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  1. scarface

    Dwarf Cray Questions

    For a Dwarf Mexican Crayfish, a 20g high is perfectly fine, but I wouldn't keep it with relatively large fish like common goldfish. It'll just become a quick snack.
  2. scarface

    Dwarf Cray Questions

    I've never had any issues, and I kept mine with Cherries, Amanos, Ember Tetras, and other fishes. They're more scavengers than predators, and I can't see them hunting and killing healthy fish, even very small ones. And they're definitely not fast enough to catch shrimp, let alone shrimplets...
  3. scarface

    Bn Pleco Missing

    A dead fish, especially a small one, will decompose surprisingly fast. If it is dead, I wouldn't hope to see any remains left, even bones.
  4. scarface

    Question Are Moss Balls Really That Expensive?

    Yes, moss balls are probably the most overrated plant, but you can always find them cheaper online. This is 2019. Many people buy online. Fish plants, groceries, everything. As long as you buy from sellers with great reviews, you likely won't have any issues. Also, most plants handle shipping...
  5. scarface

    Switching Water Conditioners

    Lol, don't throw it out. For one, they're just water conditioners. Primary purpose is to dechlorinate. It's not like you're trying to change to a better medication or anything, so there is no real advantage in switching immediately to a different product. Secondly, it's wasteful. Just use up...
  6. scarface

    Question Fish That Do Well In Pairs?

    Not really.
  7. scarface

    Question Trying To Build A Diy Pond/waterfall

    Honestly, I skimmed through it. If you can manage it, go right ahead, but I still wouldn't keep any fish in it (at least not what you are wanting to do). My previous responses were based on your age and inquiry about a self sustaining ecosystem, which I didn't see to be realistic.
  8. scarface

    Beginner Question About Jelly Fish

    Don't buy something because you think it's easy. Buy it because you want it. Do thorough research, prepare properly, and most fish shouldn't be too difficult to start out with.
  9. scarface

    Question Trying To Build A Diy Pond/waterfall

    I owned several species of ducks, but mostly Peking ducks. A large kiddie pool will keep them happy. A latrine and a drinking bowl is the same thing as far as they're concerned. Ignorance is bliss.
  10. scarface

    Question Trying To Build A Diy Pond/waterfall

    Are these your own ducks (pets?)? Honestly, I'd just give them a kiddie pool you can clean out daily. They'll still love it . . .
  11. scarface

    Bloated Pleco

    Really, driftwood is not needed. It's nice to have, but not a must have. Some wood-eating species in the genera Panaque and Panaqolus do require wood, but not Ancistrus. A couple senior fishkeepers and members (@fissh @Redshark1) here have kept a breeding colony of bristlenose plecos with no...
  12. scarface

    1-day Old Fry Exposed To Ich

    I'm not 100 percent convinced. The picture isn't clear enough. You said you can remove him in 2 days? If so, I'd wait until then and do it. If he does have ich, then it's easily treatable, and waiting a few days to confirm won't be a death sentence.
  13. scarface

    Bloated Pleco

    Wood isn't the issue. You said you just recently started feeding bloodworms. How much and how often? In my opinion, most pleco species shouldn't have that much protein. Many people complain about algae wafers having protein, but at the same time complain plecos should have more protein. I think...
  14. scarface

    1-day Old Fry Exposed To Ich

    It could be ich and your description of it is simply flawed, so a clear picture would definitely help! And as far as side effects, they don't always show. I had fish with ich, and they showed no outward signs of distress either. As much as I could tell, it was just another day in the life . . .
  15. scarface

    1-day Old Fry Exposed To Ich

    Hmmm . . . I'm not so sure it's ich you're dealing with then. Should look more like he was seasoned with salt, not bright powdered sugar. That's too fine. Another thing is that it appeared so suddenly without warning also has me doubtful.
  16. scarface

    1-day Old Fry Exposed To Ich

    I would think dosing any kind of meds to be more dangerous than ich at this point in their life? I can not say for certain though.
  17. scarface

    That Time Of Year...

    I collect leaves myself too, except I go to my local lake and grab them washed up on the shoreline (lots of color and variety), all ready to go.
  18. scarface

    Question White String Hanging From Stomach?

    Daphnia is excellent for constipation. I've only used frozen, not freeze dried. White stringy poo does not always equate to parasites. One of my fish pooped one out today. No biggie.
  19. scarface

    Friends/family/whatever Keeping Fish Incorrectly

    I wouldn't stress too much about it. He either sticks with it or he doesn't. If he does, he'll eventually (probably) evolve into a better fish keeper as he becomes more passionate about the hobby. Now about the betta. That .5 really wouldn't have been a big deal. It certainly would have been...
  20. scarface

    Local Screen River Sand

    I good rinsing is all you really need to do. Don't overthink it.
  21. scarface

    Chain Pickerel With Koi?

    Besides goldfish, depending on location and size of your pond, maybe Sterlets. Golden tench and orfe could work too.
  22. scarface

    My Sae Is A Cae !

    Goes both ways. You should know the look of the fish you're buying. A SAE and CAE look quite a bit different.
  23. scarface

    My Oranda Is Loosing Its Colour!!!helpplease!!!

    Nothing you can do about it, except love him a little less and move on.
  24. scarface

    Question Fancy Goldfish

    As already said, your water temp is perfectly fine. Like Skavatar, my indoor temps can get a lot higher than 70-72 F with no issues. Besides, 68 and under is not a realistic room temp for the majority in the US and rest of the world, so temperature is really a non issue. Good filtration, water...
  25. scarface

    Question Fancy Goldfish

    Hard to say what type is more prone to issues. Because of their extreme deformities, I think they all will have some kind of health issue, mainly buoyancy and a much shorter lifespan of 2-5 years. If they reach 7-8 years-old, then you're doing great. I say pick whatever fits your fancy (pun...
  26. scarface

    Question Fancy Goldfish

    You could easily do 5-7, especially if you buy them as juveniles, as most people can't really grow them out to their fullest potential. Now if you buy the expensive adults sold as XL or XXL, and are the size of small dinner plates, then I'd do 3 max. But you'll only really see them that large at...
  27. scarface

    Wild Caught Panda Garra?

    Not really. Or to be more specific, it's not something I would concern myself over.
  28. scarface

    What Do You Guys Think Of This As A First Setup?

    I'll take my chances with a 2.5g over a 300g that has a floating, dead buffalo . . .
  29. scarface

    Wild Caught Panda Garra?

    No, not really. How can you get antibiotic resistant diseases from wild-caught fish? If anything, it'd be from the captive bred fish. If you're that concerned about it, do a quarantine.
  30. scarface

    Help Me Id These Plants

    The smaller plants are neither microswords nor dwarf sag. I agree with Snailerator. The common name is mondo grass.
  31. scarface

    Help Apple Tree Branch How To?

    Can't say I do, unfortunately. I would think after 6 months, the wood is well-aged, but not certain about whether the bark will pose a problem. I don't think it will, but I can't say for certain. Knowing myself, If I like it enough, I'd probably throw it in, and see what happens. Probably not...
  32. scarface

    Anyone Use Jungle Start Right?

    Can't say for that particular product, but you can still get bacteria from your friend. The next time she cleans out her filter, use the mulm to jump start your cycle. Dump it in your tank and wait for the cloudiness to clear out, then add your fish. It won't give you a mature cycle, but it's a...
  33. scarface

    Funny What Did You Think It Was?!

    I honestly don't think he or she recognized who the iconic character was, just thought it was a profile picture of myself, lol.
  34. scarface

    Funny What Did You Think It Was?!

    You forgot fried ice cream :emoji_yum:
  35. scarface

    Funny What Did You Think It Was?!

    I am a man 100 percent, mind and body. Now manly, I don't know about that. I like to enjoy life of luxury and excess (in my dreams).
  36. scarface

    Funny What Did You Think It Was?!

    Don't really have much to say, but there was a member who was very disappointed that the Tony Montana profile pictiure wasn't actually me. It wasn't a joke, or sarcasm either. It was serious. My feelings were even slightly hurt by how letdown this person was.
  37. scarface

    Question Mechanic Needs Clean Hands.

    Just use whatever works for you (be it Dawn or something else). As long as you rinse thoroughly afterwards, I don't see a problem. Whatever you read it just senseless paranoia or overreaction. Use common sense is all.
  38. scarface

    A Good Selling Price For A Complete Setup?

    I don't see many people even paying $45. Maybe $30 . . .
  39. scarface

    Oscar Rescue, Best Way To Proceed

    I say keep trying, for better or worse. I actually never really advise euthanasia. My philosophy is if the fish dies, then it dies. Sometimes they might even surprise you. But I also don't see the point in giving up yet, since its appearance still continues to be improving. Fish can survive much...
  40. scarface

    I'm Very Discouraged By My Serpae Tetras.

    Hate to further add to an already confusing situation, but I think it needs to be said. Most who say bottled bacteria is useless or doesn't work has little to no experience with it. As you do more research, you'll have to make up your own mind; that is pick and choose which advice to follow, and...
  41. scarface

    Question Do Clown Plecos Eat Spider Wood?

    Yes, they will.
  42. scarface

    Overwintering In Tubs?

    Kiddie pool might crack during winter. Where do you live?
  43. scarface

    Sponge Filter Vs Hang On Filter

    Two filters for a single betta in a 10g would be redundant.
  44. scarface

    Orange Cherry Shrimp?

    Nothing to fear; it's normal. When to add new shrimp? Whenever you want :emoji_shrug:
  45. scarface

    Sponge Filter Vs Hang On Filter

    Personally, I'd go with an internal filter like Dennerle's corner filter or Fluval's nano underwater filter, instead of a HOB that you may or may not have to adjust for the fish. I say buy the correct filter that's already suitable to the fish's needs.
  46. scarface

    Help How To Stop Goldfish Destroying My Plants?

    I can say from experience Java fern and anubias aren't always immune, but a lot of that may depend on the size and type of goldfish. I believe natural hardscape like wood and rocks are best for decorating bare goldfish tanks, though I have seen some impressive planted setups too. You would...
  47. scarface

    Help How To Stop Goldfish Destroying My Plants?

    I own four goldfish, and I can tell you that you really can't. Goldfish are, more than anything, detrivores and algae eaters, meaning they are perfectly made for consuming decaying matter (especially plants) and string algae. In short, your Marino moss balls won't stand a chance as they are...
  48. scarface

    Small Goldfish In 50 Gallon?

    If it has no difficulty eating with the other, larger fish, then I see no problem keeping them together. I keep my fully-grown 2.5-3" Shubunkin with my much larger goldfish with zero issues. The little one is actually the most aggressive eater, and I feed these guys koi pellets. If it doesn't...
  49. scarface

    Stocking Suggestions For 225 Gallon Cold Water Tank? (fw)

    You could do a Rubberlip. Just make sure it's getting enough, or feed its own food.
  50. scarface

    Royal Pleco.. To Quarantine Or Not? Please Help.

    I'm not him, bit I agree with doing, at minimum, twice a week water change, no less than 50 percent. Do this in the main tank, not the quarantine. No need to remove and rinse the driftwood or anything else. The important thing is to maintain good water quality. I also agree that the issue was...

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