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  1. CheshireKat

    Ph, Gh, Kh Can I Even Keep Fish In This Water?

    My pH is 7.7-ish, kH 180, GH 300. I have 3, soon to be 4, bettas as well as mollies and platies and rosey red minnows, bladder snails, and 2 nerite snails. My bettas are all healthy. I have read that someone said their betta did better when they lowered their 8.4 pH, but I'd say that's likely an...
  2. CheshireKat

    How To Clean The Pot After I Boiled Driftwood In It

    My roommate has been unknowingly cooking with a pot that once had driftwood-tannin water sit for a few months and slowly evaporate, leaving brown tannin residue. I simply washed with Dawn and hot water. We're not dead. We, including you, probably put a ton of bacteria without knowing into our...
  3. CheshireKat

    Question Baby Pleco

    24 hours is not enough for the nitrogen cycle to get established. A cycled tank makes things a lot easier as the toxic ammonia is converted to nitrites which is slightly less toxic, and nitrites are converted to nitrates, which should be removed via plants or water changes.
  4. CheshireKat

    Sick/dying Guppies, Not Sure What Disease

    Levamisol is also an option.
  5. CheshireKat

    Help With Betta Fish!!

    Take a look at your food's ingredients. Go to the store and look at the ingredients of fish foods, especially those labeled for bettas. More than likely, you'll find lots of ingredients that are not for carnivores, so people who say not to feed peas make me laugh when they're likely feeding...
  6. CheshireKat

    I Has Babies!!!

    Animals like to contradict and go against expectations. That's my explanation. :emoji_sweat_smile: gotta keep us dumb humans guessing and scratching out heads. There's most likely more to that though.
  7. CheshireKat

    Anyone Raises/ Keeps Show Quality Betta ? I Want To Hear From You. Please.

    I don't know either, I've been thinking about this quite a bit recently. As I said, I kept bettas in poor conditions growing up. I'm talking unheated, gallon or less plastic containers, maybe an airstone if they're lucky, full cleanings, no water changes. Usually they just up and died, they...
  8. CheshireKat

    Moving Fish To New Tank

    I've never heard of aquarium salt lowering pH and don't see how it would. Did you read this somewhere? I do not recommend using any chemicals to lower pH. This can cause issues down the line. I think your goldfish could be fine once it acclimated to the pH, but I don't know much about goldfish...
  9. CheshireKat

    Anyone Raises/ Keeps Show Quality Betta ? I Want To Hear From You. Please.

    You may be able to get into contact with Inglorious Bettas (Inglorious Bettas). She has bred, raised, kept, and even judged bettas. She's kept and bred other betta species as well. She has a YouTube channel too. You can also try to get in touch with Simply Betta, who has bred bettas several...
  10. CheshireKat

    Should I Take The Chance?

    I always figure if the fish is there when I happen to go again, it's meant to be. So far that hasn't been the case, which probably is a good thing considering how many fish and tanks I already have. And I still want more. All bettas can change color or pattern, not just kois. Just depends on...
  11. CheshireKat

    Bettas & Dropsy

    A lot of people post about bettas with dropsy and finrot. I have 3, soon to be 4, bettas. I've never had a betta with dropsy and I've had tons throughout my life. Up until a few months ago, I'd never dealt with dropsy at all (to my memor) and I've kept fish for over 15 years. I think it...
  12. CheshireKat

    How To Treat

    Epsom salt can help reduce swelling. Slimy fuzzy stuff? Has that gone away? Popeye can be caused by bacterial infections as well. Water changes might have no effect on an infection depending on the betta's immune system and its ability to fight it off. Antibiotics or antibacterial or antifungal...
  13. CheshireKat

    I Has Babies!!!

    My fry from my new platy all died or they disappeared. I've had to move the tank and I'm still setting it up, so not optimal conditions. But last night, when I added part of the new substrate, I saw one trying not to get swept away by the current! I was trying to clear up the cloudy water...
  14. CheshireKat

    Recovering From Fin Rot

    Obviously his tail doesn't look like it originally did, but it might not recover completely. How long has it been in between each photo?
  15. CheshireKat

    15 Gallon Tank Injured Betta

    Oh my. If the damage occurs like overnight or within hours, then I wouldn't say it's finrot either. So he still swims, just likes to play dead? It's possible that the other fish stressed him out and he ripped his own tail, bit it off. There's not a whole lot you can do besides keeping up with...
  16. CheshireKat

    What Is Wrong With Him?

    Yeah, both times I've ordered meds, the fish died before I got them. But I have ended up using General Cure and Paraguard afterward, so it worked out. I haven't yet needed to use Kanaplex, but I have used the medicated flakes once just in case. Just a note, Paraguard isn't an antibiotic and...
  17. CheshireKat

    What Is Wrong With Him?

    His tail does look a little shorter. Having meds on hand for future fish is never bad, so you can still order if you want. I think an antibiotic is needed more right now, but I still am not sure what's wrong with him. Bacterial issues aren't always visible or obvious though. I hope he makes it...
  18. CheshireKat

    Betta Rescue Gone Awry, Please Help!

    Personally, if I had plans on getting a new tank, I would've held off on getting a new fish. There's no point in putting a new fish in a new environment and then later doing it again. Java ferns are safe for bettas. You weren't "led astray." Accidents happen unfortunately. Bettas are usually...
  19. CheshireKat

    Question Help With A Sick Betta

    Yeah, Melafix is just meleluca tree leaf oil. It's at best a mild antibacterial but does not do much for bigger issues. I personally don't consider it a medication. Fish Emergency Template please fill this out
  20. CheshireKat

    Sleepy Betta... What Is Wrong?

    Can you try to get photos of the raised scales? Usually raised scales are caused by internal bacteria infection, organ failure, built up fluids, and other internal things. But if the scales are raised only in a certain area and not all over, that's a pretty specific issue. Photos could help...
  21. CheshireKat

    Untranslated Chinese Seeds

    So, she had a hard time translating it to a way that we can understand, but basically she says "man-made seed grass", nothing specific about species or anything. The 2nd photo is a different size or weight. She said the last photo says "leaves that come in pairs". She also said they say say...
  22. CheshireKat

    Question What's Wrong With My Female Betta

    Have you tested your water for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate? We need actual numbers for the results. You didn't answer about the tank temp. Is she in another tank now?
  23. CheshireKat

    Where Do You Buy Your Female Bettas?

    I got my two from PetSmart, but they're not your preferences. I have seen those patterns in chain stores as females on rare occasions. You may be able to fish them in quality fish stores that import. You'd probably need to get them from ebay, AquaBid, or breeders. Unfortunately, females of...
  24. CheshireKat

    Six Weeks And No Nitrates?

    So you haven't seen any ammonia or nitrites? The plants could be using up whatever little nitrate is produced, if any is. I'd be more concerned about the ammonia and nitrites. They'll help, in my opinion. I have a dish tub of water that I put decaying leaves, dead leaves, trimmings, etc from...
  25. CheshireKat

    Untranslated Chinese Seeds

    I have a Chinese roommate I can ask. It's 2:23am for me so that'll have to be later today though.
  26. CheshireKat

    Help How Do I Help My Old Blind Betta?

    It's definitely going to take some adjustment on both your parts. Usually fish can sense food on the surface because of a difference in water tension. My male and female bettas are very visual-based and need to see the food. Like, I point it out to them. My baby betta, on the other hand, is very...
  27. CheshireKat

    What Is Wrong With Him?

    Because of how the tail is positioned in the before photo, I can't tell how much of a difference there is. There does seem like possible fin loss, but it doesn't quite look like rot. Because you're concerned about this and because he's lethargic, which could be a sign of bacterial issue but not...
  28. CheshireKat

    Question Betta Tank

    I've heard blue light makes algae worse/causes algae. How much fertilizer do you use? Is it only this tank that has algae?
  29. CheshireKat

    Python Water Changer

    Hmmm... That's an option. I'd have to seem how much tubing I'd need for my furthest tank (I'd imagine it's fairly cheap?) , but at the very least it will help with the 29 and future tanks on the rack across from the bathroom. Although I do have tons of plastic tubing from my Aqueon water changer...
  30. CheshireKat

    Dosed Main Tank W General Cure And Now Fish Are Scratching

    Oh no I'm sorry. Continuing treatment is up to you. I don't want to tell you either way as I can't be certain nothing bad will happen and don't want the responsibility if my advice is wrong, I hope you understand. Do you think they'd benefit from it/it'd be worth it? Are the others still...
  31. CheshireKat

    Catching Platty Fry

    It can be very hard, especially with the determined ones! I've used nets, turkey baster, and plastic cups. You may have to move stuff around unfortunately or try to chase them out into the open.
  32. CheshireKat

    What Is Wrong With Him?

    Oh yeah, it looks like a normal color change. You must've posted the before right as I posted.
  33. CheshireKat

    New Platy Flat Belly And Hunched Back

    Yes, it's up to you how far you want to go to try to help the fish. I'm not judging you or saying you're taking the wrong route. I didn't know you'd started or planned to do any treatments.
  34. CheshireKat

    What Is Wrong With Him?

    Hmm... I can't really see the graying you're talking about; I see nothing unusual. Do you have before pictures?
  35. CheshireKat

    Question Betta Tank

    How long do you have your lights on and do you dose with fertilizers? Algae typically indicates an imbalance between the two.
  36. CheshireKat

    Question My Betta Is Turning White!

    How long have you had him? I don't really see what is wrong, it looks normal. Do you have before pictures? He might've just changed colors.
  37. CheshireKat

    New Platy Flat Belly And Hunched Back

    I know what a healthy platy looks like. I have... I don't even know how many right now because of the fry. I agree that the fish looks pretty thin and the belly looks a little weird. As I said, maybe she looks worse in person. I don't know. The link you included doesn't satisfy nor convince me...
  38. CheshireKat

    Free Male Betta, 2 Nerites, 5 Gallon Tank, W/ All Supplies

    Possibly. I might be an hour or two away and I don't drive, so it depends on how that can be worked out. I have room now that I setup a fish rack.
  39. CheshireKat

    Sleepy Betta... What Is Wrong?

    I'm personally not fully convinced he's just getting old since you've had him for only 4 months, but without knowing how old he was when bought, we don't know how old the fish is. If he seems healthy otherwise and nothing has changed and you're keeping up with maintenance, there might not be...
  40. CheshireKat

    Help Ahh! Hitchhikers?!

    Not harmful, I love them. They eat decaying plants. In fact, I have a dish tub of water with bladder snails that I feed dead/dying/decaying plants to and they've lived off it for weeks without me doing anything. They also try to clean the diatoms off the glass. That said, they do reproduce fast...
  41. CheshireKat

    Dosed Main Tank W General Cure And Now Fish Are Scratching

    I wonder if it's possible the newly symptomatic fish had parasites but didn't show symptoms and the med upset the parasites? I've used General Cure in a tank with live plants, snails, and platy fry without problems and a few weeks ago, dumbly dosed my new 29 for 30 gallons even though I only...
  42. CheshireKat

    Help Sick Platty & Neon?

    Putting her where she can eat in peace might help. Whether or not you want to try any treatment is up to you. If she hasn't been getting enough food, she may be malnourished and emaciated. But she could have something else going on. I'd just want to make sure she's getting food in her at least...
  43. CheshireKat

    Fin Rot Or Bitting?! Please Help!

    How long have you been cycling? Are you saying it doesn't go down or go up, even 12 hours or so after water changes (water conditioner may affect ammonia readings so testing directly after dosing isn't recommended)? How long have you had the fish? It could be stressed and not reacting well to...
  44. CheshireKat

    Red Betta-fin Issues Or Natural Color

    Are they straight? What shape? Do they move? Could he be flashing?
  45. CheshireKat

    Red Betta-fin Issues Or Natural Color

    Which is why Amazon Prime and online shopping is my best friend. Taking the bus can be annoying and unreliable for me. PetSmart also is overpriced in the store. I had to show them their online price to save $10 on the API Freshwater test kit, which I recommend getting so you don't have to go...
  46. CheshireKat

    White Eggs? All Over My Driftwood

    I've no idea, but it looks like the gobie is claiming them.... I looked up their breeding habits and apparently they're fave spawners. I couldn't find photos of goby eggs.
  47. CheshireKat

    Help I Think My Fish Has A Tumor

    Are you referring to what appears to be a bulge on the side of the face? I'm having a hard time telling where it is because it looks like it's in different spots on each photo to me. What tank is she in now? As far as tumors go, I'm not aware of a way to tell if it's cancerous or not without...
  48. CheshireKat

    Filter Too Strong For Substrate?

    I personally prefer box filters over sponge filters because you can fill it with whatever you want: different sponges, filter floss, bio media, even carbon if needed. There's different kinds, like slats on the sides or slats on the top, and there's corner ones, too. But I know a lot of people...
  49. CheshireKat

    White Eggs? All Over My Driftwood

    My guess would be nerite snails, although you don't have them listed. They still lay eggs in freshwater.

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