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  1. yukondog

    Kribensis And Cockatoo

    I think that might be a bad idea.
  2. yukondog

    Can I Feed Them Bloodworm?

    I cut or just shave off only what you need for that feeding that way you never have any waist. Or you can take a couple of cubes cut them up into smaller portions and freeze in a ice tray with some water in each one, i use the small cube silicone ones from Walmart, cheap and they work.
  3. yukondog

    Am I Sabatoging Cycling??

    Like mattgril said, did you keep the good bacteria [BBB] from your filter media alive or did you start a new filter media?
  4. yukondog

    Can I Feed Them Bloodworm?

    Once or twice a week is fine. All mine get blood worms, mosquito larva and brine shrimp once a week.
  5. yukondog

    Can I Feed Them Bloodworm?

    Yes, sparingly,
  6. yukondog

    Question How To Turn Down An Air Pump That Can't Be Turned Down?

    Get a thingyamedoodah and you'll be fine.
  7. yukondog

    Question How To Turn Down An Air Pump That Can't Be Turned Down?

    I do just the same as JayH, by pinching the line the pump works harder and will burn up sooner than wanted.
  8. yukondog

    What To Mix With Kribs?

    What size tank do you have, what are you looking to do, breed or just have them in a tank with other fish?
  9. yukondog

    Hole Size In Terra Cotta Pots?

    I paint the outside of my tanks. Anytime I might do something new that I'm not positive it will harm the fish, I never test on my apisto's, use guppies or some other cheap fish.
  10. yukondog

    New Krib Tank

    If you can put him in another tank for a week or two and let him rebuild his strength, after you reintroduce him I would watch close, I have had the female kill the male after breeding and vice versa, you may need to relocate him to his own tank for awhile. Good luck
  11. yukondog

    Feeding Pleco Fry

    When I breed my BN I keep food in the tank fresh veggie's in every day and change it out daily, just stay on top of your water changes.
  12. yukondog

    Whitish Threads, Fuzzy Walls

    Looks like alga, if no fish I would just keep your filter media in some tank water, clean everything good put back together, you wont lose your cycle and everything will be clean.
  13. yukondog

    Pulled This Out Today.

    mosquito larvae, throw a couple cheap guppies in and there will be no more mosquito larvae.
  14. yukondog

    Keeping Occupied

    No never 10 feet, but I have seen them give the thumbs up more times than I can count.
  15. yukondog

    Keeping Occupied

    Yep, ear muffs. Gotta protect all that grey matter between the ears.
  16. yukondog

    Hello All New From Florida

    Welcome Fljoe, from N.W.Fl.
  17. yukondog

    Keeping Occupied

    Living here for forty years and seeing the jets from the end of the flight line wearing ear muffs [priceless].
  18. yukondog

    When's Your Anniversary?

    For me it's 8/13/16
  19. yukondog

    Oscar Rescue, Best Way To Proceed

    Sounds like your doing something right, mine would pout every time I did a water change.
  20. yukondog

    Question Filter Gets Insanely Dirty, How To Prevent?

    Mine get like that, I clean my filter every three w/c or if starts to clog up which doesn't happen very often, but i also do a good vac. every w/c.
  21. yukondog

    Baby Fish, Who Is Your Baby Mommy?

    sorry did not see your post about the 10 gl.
  22. yukondog

    Baby Fish, Who Is Your Baby Mommy?

    Welcome to the sight, Lbruder. What size tank do you have? It looks like a ember tetra but will leave that to others as I'm terrible at identifying.
  23. yukondog

    Are Ram Eggs Ok?

    Why are you going to pull them? Do you have any other fish in with them? The wigglers you should be able to see, sometimes they can be hard to see. Good luck
  24. yukondog

    Are Ram Eggs Ok?

    Give them 3-4 days, if they eat them don't worry in a couple of weeks you;ll have more, sometimes it takes them a few tries to get it right.
  25. yukondog

    Fixing Broken Center Brace

    First thing is how many gl., is it a tank that is display or breeder? If it is a tank that is breeder, for the cheap but effective you could go to Lowes/Home Depot and just use a piece of 1" aluminum flat bar and just bend a 90 dig. angel on each end to hold the top where it is supposed to be or...
  26. yukondog

    New Krib Tank

    Sounds like you have eggs or will soon. How are they doing now?
  27. yukondog

    No Fish In Walmart

    Are Walmart is the same they just got rid of all there fish here to.
  28. yukondog

    Kribs In A Species Only Tank?

    A pair of kribs would do great in your tank, they breed easy and are great fish to have.
  29. yukondog

    Kribs In A Species Only Tank?

    I've been playing with kribs for awhile and having more than one female in the tank has never done well for me. Like chromedome52 said break the line of sight and lots of plants and hiding places, and keep a close eye on the tank for aggression and have another tank ready. Good luck
  30. yukondog

    Do Indian Almond Leaves Have Any Negative Effect On Fishes Other Than Bettas?

    The best thing I have found for me at least is water change, water change and more water changes.
  31. yukondog

    Mystery Fish

    Maybe a Gambusa?
  32. yukondog

    New Krib Tank

    How's your krib tank doing.
  33. yukondog

    Where To Get Live Food For Bettas

    Our local pet smart sells flightless fruit flies and most of the frozen foods.
  34. yukondog

    Toddler Dumped Flake Food In Tank

    You'll be fine, and keep the kids into it.
  35. yukondog

    Can You Rinse Filter Out With Treated Water?

    I do the same thing, but I have two sponges in each tank also that never sees tap water.
  36. yukondog

    New Krib Tank

    Looks nice,I would add more plants and maybe some rocks to break up the line of sight and to add more hiding places, do you plan on breeding them or just keeping one?
  37. yukondog

    Dojo Xxxxxx

    I've had dojo's before a long time ago and forgot how neet they are. I picked up two albino's about 4" long last week and there already starting to eat from my fingers.
  38. yukondog

    Help Water Wisteria

    I would just cut the dead off and plant the live part.
  39. yukondog

    What’s Up With My Java Fern?

    Mine do the same thing and there old and established, hopefully someone more experienced will chime in.
  40. yukondog

    Dojo Loach Help

    Welcome, there tough.
  41. yukondog

    Anyone Else Frustratingly Disadvantaged By Location?

    I'd be afraid too, I draw the line at 55 gl.
  42. yukondog

    Anyone Else Frustratingly Disadvantaged By Location?

    Can't your husband build and seal it for you? Sealing a tank is easier than most think. Good luck.
  43. yukondog

    Water Changes With Fish In Tank

    The'll be fine, I do the same when doing W/C, I never take the fish out.
  44. yukondog

    Lets Take A Vote - Baby Fish Id

    Really need a better pict. but, I lean towards Gambusa also.
  45. yukondog

    Coolest Store Find?

    For me it was a sturgeon about 3".
  46. yukondog

    Is This A Pair Of Kribensis?

    By the pict. if you dont have eggs now check in the morning, are you wanting fry? You are correct the first one is female and the second one is male.
  47. yukondog

    Showing Off My New Guy.

    Nice looking fish, I have the wild caught brick red.
  48. yukondog

    Overweight Apisto?

    He does not look all that fat to me but does look like a old boy, when there head gets bigger than there body I have heard that means there getting old, but to be honest my oldest apisto I got in 2017 all my others are younger than 2 years. Do you know how old he is?

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