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  1. coralbandit

    Dioaquatics’ Fishroom

    Nice ! The color could be either sex but it seems my line has mostly the black females and super red males. Out of all my breeding only 1 black male so far . Rich Candy a livebearer guy said my ratio of color and sex is the breeders optimum ... Glad to see you have fry !
  2. coralbandit

    Question Alkaline soft water preferential specimen

    Get a TDS meter and stop wasting time trying to convert test that are not all that accurate to begin with . I think you are having some error with GH IMO ? IMO pH has nothing to do with hardness and GH and KH do not always show what TDS will..Too many people scratch their head having only part...
  3. coralbandit

    Discus Gang Updates

    I got no clue on dithers ? I never used them with my apsito or ram breeding .. I always raise and breed rams alone ? I am finding the rams and discus together seem great ..They both sort of provoke each other ..I got golds for you if you want 86..I ship every week . Brought back two Kiegel...
  4. coralbandit

    I think I goofed up my TSS+ fish-in cycle by not adding enough fish.

    Your test shows a cycled tank . No need to worry as all looks well ... Welcome .
  5. coralbandit

    Help What fish is this?

    I am in on danio also ..
  6. coralbandit

    How many hatchets? If any.

    Here is just one link about the different hatchets .. I have silvers now myself . There are size and behavior difference to be considered .
  7. coralbandit

    Broken hinge on glass top

    The cracked hinge? It will work as well as silicone and last as long [weeks ,months maybe ?].. Meant to say tape it instead of as apposed to before caulikng ...I would not caulk myself and expect good results .. Caulk does not bond well to plastic at all..
  8. coralbandit

    Broken hinge on glass top

    I think I would just duck tape it before caulking ?? Some good LFS do carry them and the back plastic part of hoods ..
  9. coralbandit

    Question Dry water pump for aquarium ?

    I have heard of people using 'in line pumps ' like this ; Or a more powerful pump like this ...
  10. coralbandit

    Question How to find a breeder near me

    I am almost ready to get some fish transshipped ! Alien bettas or GBR from Scotland ! If you transship try to get Jessie as your shipper . I have heard of issue with a few of the others . Check out NECA they are having a meeting soon .. Don't be fooled by the name ,they are large fish club...
  11. coralbandit

    How many hatchets? If any.

    They do best in groups . Most consider 6+ a group . Get all the same kind as they are not a color variation fish but rather each color is a different type with different behavior and size ... Ditto the lid..
  12. coralbandit

    Question Random Discussion...

    was a rant .. Not seeing any user improvement ?
  13. coralbandit

    Fun and games during the water change

    Watch out for your fish .. I have lost more then a few rams to their aggression towards whirling debris .. Tough ? Yes ..Smart ? Ehhhh??
  14. coralbandit

    Cheap Co2 Setup(will It Work?)

    The fishing rod is brilliant and oh so appropriate ! Well done !
  15. coralbandit

    Just... alien plakat bettas?

    There were some nice looking Aliens at the Aquatic Experience yesterday .. Maybe $40 and up ,but mostly around $60 I think . They were good looking fish ..
  16. coralbandit


    Thanks man . The tour was before I came to this forum !
  17. coralbandit

    Need to know about CPD's

    I agree the stock offered always seems sick .. Wasting disease seems most common and never cured .. I would skip them completely or find a breeder of them ...
  18. coralbandit

    Electric blue Acara eggs

    I use methylene blue and an airs tone to artificially hatch. The MB is antifungal for eggs . The airstone replaces the parents fanning the eggs .. What are the eggs in now ?
  19. coralbandit

    Dioaquatics’ Fishroom

    Swords and pleco looking good !
  20. coralbandit

    6 Foot 120 Gallon, Or 4 Foot 150 Gallon

    Go for the 6 foot tank all the way !
  21. coralbandit

    Broken hinge on glass top Pet Mountain is Ca..
  22. coralbandit

    Wanting Another Fish.

    Cardinals should be kept 80f minimum 82-86 preferred .. I have half beaks with my hatchets ! They float around together all cool !
  23. coralbandit

    Hybrid Xiphophorus

    Looks like a platy ? Long fin is nice . Lack of coloring suggest a blue or fire color they seem to be working on from MM stock ..I would get it if fertility is only concern .
  24. coralbandit

    Nj Summer Meetup

    Great meeting ! So much fun wwe stayed till closing at 6pm ~ ! I never made it to Dsicus Madness so felt I had to get something [am I wrong ?] So Beitals Aquarium { a local NYC/NJ fish store }had some nice little clown loaches for $24 each @ 3.5 inches ..I managed 5 for $110 and they are...
  25. coralbandit

    Help Sexing Ebrs?

    A males tube will be smaller and pointier so look at the one now for comparison .. Kind of all against Balloon anything but I like rams .. Get a male if they let you trade back one . Trios will be a quicker death then just the 2 IMO..
  26. coralbandit

    Discus Gang Updates

    New layout will take a little to get used to ? It just changed yesterday ! That was only one tank ! I have 60+....
  27. coralbandit

    Help Sexing Ebrs?

    That looks to be a breeding tune and large enough to be female possibly?? I would think they would get along better if a pair ? Balloons are just so difficult in soo many ways ..
  28. coralbandit

    Nj Summer Meetup

    I will be there by noon . Hoping to get DM on way out .. I am on the pleco hunt also ..[ well expensive fish hunt ?] Another 5 zebras would be a good addition to my original 5 Bobby picked for me .. Maybe that can fulfill his needs also ??
  29. coralbandit

    Question What Is On My Moss

    Thinking that is just food stuck to moss..
  30. coralbandit

    Discus Gang Updates

    So the blue snakeskins have laid eggs on the heater this time ! The golds are still in with them and another busy weekend is ahead [Aquatic Experience] .. Do you think these two are trying to tell me something ..They seem to know how often I need to be prodded to keep my attention ?
  31. coralbandit

    Question Male Or Female German Blue Ram?

    Male 95% Good looking ram .
  32. coralbandit

    German Blue Ram Breeding Journal

    I don't mix batches unless within days [from different pairs] . Once the fry are 2-4 weeks you can mix fry that are within a week or two of each other usually .
  33. coralbandit

    Question Random Discussion...

    I got a 120g reef tank with all the equipment and replacement parts [lights ,pumps] for free. Oh yea all that stuff and the folder with manuals and 15k worth of receipts ! No joke .Drove to NJ with a 16 foot trailer but got easily $12,000 worth of equipment from an older couple who wanted to...
  34. coralbandit

    Unknown Algae - Help

    Most just kill hydra with fenbendazole. Its a dog dewormer you can get at most box stores. Pancur ;1@ 1 gram pouch to 200ml water to make solution. Then 20ml of solution for every 10g water . Mx is snail and shrimp safe for normal dose.
  35. coralbandit

    Want To Sell Dark Black Rams $100 A Pair W/2-3 Day Shipping

    We could arrange a meet I am sure in the near future . My schedule has been hectic but after this weekend I hope to have a little more time home ..
  36. coralbandit

    How Much Weight (in Rock) Can My Aquarium Hold?

    I love when people ask this question because I get to post this video . I love watching it every time I post it !
  37. coralbandit

    How Long Does Bacteria Live?

    Rinse the gravel and change the water but don't mess with the filter[sponges] . Just fill tank with dechlorinated water and add the filters and test next day .. Bacteria don't die quickly they begin to hibernate eventually but IMO 5 days is not long enough if the media was kept damp . I remove...
  38. coralbandit

    Help What's Going On With My German Blue Ram?

    Sorry about your fish . Good luck with the male you have .
  39. coralbandit

    Help Sexing Ebrs?

    I can't tell but the third pic does not look like a friendly meeting ? Welcome .
  40. coralbandit

    Question Cannabis Leaves

    I must be in wrong environment ? ;) I have suspected as much for some time now though !;)
  41. coralbandit

    How To Treat Camallanus Worms In Bn Pleco?

    Yes get Levamisole HCI from Charles . Camallanus Treatment - Use of Levamisole HCl From The link above .. Can't say 100% that is camalanus but the treatment is safe for healthy fish so ?
  42. coralbandit

    120 Discus Build

    The pitting is pretty clear to see. Get right to what ever the standard treatment is [metro?] and get some Boyds vita chem . Please get real meds and not general cure or whatever seachem is pushing ...Can't believe one person still pushes either of those realistically ?? Have not heard of one...
  43. coralbandit


    I see two females .One in bottom pic looks to have laid eggs recently ? I guess Viejita sp. but that is still pretty broad ...
  44. coralbandit

    Rummynose Looks And Acts Differently Than Others

    There are albino rummy nose . Was this rummy ever colored like the others ?
  45. coralbandit

    Question Cannabis Leaves

    I use java [coffee] wood for my fish with the thought of coffee for my fish in my mind ! o_O Not sure about benefits but I can't imagine any problems either .. THC needs to be decarboxylated to work for us [cooked to convert THC acid to THC acetate or something like that ?].. Eating leaves don't...
  46. coralbandit

    120 Discus Build

    The disc has HITH . I thought I recognized your name on a discus thread at SD...
  47. coralbandit

    Are These Java Loach Or Catfish Eggs?

    Cories stick their eggs to glass most often ..
  48. coralbandit

    When Should I Move My Pregnant Guppy?

    Where are you moving her too? She looks ready.
  49. coralbandit

    Important Diagnosis Plz.

    I would be using Kordon rid ich plus [NOT the herbal junk ] or MG and formalin first ,then look to other meds if other fish show signs .. It may only be the glow lights now but the longer it is in your tank the stronger it will grow .. The mouth being stuck open indicates an internal parasite...

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