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  1. aussieJJDude

    How many plants does it take

    A good filter would do the same job. Its surface agitation that leads to oxygen levels in the water. Just have the filter break the surface a little, or have some ripples; and it should be fine.
  2. aussieJJDude

    What are these on my moss ball?

    Yeah. Most likely its tiger (nerite) snails.
  3. aussieJJDude

    What are these on my moss ball?

    Do you have nerites? Looks like nerite eggs. Edit: good thing is, nerites cant breed in freshwater. So you dont have to worry about a population explosion.
  4. aussieJJDude

    Will these fish work together in a 55 gal?

    I would pass on the danios. They appreciate cooler water, which most of the other fish dont appreciate (especially the angel). Plus danios are known for being nippy, and could nip Angel's fins.
  5. aussieJJDude

    Other fish in angel fish community tank

    I'd reccomend some apistos. Fab looking fish, and really add a pop of colour on the bottom. Plus I find them to have a little more personality compared to german blues (another good suggestion) or Bolivians. Could also do whiptail cats/twig catfish? Pretty interesting looking fish. With a...
  6. aussieJJDude

    Hybrid Xiphophorus

    Sounds like a hi-fin wagtail platy? Funnily enough, most of the colour varieties you see in swords and platies are from hybridization.
  7. aussieJJDude

    How to edit avatar?

    Is the file size too big? Editz: what error message is coming up?
  8. aussieJJDude

    Bubble Size In Diffusing Co2

    They will just diffuse into the atmosphere, so yeah. You want it not to pop at the surface.
  9. aussieJJDude

    Question Spotted Blue Eye Rainbowfish Tank Mates

    I have them. Very beautiful fish! I think they'll do fine in your tank, mine are pretty greedy buggers and first for dinner in my aquarium (guppies, embers and blue eyes).
  10. aussieJJDude

    55 Gallon Tank Angelfish And Lemon Or Rummy Nose Tetra?

    Was meant to say rummies -_- autocorrect strikes again... but 100% go with rummies, you wont be disappointed IMO
  11. aussieJJDude

    Transferring Media To New Tank Help.

    Will you also be transferring fish across too? By adding a small amount of media, you could begin to add one or two small fish (depending on the size) to the new aquarium and run virtually trouble free to cycle. Of course, constant monitoring of the parameters would be a good idea, as for the...
  12. aussieJJDude

    How To Build The Acidic Fish Tank With Ph Range From 6.5 To 6.8?

    Wait, are you looking to keep it from 7.6 to 6.5/6.8, or the reverse?
  13. aussieJJDude

    55 Gallon Tank Angelfish And Lemon Or Rummy Nose Tetra?

    I've got both with them, they fine. IMO, dummies are a lot better schoolers, while lemons are like loose schoolers/tight shoalers....
  14. aussieJJDude

    Mystery Snail Growth And Size Questions.

    Bigger snails are likely to be a different species, and not the same species as your mysteries. The Apple Snail (Ampullariidae) Website Difference in shell colouration is usually due to changes in water conditions, and a lighter colour may be due to lack of available calcium in the water...
  15. aussieJJDude

    Buce Variety

    Many buce varieties look extremely similar to one another. (And many are also improperly identified!) I would contact the place you purchased from and see if they know. Otherwise, I would just leave it as unknown. (I also have the same problem with one of mine.... it's a common issue with...
  16. aussieJJDude

    What’s This Plant?

    It is an echinodorus species. Not familiar with what type it is, but it looks like E. bleheri, but don't quote me. :) could also be Ozelot Sword. And yes, they can grow emersed. In the wild, they commonly found growing on the banks emersed.
  17. aussieJJDude

    Help Me Find A Fish I Was Dreaming About!!!

    Albino blue sky (or albino blue grass) may be similar to what you described. Some platinum white guppies also tend to show blue/greenish colouration?
  18. aussieJJDude

    Question Eheim 2213 Canister Filter For Betta

    Honestly, I would just use the eheim and just get a powerhead or something for additional water circulation. I love eheims, the quality of the filter dordnt really compare to cheaper units like sun sun.
  19. aussieJJDude

    Question Want To Go Open Lid, Are These Known Jumpers?

    In most cases, fish jump for a couple of reasons: - they get spooked - bad water quality -:aggression First two can easily be reduced by keeping good amount of cover so they dont take flight when in fright, and keeping up with good water quality through a cycled aquarium/regular water changed...
  20. aussieJJDude

    Tank Size?

    The 40 should be fine. IMO, you'll have a lot more success if you have a single fish compared to a group, in a community setup. Groups can be feisty at times, and can lead to issues - something that you gamble with. If you want a group, I'd reccomend a min of 5-7 in a 55g.
  21. aussieJJDude

    Tank Size?

    40g... but a 55g is probably what I would buy. They tall fish, and even 18 inch depth sometimes looks a bit cramped. (Have a 65g with angels, 18 inch depth... mine are around 3-4 inch currently, and have have had 6-8 inch angels in the past.
  22. aussieJJDude

    Tank Size?

    If it's a breeding pair, 29g. But it's really only for the pair and no other tank mates. Purely breeding. If you want a community, then yeah. A 40g is probably a good choice, or a 55g due to the added height.
  23. aussieJJDude

    150g Tall. Need Ideas/help

    Blood parrots can be boisterous, but due to their deformed mouths they cant really do much damage. So they may be a good choice, with a group of other largish fish? Eg blood parrots, with some large tetras (Colombian, Buenos aries or congo for example) with some larger bottom dwellers (medium...
  24. aussieJJDude

    Need Human-safe Fertilizers & Additives

    Chlorine is commonly found in various salts, and you really need trace amounts for it to be enough for plants. (And remember, chlorine derivatives is fish safe, you don't see marine fish dying from chlorine.)
  25. aussieJJDude

    Question New Light Purchase, Feedback Requested!

    Be fine for plants that do fine with lower lighting conditioned. May struggle with high light plants, such as carpeting plants. But it will do fine.
  26. aussieJJDude

    65 Gallon Tank Filter Size/type For "tall" Aquariums

    A canister would work, since the intakes are usually low and piping can be added on for longer tanks. Another good idea is using some powerheads positioned low to help stir up matter. (I've seen over the years people with 65g 'tall' tanks on here and the internet, so they also may be able to...
  27. aussieJJDude


    Without pictures, we arent going to be much help. From my knowledge, winklepleck isnt a legitimate species.
  28. aussieJJDude

    20 Long, 2 Vs 1 Canister

    Yeah, two on a 40g should be fine, and also fine for a 55g. At most, a small powerhead for additional circulation may be required in a 55g.
  29. aussieJJDude

    I'm Very Discouraged By My Serpae Tetras.

    1epsom salt is fine for plants, many DIY aquascaper use it to dose for magnesium (MgCl). (Myself included! Since my tap water is low in Mg.)
  30. aussieJJDude

    Question Ghost Shrimp Good Tank Mate With Albino Cory Only Tank?

    Most of the time, its not ghost shrimp; it's a very similar looking species commonly called the whisker shrimp.
  31. aussieJJDude

    8 Gallon Tank - Purple Land Crab + Red Claw Crab

    Imo, I would move the red claw out. The tank is simply too small, and crabs can be very aggressive. In saying that, I think the latest tank update looks bomb
  32. aussieJJDude

    29 Gallon Fresh Water Stocking Ideas?

    Could also consider croaking gouramis? They slightly off the beaten track, so can a little difficult to source. But heard they make very good tank mates for smaller, peaceful community fish.
  33. aussieJJDude

    What Is It Name ?

    They dont mind that, as long as the water is constantly flowing around the roots - lack if water circulation can lead to root rot for many aquacultured plants.
  34. aussieJJDude

    Car Guys/girls?

    To be fair, it's a very efficient way of parking in tight spots.
  35. aussieJJDude

    8 Gallon Tank - Purple Land Crab + Red Claw Crab

    Its tannins. Harmless really, but try to keep calcium levels constant - offer supplements - as a low pH can impact the amount of calcium available for the crabs exoskeleton. I dont know much about the purple land crab, unless it's a species of vampire crab? Regardless, try to find out its care...
  36. aussieJJDude

    90 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas For 85-90 Gallon Tank?

    I think a group of cories would love that sand bed of yours, so I'd reccomend getting a gang of them! Otherwise, something interesting like a twig catfish could suit and add some further interest to the bottom areas.
  37. aussieJJDude

    40g Breeder Nano Stock?

    I'd honestly do the gouramis. Have you considered pygmy gouramis, they rather feisty but pretty small in size so they may suit your tank. I feel that endler/guppy combo wont exactly match, so I'd suggest one or the other for a visual point of view.
  38. aussieJJDude

    Question Loaches Incoming!!

    I was always under the impression that all kuhli loaches (Pangio sp.) hail from very slow moving streams to inland bogs/paddy fields? My kuhlies certainly dont mind low water flow - compared to high - but they do appreciate a sand substrate and numerous hiding places.
  39. aussieJJDude

    Coming Back Full Speed

    Oh get you! Got any idea of the new tank size? For a good all rounder, harlequins and cardinals would of been my first choice. They work well in most tanks, such as community setups and easy to source.
  40. aussieJJDude

    More Fish For A 29 Gallon Tall

    Yes. You're pretty well stocked with the harlequins/tetras as is.
  41. aussieJJDude

    Help Betta And Pea Puffer?

    I thought pea puffers where freshwater, while the fig 8 (and other puffers) do best in brackish. Of course, I may be wrong...
  42. aussieJJDude

    Siphoning 220 Gallons

    I assume your looking for a gravel vac mostly? Consider getting a siphon with a longer tube (for the gravel part) where it's long enough that you can hold it comfortably out of water. Could also make your own by getting a clear acrylic pipe and attaching that to your siphon tube.
  43. aussieJJDude

    Duckweed And Current ?

    Imo, it will probably help circulate the nitrates in the tank better, allowing better access for the duckweed to utilise. As long as it's not being pulled under, and just being 0ushed around the surface, it should be fine.
  44. aussieJJDude

    More Fish For A 29 Gallon Tall

    I would stick with some of the pymgy cories, such as habrosus and have a small group of them for the bottom. Amano shrimp could also work?
  45. aussieJJDude

    Coming Back Full Speed

    How big is the tank? You mentioned that your dosing ammonia still - or you were up to adding the barbs, is it fully cycled? If not, I would suggest waiting a bit until the tank has cycled.
  46. aussieJJDude

    Funny What's Your Unmet Need In The Hobby?

    Super low wattage units to run my aquariums. Something like using a max of 25 watts for heating, filter, lights, powerheads (and more!) would honestly be a wet dream!
  47. aussieJJDude

    Building Acrylic Aquarium....

    I swear I've read (or watched on YouTube) someone doing exactly what you wanted, and doing the 45 angles around the face of the aquarium.... in fact, I think it worked better than the 90 degree as it has more surface area.
  48. aussieJJDude

    Lily Pipe Users?

    The G6 (and G3) stock tubes are thick, smooth silver tubes, which fit the 16mm lily pipes. The while unit is meant to be rather modern, streamlined and daresay, good to look at... and different from the conventional fluval ribbed hose.
  49. aussieJJDude

    Lily Pipe Users?

    Currently night here, but I can see if I get some tomorrow! As for filter, using an eheim ecco pro. Most canisters should work well with lily pipes, also used a fluval G6 with lily pipes as well.
  50. aussieJJDude

    Lily Pipe Users?

    I love mine. I've used both the 'standard' lily pipe outflow and the poppy pipe (with a lily pipe inflow that has a surface skimmer) and honestly love the flow that the lily pipe has (poppy is good for tanks with lower flow or oversized filters). The only downside is that mine is glass, which...

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