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  1. Jesterrace

    Lost Of Questions. 1st Saltwater Build

    For the skimmer it's less specific. Generally you go with what is rated for your size of tank. Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus and Nyos are all excellent choices for in sump skimmers.
  2. Jesterrace

    Strange worm

    Hard to tell from the fuzzy picture. Does it have white bristles sticking out from it's sides?
  3. Jesterrace

    Help with 29 gallon saltwater tank.

    Most clowns are captive bred these days and many don't even know what to do with a 'nem. Personally I would avoid the 'nem as they can be a pain to care for and go where they want to go in your tank (can sting corals if you want any). As for the clean up crew any are compatible with clownfish...
  4. Jesterrace

    Beginner Question About Jelly Fish

    Good fish for beginners based on size of tank: 10 gallons: Firefish Smallest Gobies (ie Hi-Fin, Neon, Rainsford/Court Jester, Green Banded) Barnacle Blenny Possum Wrasse 20 gallon Long: Ocellaris (ie Nemo) or Percula variety Clownfish Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish Yellow Watchman Goby Pink Spot...
  5. Jesterrace

    Beginner Question About Jelly Fish

    Definitely not. Jellyfish are fairly delicate in captivity and are not newbie friendly.
  6. Jesterrace

    Question Protein Skimmer Options?

    On a nano of that size it's almost best to go without simply because nano skimmers are rarely worth the expense and hit and miss for performance. Your food source also goes a long way to the cleanliness of your tank. I've tried a number of different foods when I had my skimmerless smaller tank...
  7. Jesterrace

    Lost Of Questions. 1st Saltwater Build

    Incidentally here is how mine is setup if you want a better understanding of how it all interconnects:
  8. Jesterrace

    Lost Of Questions. 1st Saltwater Build

    The Jebao DC series return pumps are good bang for buck models. I run the DCT-8000T model on my 90 gallon (same as a standard 75 gallon just 3 inches taller) with a 29 gallon sump. Now for the tank itself, it's best to go with a pre-drilled reef ready setup as it will save you hassle in the...
  9. Jesterrace

    Lost Of Questions. 1st Saltwater Build

    200 gallon salty would be a bit daunting for a first timer just because of the sheer size and the amount of time spent on maintenance. Larger tanks can go longer without maintenance but when you do have to do it it is VERY time consuming. You could do the setup you are talking about with 2 20...
  10. Jesterrace

    Lost Of Questions. 1st Saltwater Build

    In that size range a 75 gallon would be best as it gives you more stocking options for fish. A 55 is too skinny for many. As for the HOB vs Sump? HOB can be done but in that size range a sump is really best for the long run and rather than running 2 20 gallons it would be best to just do a...
  11. Jesterrace

    Jester's Progress On His 90 Gallon Reef Tank Upgrade

    Update on my Zoanthid that I got for free:
  12. Jesterrace

    Help Ammonia Issue

    What test kit are you using? Have you tried confirming it with a different test or your LFS? Also FYI Canister Filters are the most trouble prone means of filtration on a marine tank, so I would recommend ditching it for HOB.
  13. Jesterrace

    Question Parameters

    API test kit? If so then I would double check with a more reliable kit for sure. Also how long has the tank been running and were you using live rock or dry rock? Sorry for all the questions but it can help us figure out where you are with your tank.
  14. Jesterrace

    How Long Until Ammonia Rises? Saltwater Tank

    If it's been kept wet I would just monitor and then maybe test with a few inverts (ie snails and hermit crabs) and see what happens.
  15. Jesterrace

    Setup With Tank Viewable From Front And Back

    With a drilled tank you don't need anything hanging outside that is one of the advantages. To give you a better picture of how a drilled tank with a sump is setup here is an overview of my pre-drilled 90 gallon setup:
  16. Jesterrace

    Fu Manchu Lionfish - Can Anyone Give Me Any Insight?

    Ideally a 30 inch tank would be best long term, but the good news is that it maxes out around 4 inches (smallest of the lions available) and lions aren't fast swimming fish. As for the diet I believe that lionfish need live prey as part of their regular diet if memory serves me correctly...
  17. Jesterrace

    Setup With Tank Viewable From Front And Back

    A factory predrilled tank would be the best way to go. As long as installed properly they are the most hassle free. A bottom drilled tank is perfectly fine. I've had mine that is factory drilled for a couple of years with no issues. If you are looking for low maintenance I would recommend...
  18. Jesterrace

    Bubble Algae Continuous Issue

    The only thing I know will eat it and work for a tank of that size is an Emerald Crab and they can be somewhat iffy with corals, as you already have one you may try cutting back on feeding so it is more likely to go for the bubble algae or maybe try swapping it for another emerald crab (it...
  19. Jesterrace

    Planning For Future 30 And 90 Gallon

    Despite saltwater being my passion, I have been tempted to setup a 30 gallon brackish just to have a Figure 8.
  20. Jesterrace

    How Long Until Ammonia Rises? Saltwater Tank

    Was the rock pulled wet out of a tank or was it dry or mostly dry when you bought it? That would be the best indicator as to whether or not it was established or whether it needs to cycle (outside of testing of course). API freshwater test will work for saltwater (at least for Ammonia, Nitrate...
  21. Jesterrace

    Api Stress Coat

    Honestly that stuff is just okay for freshwater fish and does nothing for Marine Fish IMHO.
  22. Jesterrace

    Planning For Future 30 And 90 Gallon

    Going brackish would be a good way to go as it will at least give you some practice with maintaining salinity levels.
  23. Jesterrace

    Update On My Pod Population In My Sump

    Still not sure how many are getting to the display tank but my sump is crawling with them now:
  24. Jesterrace

    Saltwater 55g Tall Stocking Help

    Not a problem, I always tell folks to go with tanks that maximize length followed by width for their tanks as it makes things easier for maintenance and increases your fish stocking options. If you were an experienced salty guy and wanted to try something that was more challenging that would be...
  25. Jesterrace

    Question Advice On Coral Gobys Please!

    Not sure on the cross species breeding of clown gobies, or if they have just formed a basic symbiotic relationship (ie mutually beneficial) which can happen between fish of different species. Either way congrats on them getting along.
  26. Jesterrace

    Need Help Chosing Lights For 240 Gallon Reef

    If you want full range of Control and good coral growth then it's hard to beat AI for the money. You could go with either 4 AI Hydra 26HDs (run $360 each) or if you really want to light it up you could go up to 4 of the 52HDs (run $630 each). If you want the best Coral growing LEDs on the...
  27. Jesterrace

    Saltwater 55g Tall Stocking Help

    Not trying to be a party pooper here but I wouldn't recommend a hex for a first salty tank as the dimensions are not well suited for a variety of salty fish (ie Flame Angel) the other thing is that tall tanks are arguably the worst for saltwater as they are more difficult to get good lighting...
  28. Jesterrace

    Planning For Future 30 And 90 Gallon

    Not sure if you can set LA up for alerts but maybe set it up that way. If memory serves me correctly they most often pop up on their Diver's Den section.
  29. Jesterrace

    Small Aptasia What Do I Do?

    I had one that popped up on a Zoanthid Coral a few weeks after I bought it (thankfully my only experience with them), I identified it when it was very small and killed it with Aiptasia X and then popped off the Zoanthid Coral (it was dead by that point anyways) off of my live rock and threw it...
  30. Jesterrace

    Planning For Future 30 And 90 Gallon

    That's the White Tailed Bristletooth. I don't mention them much anymore due to sticker shock for most and availability can be hit and miss at times but if you are patient and willing to pay up for it you can get one.
  31. Jesterrace

    Planning For Future 30 And 90 Gallon

    A pair of Ocellaris (ie Nemo) or Percula variety clowns will do well by themselves in a 30 gallon and would be an excellent choice for a first tank. Just be aware that they can become fiesty once they get established (as mentioned above). As for the 90 gallon, your list looks good although...
  32. Jesterrace

    Planning For Future 30 And 90 Gallon

    Tell me if you think so after they get established and bite you when you put your hands in the tank for maintenance. Clownfish can be downright nasty once established even with the most peaceful varieties.
  33. Jesterrace

    Using Di Resin To 'finish' Store Ro Water?

    What unit did you have out of curiosity? As mentioned by Nart a quality RODI system will work fine. Even with a more expensive unit it will still be cheaper in the long run.
  34. Jesterrace

    Using Di Resin To 'finish' Store Ro Water?

    9-10 hours is a bit much. 8 hours max is generally what is recommended for saltwater unless you want algae trouble. As for the DI resin idea, you would be better off just getting a full on RODI system and skipping the store water all together. A cheap 4 stage RODI system can be had for $60...
  35. Jesterrace

    Is This Corraline?

    Yup, looks like Coralline to me
  36. Jesterrace

    Boyds Chemi Clean

    Interesting, never know that it could be used for that as well. Will have to keep that in mind as I have some on hand to battle Cyano in my reef tank should I get it again.
  37. Jesterrace

    Documented Grape Coral Struggles

    Can't seem to keep this guy happy no matter what:
  38. Jesterrace

    10g New Tank

    A 10 gallon tank is pretty limiting and can be a bit of a challenge but if all you want is a couple of smaller fish it is doable. That said, 10 gallon is a pretty small long term home for even Ocellaris or Percula variety clownfish (ideally they should have 20 gallons or larger). A 20 gallon...
  39. Jesterrace

    Get Rid Of Black Algae

    Are you using RODI Water? Also what light are you using and how long is it running?
  40. Jesterrace

    Am I Crazy To Consider?

    The travel factor is a concern but the top off can be combated with an auto top off system. I agree though that freshwater is more forgiving for those who travel though. As for the Jedi training please be noted that the Imperial Fleet has been dispatched to your training location and they...
  41. Jesterrace

    1st Saltwater Tank

    You are not alone. I had a soft mushroom I couldn't keep alive to save my life, have struggled with Zoanthids with hit and miss results and on the other hand I have frogspawns and hammers (LPS Euphyllia Family) that I couldn't kill if I tried. I've actually found them to be by far the hardiest...
  42. Jesterrace

    Am I Crazy To Consider?

    Agree completely. Canister filters are the most trouble prone means of mechanical filtration for a marine tank. @ the OP you want an open filtration method (ie sump based system) as it's much easier to maintain and maximizes flow (which is crucial for a marine tank as they require a very high...
  43. Jesterrace

    1st Saltwater Tank

    The big question is do you want fish? Fish are a big factor when determining tank size. If you are just doing corals and inverts you can put on an ato top off system to combat evaporation and it's not too difficult if you stick to softies and inverts at just about any size you would want. If...
  44. Jesterrace

    Clean Up Crew Question

    The thing to understand about the cycle with a saltwater tank is that usually at the end of it you will get a diatom bloom (aka brown algae bloom) and this is what the clean up crew feeds on initially until you get fish in your tank. That is why it is recommended to do them first as they help...
  45. Jesterrace

    Enough Light?

    Ideally it should be what they eat in 3 minutes. One of the things I find useful with reef frenzy is to get a disposable plastic cup and then take just a little bit of water from the tank in the bottom (about 1/5 to 1/4 cup) then drop in the reef frenzy and I mash it up with a Turkey baster...
  46. Jesterrace

    Enough Light?

    Are you using tap or RODI water? How much are you feeding each day and what are you feeding each day? How long are you running the lights each day? These can help narrow down the problem.
  47. Jesterrace

    Gph For Return Pump

    I run a Jebao DC 8000T pump which is rated max for just over 2100gph with the exact same setup. While it's true that 1050gph in theory should be enough the question is how hard do you want your pump to be working at all times. Mine runs at about 40% and seems to work best on that setting...

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