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  1. Anders247

    Question Can I Have More Fish?

    I wouldn't keep a pearl gourami in a 22g, I'd say a 30 gallon with 36L by 12W is minimum for them. The harlequins would be fine, though. I wouldn't use aqadvisor, as it is inaccurate.
  2. Anders247

    Pulled This Out Today.

    Welcome to fishlore! Looks like mosquito larvae to me.
  3. Anders247

    Question Betta Fish

    Bettas are not good in any community tank, in my opinion, and definitely not with these fish. They are temp-incompatible, and the barbs and gouramis in particular are especially bad tankmates for bettas.
  4. Anders247

    Can I Add More?

    I agree with the above. Also is this a 20g long or tall, and what species of cories do you want?
  5. Anders247

    New To Fish Lore

    Welcome to fishlore! Nice tank!
  6. Anders247

    Name that fish/invert!

    I can't see the picture either.
  7. Anders247

    Fish For My Ten Gallon Tank

    Welcome to fishlore! This thread will help: Stocking List for 10 Gallons
  8. Anders247

    Stocking Suggestions

    There really isn't a magic formula for stocking a tank. Aqadvisor is just a weird calculator thing, which makes no sense because you can't really put a specific number on the %age of bioload a fish has. The fish per gallon rule is inaccurate because it also defies logic, such as a 10 inch fish...
  9. Anders247

    Stocking options for 10 gallons

    OK. They get bigger than I think is OK for a 10g and are active, so I would upgrade the tank for them in the future.
  10. Anders247

    Random Thoughts

    I'm homeschooled as well, been on this site since I was 13, 18 now. Senior year.
  11. Anders247

    What Kind Of Worm Is Tgis

    This link should help: What's that bug? How to recognize them - The Planted Tank Forum I think it is probably a nematode as well.
  12. Anders247

    Can Someone Identify This Fish

    Welcome to fishlore! Yeah, it's a long finned oscar. It's been selectively-bred to look this way. Pretty interesting looking.
  13. Anders247

    Stocking Suggestions

    Welcome to fishlore! I wouldn't add any more fish. Aqadvisor is not accurate. Mollies, neon tetras, and dwarf gouramis need a bigger tank. ADFs should not be kept with fish. If you add anything, I would suggest shrimp or snails.
  14. Anders247

    Question 30 Gallon Stocking Question

    I agree, the more tiger barbs the better.
  15. Anders247

    Stocking options for 10 gallons

    In a 10g, I would only suggest a betta.
  16. Anders247

    Black Skirt/glofish Tetras

    Their general behavior should be the same. Sorry for the late reply, I have been away.
  17. Anders247

    Black Skirt/glofish Tetras

    Yeah I was going to say, white skirt tetras are black skirts lol.
  18. Anders247

    Black Skirt/glofish Tetras

    Both are the same species, Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, I believe. They will school together.
  19. Anders247

    10gl, One Betta, 3 Platies, Can I Add Bottom Feeders

    I agree with BD and imba. I wouldn't keep other fish with a betta in a 10g.
  20. Anders247

    Important Help Fish Sick? What Is This

    I have seen this same thing on my own gouramis in the past. I believe it may be Columnaris?
  21. Anders247

    75 And 10 Gallon Stocking

    Can't really speak to the 75 situation, but for the 10g, I'd go with a betta.
  22. Anders247

    10 Gal Aquarium Stocking

    Welcome to fishlore! I agree, none of those fish are options, unfortunately. Check out this thread, it should help:Stocking List for 10 Gallons
  23. Anders247

    Movie Talk

    My biggest problem with it is that they scrapped the EU, which I was invested in and still care about, to invent new canon, which even without losing everything from the past I still think is not objectively good..... just my opinion with that though, I do admit to being biased lol.
  24. Anders247

    Question Worms

    I agree, nematode aka detritus worms.
  25. Anders247

    Movie Talk

    Disney is just..... ugh. I mostly dislike them for ruining Star Wars but they have definitely not done a great job with all of these remakes and whatnot.
  26. Anders247

    Help Betta And Cory Help, Stocking

    Yeah personally I wouldn't keep them with each other.
  27. Anders247

    Help Betta And Cory Help, Stocking

    I agree with BD. As far as your last question, what size tank would the cories be in with the fancy goldfish? I'd only keep peppered cories with those, they are the most cool-water cories.
  28. Anders247

    Question Male Dwarf Gourami In A Community Tank Of 6 Cardinal Terra & 5 Male Guppies?

    Welcome to fishlore! Yes, that should work. Just monitor to see if there is any aggression from the DG. It should be OK though.
  29. Anders247

    Grey Honey Gourami?

    Yes, that is normal.
  30. Anders247

    Stocking options for 10 gallons

    Welcome to fishlore! You are welcome!
  31. Anders247

    Colour/type Help?

    Looks like a regular dwarf gourami to me. I haven't seen any other name for this 'variant' of them.
  32. Anders247

    Stocking options for 10 gallons

    That doesn't sound overstocked to me, but I don't know how scarlet badis are with other fish. You are only doing one red cherry shrimp? I'd do more than that.
  33. Anders247

    Id Gourami, Cichlid, And Minnow

    The gourami is a sparkling gourami, Trichopsis pumila. The minnows, not exactly certain, but I would bet they are fathead minnows/ rosy red minnows (they're the same species, Pimephales promelas). The cichlid I think is a faded Apistogramma cacatuoides.
  34. Anders247

    Snail Id Help

    Ramshorn eat delicate plants like anacharis or cabomba. I'd remove them anyway though as they breed like rabbits.
  35. Anders247

    Help Can I Keep Only One Gender Of Guppies?

    Just males is fine, yes.
  36. Anders247

    Food For Thought, Feeding Weeds To Fish

    Well, dandelion leaves are sold at the grocery store as food, so.....
  37. Anders247

    Blank Png's

    I think I have seen that in a few posts as well, actually.... can't remember where though.
  38. Anders247

    New 125 - Thoughts?

    Welcome to fishlore! Sounds like an awesome tank! What species is an orange gourami? Unfortunately TexasDomer is not active anymore, I doubt she will respond.
  39. Anders247

    30 Gallon Tank Suggestions To Complete This Stock?

    In my experience it's hard to put most 'mid-top' level fish in a box when it comes to their activity level, yes they go all over the tank. There aren't that many that stay on just the top, hatchetfish being an exception, African butterfly fish being another. I think a gold gourami would be...
  40. Anders247

    Forum Errors

    Thanks Mike!
  41. Anders247

    Forum Errors

    Yeah it looks fixed now.
  42. Anders247

    Forum Errors

    Ok, the reply box is visible again....
  43. Anders247

    Question Gender Of Opaline Gourami?

    I agree. Welcome to fishlore!
  44. Anders247

    Forum Errors

    OK I can reply to this thread but only if I hit the reply button next to your specific post. The page also reloads every time I hit the like button, which is not normal....
  45. Anders247

    Forum Errors

    I keep having problems trying to post, and just odd issues in general. The forum is very slow and the reply box is not showing up at the bottom of the page, and I keep getting error messages. It seems like there's a new error every time I come on here. It lets me post this thread though.... idk...
  46. Anders247

    Cichlid Identification

    Welcome to fishlore! Definitely not a convict. It looks to me like a Rift Lake hap, not sure of the species.
  47. Anders247

    Help Pest, Nest, Or Eerie Collection Of Detrius?

    I agree, definitely looks like an insect larva cocoon.
  48. Anders247

    Help Blue Gourami Harassing/nipping My Black Skirt

    No problem, good luck!
  49. Anders247

    Help Blue Gourami Harassing/nipping My Black Skirt

    The cories and black/white skirts are schooling fish and should be in larger groups of their own species, I would up the group of black and white skirts and cories so they can feel more safe. May help the gourami not to mess with them as well.

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