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  1. Anat3maDev1ce

    Axoltol Gills!

    All my levels are fine and his gills aren't curled at all, they stick backwards mostly. I read that flowing water (from filters) stresses them out and causes their gills to curl forward. ( forum)
  2. Anat3maDev1ce

    What is your favorite book? What book are you currently reading?

    IME, pushing books onto kids isn't really successful, but allowing them to find titles that they connect with and are interested in will have them immersed in hours. My 11 year old loves Rick Riordan's series, Harry Potter, Greek Mythology, and he did read Treasure Island and enjoy it.
  3. Anat3maDev1ce

    What is your favorite book? What book are you currently reading?

    Horns was written by Joe Hill, Stephen King's other son, along with some other horror novels. I thought the ending was a little rushed as well, and would have liked more of a background on Eve and the moth situation.
  4. Anat3maDev1ce

    Considering A New Tank

    Yeah the goldfish are permanent residents and have their own tank in the kid's room. The lotl is in a temporary tank in our living room till he goes home. I definitely will wait for the move. It's a 14-16 hour drive and not one I'd want to attempt with a lot of fish. Moving the crab tank is...
  5. Anat3maDev1ce

    20 Facts About You

    1. I have green hair. 2. I love cacti. 3. I am studying Spanish, Japanese, French and German right now with plans to learn others in the future. 4. I volunteer for 2 non-profits, one related to mental health and the other domestic violence. 5. I'm collecting prints of different artist's...
  6. Anat3maDev1ce

    What is your favorite book? What book are you currently reading?

    I just finished Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.
  7. Anat3maDev1ce

    Seachem Prime

    Check your city's municipal website to see if they use chloramines to treat the water. Our tap water tests at .50-1.0ppm for ammonia because of this.
  8. Anat3maDev1ce

    Anyone Like Legos?

    We have so. many. Lego. My son is almost 12 and since he was 4 that was one of the very few toys he ever had any interest in playing with. We've got Star Wars, The Hobbit, several Marvel sets, Ninjago, TMNT, Batman, The Lone Ranger, Random City sets, Chima, Jurassic World, Hero Factory, The...
  9. Anat3maDev1ce

    Considering A New Tank

    I have an API liquid kit. I am currently caring for a friend's axolotl and my son has 2 goldfish that were rescued from a festival about 3-4 years ago. I am moving to Arizona and live in Texas currently.
  10. Anat3maDev1ce

    Outdoor Cat In Extreme Weather

    Feral and outdoor cats are at a much greater risk of illnesses and infections, such as abscesses from fighting other feral or stray cats. They're at risk of being killed by dogs or coyotes depending on where you live, even owls will take cats. They are also harmful to bird and other small wild...
  11. Anat3maDev1ce

    Considering A New Tank

    What are some all around good options for a beginner starting out with a 40-55 gallon freshwater tank? I'd like a community sort of tank that doesn't need a heater. The room temperature of tank water in my current home has been 73-76° before but in smaller tanks. I've had a 20gallon salt...
  12. Anat3maDev1ce

    My Axolotl Journal

    I'm in Dallas and we have a CPU fan blowing across the top of the tank. Water temp is between 65-66°F. When he goes into a larger tank he will have a chiller.
  13. Anat3maDev1ce

    Cat Photos

    This is my spoiled baby Totoro (tortie). Her mama (Jayne) (lighter orange tabby) was a feral cat that came to live with us during a rare ice storm. Tater Tot (my son's ESA) (orange tabby) came into our apartment at about 6 months old one November and never left. I found out that another family...
  14. Anat3maDev1ce


    I have a 10 gallon tank with 2 small goldfish, a 10 gallon tank (temporary) for a 3-4" long axolotl (babysitting it for a couple weeks), and a 150 gallon tank with land hermit crabs.
  15. Anat3maDev1ce

    Online Orders

    Dr. Fosters & Smith and Chewy have been phenomenal IME.
  16. Anat3maDev1ce

    Just Saying Hi!

    Hi! New here as well. Welcome!
  17. Anat3maDev1ce

    What's Your Favorite Comic Books?

    Calvin and Hobbes, personally. 171] It's 3 AM, do you know where I am? *calling from payphone* Someone did a fan comic called Bacon and Hobbes that is about Suzy and Calvin's daughter and Hobbes.
  18. Anat3maDev1ce

    Favorite Tv Shows?

    I love our lady of Sunnydale, ok? LOL I was in jr. high-high school when Buffy premiered and my sister and I would watch it every week, and then when Angel started-that too. When I was pregnant with my son I'd watch the reruns at 5-6AM every weekday.
  19. Anat3maDev1ce

    What's Your Favorite Comic Books?

    Sandman, JTHM, Uncanny X-Men, Mutant X, Kabuki, Hellboy, Deadpool, Witchblade
  20. Anat3maDev1ce

    Old Favorite Toy Memories

    Popples, Ninja Turtles, Pogo Ball, Skip-It, Jem and She-Ra dolls, Beetlejuice figures, Transformers
  21. Anat3maDev1ce


    I have an Aries symbol on the back of my neck, an hourglass with batwings on my shin, a zombie pinup on my calf, a star on one wrist, a butterfly/skull on one arm, and a fish on the other. I also have runes on 4 fingers and green and yellow hornets on my chest. I have an appointment booked in...
  22. Anat3maDev1ce

    My New Kitten!

  23. Anat3maDev1ce

    What Are Your Hobbies?

    Reading, painting, art in general, hermit crab rescue, rollerskating, (learning) silversmithing/bench smithing.
  24. Anat3maDev1ce

    Axoltol Gills!

    I'm babysitting a golden axolotl right now and was reading that when their gills are curled forward, it's a sign of stress. Does anyone know if that's always the case?
  25. Anat3maDev1ce

    Who Wants To Be Interviewed?

    I'm down, not that I'm a super experienced fish keeper or anything.
  26. Anat3maDev1ce

    Midna Interview

    I played Twilight Princess on the Game Cube years ago. I have a PS2 that a friend gave me and am actually wanting to play some titles that I never had time for back in the day.
  27. Anat3maDev1ce

    Fanatic Interview

    Haha no. Norma's has the best CFS in DFW.
  28. Anat3maDev1ce

    How Old Are You?

  29. Anat3maDev1ce

    Pets/fish You Wish You Had

    I wouldn't mind having a snake and the kiddo would like a tarantula and a dog.
  30. Anat3maDev1ce

    Fanatic Interview

    The hundreds of thousands of bats in Texas that eat mosquitos would probably tend to disagree.
  31. Anat3maDev1ce

    Bombing For Bed Bugs With Tank In Room - Help

    *sigh* No, he couldn't just "get his own exterminator". He is legally blind, lives off of SSDI, and has Section 8 housing. He can't afford to feed himself half the time, much less pay out of pocket for an exterminator. He ended up having to borrow the money from an acquaintance, which took...
  32. Anat3maDev1ce

    Bombing For Bed Bugs With Tank In Room - Help

    If you do not indicate the presence or signs of bedbugs during your initial walk through when you sign your lease, in Texas, you can (and will) be charged for bedbug treatment. This is in my lease. My father was charged over $800 for bedbug treatment at a property in Dallas.
  33. Anat3maDev1ce

    I Have A Dog Too Interview

    16/10 would boop that adorable dang doggo snoot.
  34. Anat3maDev1ce

    Bombing For Bed Bugs With Tank In Room - Help

    If you are renting, look over your lease thoroughly. We had to sign a "bedbug addendum" that stated the tenants are responsible for reporting and also liable for treatment costs. I'm sorry you're in this situation; we've battled bedbugs before and they're the worst.
  35. Anat3maDev1ce

    Fanatic Interview

    I think that if you can go to a school that is in a different town, whether it's a different area of Texas or out of state, you should go for it. The life experiences and growth would do a lot of good for you at your age.
  36. Anat3maDev1ce

    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    I actually cooked and managed small kitchens professionally for a bit about a decade ago. I did an externship for culinary school at The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas. Now I make a lot of salads at home
  37. Anat3maDev1ce

    Hey, Changing Gears

    When I was around 15 or so we would watch my best friend's brothers bootleg VHS tapes of Ghost in the Shell and Princess Mononoke. One of my son and I's favorites since he was smol is Ponyo. He likes My Hero Academia now and Death Note. I always liked the scarier ones like Witch Hunter...
  38. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

    What! Oh no!
  39. Anat3maDev1ce

    How Tall Are You?

    5'6"...I'm the tallest femme in my immediate family. My mother and sister are about 5'.
  40. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

    Well I'll see how that goes.
  41. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

    Also Twilight Princess is the last video game I played all the way through to the end, years ago when my kiddo was still smol.
  42. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

  43. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

    Always busy, lol. I admin a webforum and a handful of FB groups as well. I'll sleep when I'm dead I also rollerskate.
  44. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

    Thanks! I'm hoping to learn more about fish keeping so that I can start a community tank at some point.
  45. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

    Thank you! Your interviews are great!
  46. Anat3maDev1ce

    Brief Intro

    Hi! New to Fishlore but not to similar webforums. I've never really been an aquarist, but am currently babysitting an axolotl, and my son has 2 common goldfish that were rescued at a festival about 4 years ago this fall. We've had a bit more experience with herps and hermit crabs, both...
  47. Anat3maDev1ce

    Axolotl Advice, Please!

    She should be back the first week of September or so.
  48. Anat3maDev1ce

    Axolotl Advice, Please!

    Hiiiii JJ! I forgot you were also on FishLore. Thank you!
  49. Anat3maDev1ce

    How To: Isopod Enclosure

    As long as no chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used.

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