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  1. Lucy

    October 2019 - Forum Upgrade Issues

    I see the squares as well. Chrome Windows 8
  2. Lucy

    Question Cannabis Leaves

    We're teetering on a topic not allowed on FL. Please, If the conversation continues to deviate from fish the thread is gonna be closed.
  3. Lucy

    Question Cannabis Leaves

    Sorry guys, some things not pertaining to fish were removed
  4. Lucy

    Cycling Mistake!!

    Here are a couple of stickies that mighthelp: Ammonia Instructions when Cycling with TSS+ or other Bacterial Starter
  5. Lucy

    Cycling Mistake!!

    Hi Stephpartin Have you tested the water? That would give you n idea of where you're at.
  6. Lucy

    Going To Have A 16 Hour Power Cut

    Thanks for bringing this up. I'm sure many members and visitors will be looking for advice about your upcoming power ouage. It's also a good reminder for those of us heading into winter. The things I keep on hand are battery operated air pumps. One of them can be kept plugged in. If the...
  7. Lucy

    How To Increase Membership At An Aquarium Club?

    @Joshaeus Maybe contact Mike about listing it here: USA Aquarium Clubs - Aquarium Fish Forum
  8. Lucy

    Question How Can You Make Sure That Livestock Fish Is Safe To Eat?

    What? lol Maybe I am misunderstanding but you are raising fish to eat? Perhaps this is the wrong forum for is question.
  9. Lucy

    Is It Wrong To Feed Planted Aquarium Fish To Flowerhorn?

    The thread is now closed. Since you already know this was done for the wrong reasons we fear the thread will take a nasty turn. Good luck :)
  10. Lucy

    Is It Wrong To Feed Planted Aquarium Fish To Flowerhorn?

    Welcome to FishLore! Big fish eat little fish. There are many hobbyists who feed live fish. Personally, I could not which is why I don't keep such fish. As far as doing to it because I was mad, depressed, in over my head, etc no I would not do that either. When we take on the responsibility of...
  11. Lucy

    Question Can I Use This Stand For A 20 Gallon Long?

    Hi, Personally, I wouldn't take the chance. Can you post a picture of the stand? Maybe someone can suggest modifications
  12. Lucy

    Has Forum Problem?

    Hi Vinh I'm seeing pictures. A little more info might help. Are you using the app? @Mike
  13. Lucy

    Help Algae Wafer Feeding Guide For Otocinclus

    Hi welcome to FishLore!! I think you'll find this sticky very helpful: Caresheet for otos
  14. Lucy

    How Many Cats In A 10 Gallon

    Hi Steven I wouldn't. Reason being is, I did do it. Rather a family member did. Being in cramped quarters just didn't do them justice or give them the room they needed to roam. We moved them to a 20 long. Remember the fish you see at the store are usually baby fish. My Big Mama peppered cory...
  15. Lucy

    Prepare Your Aquarium For Power Outages

    Bumping this up. Looks like some of you may be in the path severe weather. Looking at you Florida! Please don't wait until the last minute. It's better to have precautions in place and not need them then to have no resources and need them. We rarely think it will happen but when/if it does it...
  16. Lucy

    Adf Tadpole Help- Fungus And Feeding Issues

    Hi Paper Spiders You might find this sticky helpful. ADF Tadpole Development | Amphibians 96366 Glad to hear things are looking up! How many tads do you have?
  17. Lucy

    Question How Long Does It Take For A Dwarf Frog To Shed?

    I've had that happen. Honestly I can't recall how long the shed hung on for. I'm not sure there's much you can do but it. The frogs won't always eat the shed. If they don't it should be removed from the tank.
  18. Lucy

    Guess Were I Am And Why

    Hi David I'm so sorry for all you're going through. Hopefully you'll get some relief soon.
  19. Lucy

    Hello Everyone! So Nice To Meet You :-)

    Hi welcome to FishLore!
  20. Lucy

    Question Hi, It's Good To Meet You.

    Hello & welcome!
  21. Lucy

    I’m Back

    Welcome back! Re-joined? What was your other user name?
  22. Lucy

    Hello Guys

    Hi welcome to FishLore!
  23. Lucy

    Question Medicating Tank With Adfs

    Hi Mifuluhu Personally I wouldn't take the chance. It's rarely a good idea to medicate when they are not sick.
  24. Lucy

    I’m Back With A Plan....

    Hi welcome to FishLore!
  25. Lucy

    Guess Were I Am And Why

    Just got caught up on this thread. Sorry I missed it. Hate that you're going through this. Sending all the best wishes for a speedy recovery. As far as those outrageous copays, something like this might help: Patient Assistance & Copay Savings Card for HUMIRA® Cost I have friends who use...
  26. Lucy

    Her Water Broke!

    A new baby! How awesome! Congratulations to you both!
  27. Lucy

    Ammonia At Any Level Is Toxic. I Get It.

    Good point @Dch48. I thought it was a pH of 6, but I'm sure I could be wrong.
  28. Lucy

    Ammonia At Any Level Is Toxic. I Get It.

    Hi Orion I'm not sure what prompted this thread but when something is wrong with one of our aquatic pets the first thing to rule out are water conditions. If it's off, that should be the first line of defense Having a different opinion isn't against any rules as long as it is presented in a...
  29. Lucy

    20 Gallon Tank Would This Stock Work?

    Hi Mermish A lot of people keep ADFs with fish. However, I wouldn't recommended it. I have always preferred to keep mine in a species only tank. Some of the issues have already been brought up in this thread.
  30. Lucy

    It’s Been A While.

    Hi Max, welcome back! Sending you best wishes. Your tanks are gorgeous.
  31. Lucy

    Total Newbie Introduction

    Hi welcome to FishLore!!
  32. Lucy

    Finally Took The Plunge To Import Bettas

    They are gorgeous! Wishing them safe travels to their new home.
  33. Lucy

    0.5 Gallons Tank

    Hi! How about doing a nice marimo ball scape?
  34. Lucy

    Question African Dwarf Frog Care????

    Hi! I always like to keep my frogs in a species only tank. You'll want to be careful with any fish that can fit into an ADF's mouth. They can open them surprising wide. Help! My algae eater & AD Frog are stuck on each other and will die! African Dwarf Frog and Otto locked Together ADF tried to...
  35. Lucy

    Ammonia Testing

    @Momgoose56 I thought the FAQ was self explanatory. I feel like some of the posts in this thread were posted simply to argue.
  36. Lucy

    Ammonia Testing

    Prime, and other products that bind ammonia can give a false positive reading. Some reading that might help clear things up: F&Q: Seachem - Prime
  37. Lucy

    Help New Betta Being Weird.

    Hi Can you post a picture of his behavior?
  38. Lucy

    Betta Fish White Poop

    Hi welcome to FishLore! Can you post a picture of your betta?
  39. Lucy

    547 Alerts Later...

    Hey, welcome back!
  40. Lucy


    I'm so sorry!
  41. Lucy

    Important Sadness Over Fish Death

    I'm so sorry! When something like this happens it can hit us hard
  42. Lucy

    But I Don't Wanna Change My Water!!!!

    Let's get back on topic. Here is the original post:
  43. Lucy

    Help Just Found Baby Fish In Not So Great Place

    That's pretty neat. I had a surprise baby cory once as well. I was going on vacation and had some dying plants in my 20g. I threw them in a 20 long (only water). When we got back, there it was swimming around! I'd throw some moss in with him. It will give him a place to hide and feel more...
  44. Lucy

    Great Forum!

    Oooh...nice! Welcome to FishLore!
  45. Lucy

    Fish In Nitrogen Cycle Simplified

    Thank you for writing this up @mattgirl. It will be a great resource for those who cycle this way by choice or chance.
  46. Lucy

    Just A Random Question

    Hahaha, great question and replies. There are tools you can buy
  47. Lucy

    A Behind The Scenes Look At Petsmart

    This article might be interesting to everyone participating in this thread: @Fisker, keeping writing. It's very interesting and good to know when people who actually keep fish are caring for them in box stores.
  48. Lucy

    Nj Summer Meetup

    Thanks for sharing the video! Gosh, those fish! Just gorgeous! I think it's great that you can all get together!
  49. Lucy

    Hi, I'm Joshua From Wales

    Hi welcome to FishLore!
  50. Lucy

    How To Kill A Fish?

    Welcome to FishLore! I'm so sorry you have to make this choice. This thread might help:

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