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    Can A 75g Tank Fit In A Car?

    i don't have a camry, but the interior passenger space is similar(possibly bigger) to my Sportage, which i measured and should fit. Aqueon 75g dimensions: 48 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 21 1/8 2018 Camry specs 2018 Toyota Camry Features & Specs | Edmunds Rear head room 38.0 in. Rear hip Room 54.7 in...
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    Heron Took Whole Pond In One Night

    it probably happened early morning. herons will eat a lot. i was surf fishing during winter and was catching some big whitings around 12" long. i heard some noise behind me and when i turned around a heron was perched on my bucket and had grabbed the largest whiting and swallowed it whole. i...
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    Newbie 75 Gallon

    you don't have to let it drop to zero. b/c when you have fish they're constantly producing ammonia.
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    Help High Ph, Alkalinity, And Water Hardness

    most fish can adapt to high pH, GH, and KH as long as its stable. did you test your tap water? does the tap water closely match the tank parameters?
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    Newbie 75 Gallon

    its most likely not off. its only showing ammonia, while the liquid test shows total ammonia and ammonium.
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    Help Pothos Plant

    the piece in the 1st pic is done for. the piece in the 2nd and 3rd pic just trim of the rotten part behind the node, it should be fine. good video:
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    Help Pothos Plant

    mine just hang on the rim, some are held in place with galvanized wires
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    Help 55 Gallon, New Tank, Beginning Cycle???

    you need to add an ammonia source to feed and grow the bacteria colony
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    Can Fish Survive Without Light/in Complete Black Out?

    the airstone is pumping fresh air into the tank. a fews is fine.
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    Question External Filter Position

    how long have you had it? maybe try cleaning the impeller and housing.
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    Nitrogen Cycle Question

    possible that a little bit of the bacteria survived, it happened to one of our members a few months ago. do a water change and keep dosing ammonia to 4ppm.
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    Ammonia Is Reading High!

    Prime will detox ammonia for up to 48hrs. by then your filter/beneficial bacteria would have already processed it.
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    Help, My 10 Year Old Goldfish Is Sick :(

    sorry for your loss.
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    75 Gal Stand Recommendations?

    here's the build thread Diy Concrete Stand 55 Gallon Tank | DIY - Do It Yourself 399509
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    75 Gallon Tank Seachem Tidal Keeps Killing My Fish!

    its most likely that those fish died or were sick and weak, then got stuck on the skimmer.
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    Help Moving Goldfish.

    also you'll need a test kit to test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph. you'll want to move everything(including the water) into the new tank then top it off. have you gotten a filter yet? if not get something large like an Aquaclear 110 or Tidal 110. The Guide to custom media Diy Media Guide...
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    75 Gal Stand Recommendations?

    spray painted concrete blocks and 2x4 lumber
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    55 Gallon Tank Diy Concrete Stand

    yes, they can be trained. i built her a cage in the living room, and kept her in there for a few weeks. they need a litter box in the cage with some hay, and a hay box right next to it. they are somewhat territorial, so once they learn where the litter box is, they'll go back there to eat and...
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    Help Sick Goldfish

    might be whirling disease Myxobolus cerebralis - Wikipedia
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    55 Gallon Tank Diy Concrete Stand

    I got these as feeders last July, so probably this Spring they will.
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    55 Gallon Tank Diy Concrete Stand

    they can get about 12" long check out the solid orange comet here
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    55 Gallon Tank Diy Concrete Stand

    alpha male, mostly orange, with a broken left gill plate alpha female, mostly white with orange on top, not shy
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    Blue Oranda

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    29 Gallon Tank Skavatar's 29g Journal

    started off with 12 handpicked feeder goldfish from two different Petsmarts. 2 died after about 2 weeks in the QT tank. as they got larger moved the commons to the 150g patio pond. These are the 5 finalists.
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    Caring For Ramshorn Snails

    overall a good guide. BUT why would you list the pH range as 6 - 7.6? 7.0-8.5 would be a more realistic range for any snails, since pH below 7 will erode their shells.
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    Question How Can You Make Sure That Livestock Fish Is Safe To Eat?

    tilapia are a very hardy fish, like carp. they are thriving in India's Ganges River where most of the native fishes have died off due to massive pollution, as documented in Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers: The Ganges. as long as you cook it well done, they'll be fine for consumption, as long as...
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    15 Gallon Tank Goldfish Acting 'off'

    they're going to get pretty big, hope you're planning on getting a larger tank, like a 55g or bigger. flashing could mean a parasite, like skin/gill flukes. how long have you had them? start doing large 75% weekly water changes.
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    Newbie 75 Gallon

    you can start adding ammonia to the 75g now. get some BB going in the tank/substrate.
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    Oranda Goldfish On Bottom Of Tank

    dropsy is usually an internal bacterial infection. you can try Kanaplex.
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    Is Prime Enough?

    you could buy a chlorine test just to be safe. but you could double dose Prime for now. I use Purigen, and it uses a 50:50 bleach:water to recharge over night, then dechlorinated with 20%Prime 80%water for atleast 8 hrs.
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    20 Gallon Tank Does This Look Safe?

    i used this storage rack for a year for my 29g tank, same length and width as a 20L.
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    Blue Oranda

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