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  1. Michael Siwula

    20 High Tank

    Wow is that a nice tank. One of the best ones I’ve seen! Also, thanks for the link to the light. Might borrow that idea from ya.
  2. Michael Siwula

    My Perfect Eco System Oasis.

    Really nice tank set up. Looks great!
  3. Michael Siwula

    Penguin Tetra

    9 years. That’s awesome! Mine are definitely very jumpy, but they seem to get along well with each other. They’re always swimming along together. Very stunning for sure! Loving these two fish!
  4. Michael Siwula

    Penguin Tetra

    Wow 6 years?! That is awesome! But I’m all seriousness, it took (no joke) over five minutes of me snapping pictures of blurred fish before I got that one. Quick little things. As I’m sure you know, feeding time is always a blast.
  5. Michael Siwula

    Penguin Tetra

    They love it! They never stay in it for very long, but they go in it a lot. They never stay still for more than a second or two. That is hysterical. . That employee must’ve been so lost.
  6. Michael Siwula

    Penguin Tetra

    Couldn’t help but notice that there’s no Penguin Tetra tab! Now there is! Feel free to add pics, ask questions, or share stories here! I added a pic above. Their names are Geno and Murray (yes, I’m a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan XD). These tetras are quick little things, had to try for about 5...
  7. Michael Siwula

    Snail photos

    This is my Ivory Mystery Snail, Larry. I also have a Blue Mystery Snail and a Good Mystery Snail, named Terry and Gary respectively. They’re not in the picture because they’re in that pineapple . I gotta say I’m really surprised by these guys. They’re fun to watch. They move fast and they like...
  8. Michael Siwula

    Sand Or Gravel For Sds?

    Hi! I’ve been looking into buying Silver Dollars for quite some time. I really love the way they look, plus they live a long time and end up getting really big (at least that’s what I’ve been told). But with all that said, I have ZERO experience with SDs. How should I set up my tank...

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