for a while and they had plenty of room. They are all show guppies, however, and have very heavy fins- they can't swim fast at all. Moreover, they are all on the small side (most are smaller than my neons) as most...
  48. KKM

    Tall, Bunchy Plant Recommendations

    I second cambomba and vals. Amazon swords are also incredibly fast growers and make for an excellent background.
  49. KKM

    Several Questions: Current Stock, Fish Activity + More

    Part of the problem is likely the fact that most of the fish listed must be in groups. Dojo loaches need to be in groups of at least three, kuhlis and rainbows (each species) five, preferably more. Your loaches will be much less shy with companions. Also keep in mind they are nocturnal, so...
  50. KKM

    Tank Mates For Guppies

    Guppies aren't schooling fish so you don't need a group, but since you have all males, I'd recommend getting a couple more to spread out aggression. Small tetras such as neons, cardinals, and embers are all good choices as are cories, kuhli loaches, and invertebrates. I'd stay away from...

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